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Lesson No. 3. How to make beautiful sides for cake!  See details »

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  • 00:00: as you use cream and we did a little bit tightens and re twirl and now we work here with such showerheads which is used for the manufacture of roses note sharp little corner I I keep away from you and submit it to table top and the second a little corner slightly elevated and
  • 00:31: squeezing cream view kornetika right as the if drawing a zigzag All movements are very smooth and layer Movement in a straight line We do now to It folds like draw a skirt in order to
  • 01:05: okantovochka you thundered more but its finished look decorate not great flowers changed nozzle exactly what I will point out in applications for this nozzles are used a bit different Appliances nozzle spout We firmly pressed surface squeezing and cream
  • 01:36: rapidly remove up if you slowly pull up flower simply He reaches for the nozzle This is the first option in the second case in the While we squeezing a little cranking kulechek we it turns out that's a floret
  • 02:06: let's decorate these flowers our frills next nasadochka a kind of
  • 02:36: the very first nozzle only a little larger smaller teeth We grow rife chain in the first variant take a flat nozzle
  • 03:18: which makes frills and just as we did frills We make a clearance only one sides I have turned
  • 03:55: very elegant rim you can also to do this ledge rub color here red then white do form a portico wreath take the eye as much as the other
  • 04:28: color and do not spend a full line of both tiny droplets over the first ledge Next tip
  • 05:39: very easy to use it like a sieve if we help make grass or for my hair figures of mastic, we just keep I highly kornetik over floor to be decorated surface and squeezing cream then gradually pick and the top can be
  • 06:15: add different types flowers that we will do next lesson