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How to make a terry lilac of a foamiran  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello on Last week you They asked me to write master class in the creation of a lilac and I I thought to why No, I love you too very these flowers are so today we do lilac spring colors because we have weeklong spring flowers but the last time we Tulips were with only caveat I have no Dracula 4 for personal creating flowers lilac and manually cut but in such a I just feats not
  • 00:30: but I can there's such a with a marvelous puncher five petals and I decided that I I will do just terry lilac perhaps you a We did not even know it but Serey which principle in nature occurs quite often it has several rows of petals and there and a solid puncher quite a will justified and great I will approach people I will take just such a thin with thin wire I was eating
  • 01:01: of conventional wires clearing braid usual floral wire is not me just do not fit We need to direct superfine wire and I need beads or beads large diameter somewhere around two millimeters seredinok buds and not dissolve lilac flowers I take two wires just because if you take one and and and then the Plenty and it is very difficult to wind at the grassroots and the bead
  • 01:32: I twist the wire between themselves 3, then taking the prisoner better to cut consumer goods Do the benefits in half even in three parts along that it was thinner and no need to create volume and swathes the wire to a length 120
  • 02:03: cm not necessarily and swathes fully this will help there enough blanks mid-ready as I have done honors told to Last week, a master classes as I do reasons they have me until dry and while I do bore holes in the middle of each of my best colors do it right here
  • 02:35: because I now I put the sponge and thick needle pierce right many many flowers what then separately each color I puncture hole as wire we have a very thin it and then we it will be hard puncture hole therefore it is better to do it immediately I cut blanks for lilacs from foamirana three colors quite a bit of there on the purple plenty of lavender and such from light purple
  • 03:05: foamirana or here still there is my way this method I like it even more so it turns out more I quickly laid out zagotovochki on fabric Cancer in the game I prick and more It is promoted as billet piercing needle Gupta billet ready work and now I you need a little bit traitor form I
  • 03:35: I pile up zagotovochku let's say so half and once again two and then scrolls between fingerprint finish edges our flower and and expensive so well form Now that he has get now take blanks
  • 04:06: in the middle of the beads what we did crop the beginning forceps tips because I have any delays the length of any king to me it was convenient pierce flowers I put a flower and no further need magicians each lepestochek glue pasted bead over from purple camera on zagotovochki to do
  • 04:36: not reveal lilac buds and I do not know how he good now seen but I hd sand pasting beads and form a closed bud of lavender foamirana I'll do the same thing beginning of the first flower paste where Dink left bead I remove all the petals
  • 05:13: label to continue glue Another flower is we will have no such all blooming flowers lilac about was turned repair my paint dry wall and start
  • 05:43: gather already blooming flowers of the brightest Amiran I'm just here to each stamen pasting two Flower times so the pitch of the second row 2 flower located between petals first flower movie creates such additional bulkiness I realized all Lebanese
  • 06:19: billet ready Now I will give I take them together again then again Plenty cut it by 2 and 3 portions along that it is thinner and keep up with the required volume and so we will end too much wire and unscrews all 4 preform stuff in such a way so that
  • 06:49: I had a network shi three flower or three buds were below when the pyramids I It obtained in this I'm going to absolutely all colors workpiece and buds and here are blank not dissolve flowers and blooming flowers pyramids here are in I always get in and now I'm starting
  • 07:19: to collect the same principle I I am collecting one flower here I likewise collect 4 sprigs's Stuff 1 sprig 3 from above and twigs slightly lower also formed this page a little new to me and flowers rosettes something like this also called her customers buds likewise collect
  • 07:50: Perry stuff 1 and. above and from below, the opened flowers very well too I have the same there was one bud billet I simply do not He supplemented the blanks and lavender camera to where I have you more than blown let's say nothing position is wrong
  • 08:21: will look good and just it is there will be 4 twigs for cooking complete another and Omega are you is alone firewood Amiran folding it pyramid and light purple
  • 08:54: Plate choosing exactly also continues gather in Syria have I got one this branch in vzya me and buds and descended and figures Perhaps I'll take it As for the crown your for your lilac flower here I already use IR band and te tape that is not cut DNA thin very hard
  • 09:25: to wind up the same rather chubby on the color and the principle of Again the same 1 branch above and just below here such sprigs I did it all 2 so I them I take the opposite one other and between them then added another branches have blossoming of colors of light green or purple Amiran
  • 09:55: add this way I The remaining 5 branches I conclude that the last number of the following for the response in order to you get it a conical and not the elongated you yet such as pyramid turned note yet that one of the social networks
  • 10:25: the last series I once strapped and wire more thick it is serve as a foot for our lilac flower take the brown te uk cop and thicken the stem I wrap the river type tape of course expandable flowers as I I want to date
  • 10:55: It was fluffy and I made beautiful already blanks leaves its mark the universal Molde how I do it I have already shown you on last week and Now these I zagotovochek cut leaves similar to leaves villages such small small such a small but the middle of the appendage It seems in general to little heart I cut out of their eye
  • 11:25: without template I think so The sheet it turns over live or realistic than if they were all ideally equal size and we are small leaves I zatoniruyu
  • 11:58: acrylic paint in This time I use Me Oil Acrylic because I do not We need a deeper color I need sex translucent color not only need to little shade leaves, and how you You could see strengthen her small leaves, they a lighter color so I will tinted small yellow leaves acrylic paint to become more light each mastic
  • 12:30: I need to draw concrete paste tourist wire on second adhesive I pasting as always from the beginning to the sheet and to the end then I might betray him sheet of the form that I need the next step I I take acrylic paint I have this
  • 13:00: Pearly Duma you can take and just white and all the leaves from the reverse side zatoniruyu in this color because again gain feedback hand leaves no lighter than face to say hand Bettan they have small leaves just the beginning and brother wary paint of these pearls and now I give mystic about the liveliness of using lighter curve
  • 13:30: crane stretching it coats and start collect a twig gum leaves from I will be the one most small leaf and then I collect mystery 2 pairs of leaf about the same the size of each opposite another can immediately cause leaves giving it shape like when you need to
  • 14:00: and the next pair leaves me It is located between leaves the previous as if in a number of staggered Okay so to speak closer to the end of me and Plenty on dark green start I used to This green foam trying on branch with flowers
  • 14:30: leaves and I do not like this one transition by too sharp sex tape is output brown so I here perhaps Wrap this place too dark-green teip ribbon primatyvayu with its Celsius means of dinner News mixture types It changes the month and that such a wonderful Series 3 days I
  • 15:00: I got hope in you too will Great kids remarkable inflorescence of lilac and this for a long time but I think that it's worth it to reach and see you in following workshops