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How to solder a polypropylene pipe with water  See details »

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  • 00:00: In this video I will show how to solder polypropylene Both water flowing pipe Here we provided there is still a day that is, from a bit and and simply solder impossible because such It is the place caviar when transferred riser and then there are carp and a country that is can I long to dig wait for all show how do I have pipe and prepared there is prepared me a river flowing water ie usually
  • 00:30: hoof but slightly it pours ie as I will be for the police as if perhaps you yourself range of response from such a day to accelerate risers ie vertical with its tube can endlessly digging annoy anybody will not negotiate that is how we and solder principle very simple, we it is desirable to finish dvoem take bread conventional stuffing pipe
  • 01:01: As it is necessary to do so very fast first shaken housing wiped to mobile some bread and then I quickly Stage [music]
  • 01:34: [applause] nothing wrong This is no longer so himself did once too then said pressure of this bread out of tube filaments not to score it is proven method once tried water solder useless three times crossed the then I had to wait until finally water has been drained right now hardens employee Company under the pipe on
  • 02:06: pressure that is was hour has come pressure here already it does not flow exactly then if You see here this bread that is left when he appears main risers solder there is such a reliable
  • 02:37: the old way of the most have brewed once enjoyed that's it all yet