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Honey biscuit for cake. (Honey biscuit cake)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good evening all all of my subscribers visit my channel general today I I decided to bake ready biscuit why evening that night he I expose and tomorrow I it has perry smear cream that is necessary for honey biscuit but 4 tablespoons we already pre-measured out 4 egg cup sugar 100 I'm grams of butter
  • 00:34: cut off from the pack teaspoon of baking soda and flour flour recipe 22 a half cup but the video exactly It will be seen as some sing in general once it is cooked honey he needs put on fire and Melt and add teaspoon of baking soda So now Melt a small
  • 01:04: fire Now knives here teaspoon of baking soda and Stir and keep until something goes foam appears this here soda with honey radio is now fully dissolve it for taken away foam and sufficient and necessary will shoot
  • 01:34: seen that look accepted Now to add 100 grams of butter the side of evil and let melted
  • 02:04: all you foot Now he prepared for 1 and melt the butter and cool honey in it time, you can start whisk cake biscuit strays classical stuffed way whites with sugar sugar often introduced and then added yolks him every Now all videos it will be visible to everyone the rest Field case for biscuit
  • 02:34: I'm here alone proteins fun and chance means fill proteins in dense thick love foam and a little add more sugar detailed description do you like cake I can see channel video classic biscuit opinel
  • 03:07: spoonful of sugar and salt a little bit more and sugar He wants to avoid sugar students you the this till Sevastopol and so brought down proteins sugar such here thick foam
  • 03:37: Now here meant by one hard, and I will add with a group
  • 04:07: Danet added and
  • 04:43: so that all transfused to bowl it was easier to be stirred best with 5 weight homogeneous nothing Departments and honey protein sugar too well-versed Now start die flour so it is 1 cup girls forgot
  • 05:14: say once start to do dough or love biscuit or whatever you cook turn oven for heating until this cook and duhovochku also like time is about the temperature of which you need to brake the glass flour necessarily should be screened I did pre-sifted knead and sands
  • 05:49: We do not need intensive neatly spatula and bottom rise up bottom of the order not to It left at the bottom monitor that was not lumps and sound sifted the lump must not be 2 cups went even take two tablespoons
  • 06:21: spoon and a little less than permanent all will be sufficient Now knead it I cooked form greased with margarine and sprinkled flour such they stone shape great because Biscuit is also it is necessary to rise take into account the fact that this biscuit well rises wants
  • 06:51: to form does not It was small network 110 and one hundred and eighty Two hundred degrees should we duhovochku and generally all oven
  • 07:23: so different and every woman knows your oven is better to what temperature baked your biscuit try expose it to 180 and -40 will bake all will bake He stretched out on a biscuit
  • 07:53: he is ready check the readiness best skewer visible noise and dry dough is taken and pierce scroll all all the parties believe tested whether our dry stick all biscuit rose three times higher than was the
  • 08:23: I'll leave you to it of countries that it He exhibited ready recoat cream I'll take on the cream sour cream with sugar is will already