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  • 00:00: Hello, I I hope and would like to share very very flexible way I set 5 bound daughter a a neck here it is wide get me two layer about nine there eight and a half centimeters and he such a narrow
  • 00:31: quietly prolazit ie the head set stretched that's up to 24 centimeters ie more than two and a half times more I like this set so that it is very beautiful holds gum that is here it is a direct Now line wavy and after stretching she again just returns to a
  • 01:01: that's not a beautiful view I can say that I easily given this set well though complex in it too Nothing he represents a a series of sliding nodes take spokes We take our thread thread left me Working thread right the short end do here this loop working thread
  • 01:31: at the top it's not even a loop I a twisted I insert needles in the loop and hand cold working thread It got my the first slide however disturbed it you can make any other customary for your way I go on do the same curl is not so
  • 02:01: business end I go over to the dress spokes tightens close close the previous loop I cover more I working on the needle thread and reach out through the a loop further delaying and I repeat here already accumulated 2 loops
  • 02:32: twisted dressed Kim worker thread I handed tighten therefore, What you need to pay attention to here these corners located exactly-exactly 1 K1 that is, when I He threw on the spokes here this loop is necessary to bring it in such a way that it
  • 03:02: located right side by side with the which has already been done that is, if it is located somewhere that's so far away then see that will throw worker thread I pulled through loop and tighten Now it turns out that between them there and if the distance any set of normal I would draw and here side by side and tightened here the number is not passes as
  • 03:32: here node and the more I it pull it, he, too, ie delayed you can fix it only one way remove and dissolve this node to do rovnenko ducks side by side again I twisted so that working from the top I put on spokes throws labor thread on the spokes
  • 04:03: pulled through loop delaying the time I tighten loop here now hold it here here thumb then all will be carefully if you do not no hold time delaying the Now get this here are some
  • 04:33: abracadabra unnecessary rules so it is cool set of loops crochet top down I feel just indispensable here in particularly for gates attack and narrow Next time I promised show elastic closure
  • 05:03: loops are too I really like which use socks good luck knit with pleasure in all good