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Basil. New effective way of landing. (19.02.2016)

Basil. New effective way of landing. (19.02.2016)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners with you again I met Julia me in his channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden and today we are with you We will talk again pleasant bustle about planting seedlings and Today will be planted basil's this here culture we are all her very very you but love is something unusual in general herbs without which does not do no one dish and the just because you have not
  • 00:30: with fresh tomatoes is very very tasty, we I have previously showed planting basil in a snail's so here I Basil's in right now snail's senses it is very very a good many I write and say what to plant basil seedlings if I can sow in open ground and he is well but you will grow you know, in general, basil is very thermophilic culture and sometimes have it
  • 01:00: we can not be with you and can not be because of the the fact that we are anxious to landing in an open priming cold ground basil bad rises so the best course it still put seedlings and to greens were early basil and liking it fruited because rather pleased us its greenery because you well know what more of it to both grit pinch schipleshsya on bush the better it
  • 01:31: empty and only he becomes more magnificent and more I had green now you want tell another very very good way of planting basilica ie not in a snail But in such a lotochek means what It is what is good This method in general, I have so many cultures I plant also planting Leeks can be This plant can be
  • 02:01: any I plant the lemon balm mint in general is very many cultures and the good this way i Here you now I tell exactly at people with little little land the same goes here again We go there very the little that we We need to plant I will use here I buy this is such a in reels here is how cloth bought here I'm here all the globe very large and about
  • 02:31: a long long time missing you say I take cut off here and so I do the double here here is a piece of and put on the bottom la. here so that's just such a way you say and Ore you do not need it or what there cloth Yes, we'll put on toilet paper but they want to say that work with her it is much more convenient It holds moisture longer it is not so soak and
  • 03:01: in general, and how to It gives heat plant plants feel very very good for us It needs still to you will need and many are asking pin the question of what does it all So I did this to you I show now kartinochku what does it is it and he drank good germination seeds I take the floor liter somewhere around when I add a drop here and now we will use with you
  • 03:31: sprays what I do, I put cloth in lotochek and I take this rag very very well I I do not regret water rash us cloths must be very well to moisten water that's how we it wetted even if You can see Well, how would even excess to the water that I do Next, I take the seeds and so poured a saucer
  • 04:02: That's how we do it and just simply here So like I Salts I have all these seeds scatter across cloth across on all like that surface like this They lavish tattoo I take Again his brush and and convenient it's work on the rag because toilet paper
  • 04:32: can not afford to allow for it here and so teal Lida brush and here I am and so gently gently brush I distribute all seeds on the surface ie distribute them in general is so that they were seed from the seed to the distance when I have them distributed brush here on this cloth that I do farther on I say, well, I come up
  • 05:02: I buy even purposes to Do tighten tray seedlings I buy a shoe why overshoes and the hopper, and a lot of because they elastic and very convenient we take here So we put on here shoe covers will see it very good fixed like this Here we go again remove yet our basil dark place for germination then what happens I just have advance
  • 05:33: you prepared to show that we do next look carefully if germination can any dark even package I use overshoes I need us to light we put this package lotochek somewhere dark warm place to germinate here at this lotochek I already basil germinated here's a look carefully here see how he It went well together
  • 06:03: He is very good held here for this cloth that's just I have previously I put on a video but cheesecloth and this time we will be here to put on this series it is not worse the way than to put on the gauze Once you put gauze previously on the ground and Now we just cloth put bent. What good is this method Here we went basil seemed that's already pretty
  • 06:33: good rostochku here even as they were both leaves that we are now should you do we have to sprinkle with the ground as the We covered with earth we take the land the land It should be such can say she dryly It should be moist so that we are well could you employ a method as it were, and we prisalivaya We start our sleep so here
  • 07:03: basil we are not afraid That we Falling asleep, as it were, our Further terms and it's nothing boring little scary bed a little bit, we and slightly prisalivaem we fall asleep, our basil we do it very, very carefully but not overdo it that very large bed It did not land here Now I'll show you even if that
  • 07:34: look carefully how would even before the clearance and Clearance is cloth that is we a little bit prisalivaem basil in no case on top of it, we will not already use sprayer and it will spray and now we are We will have it wear transparent package because why that further its sprouting here so we are closing and
  • 08:05: But in this state, we put on basil box and you will see somewhere about a two days our rostochku again, as it were come out from the ground and that's what This method is good we constantly prisalivaem this basil thus we We are stepping up to the land This trays than more we sprinkle land for seedlings Topics we make her less give a chance
  • 08:35: that is, we stretch We take it and drove continuously continuously pour pour and I slipped here course of doing this I also snail constantly here and so at intervals here I like a little bit pour the dry land thus I do not give roots to rot plants and not to fill our the plant so that they
  • 09:06: We feel very good and that is comfortable here so I have another way planting basil I would like to offer in general method I will I want to say very very good so way you can be able to Any plant First we plant We use you rag soaked and Ping and seeded seeds that is for germination as soon as the beginning
  • 09:36: break the eggshell first rostochku here we have you start fill the earth and put on the window at bright place here here so here I want you more advice in general but another way story I plant the seedlings should never dwell on a planting method seedlings should be it plant is always several ways good ways snail someone can not be at the tap hole
  • 10:07: get someone be here try it here this method passo opaque Well, I wanted to here's to you share one and open the way little secret that very very good snails cover top sorry Plain Plain shoe covers it is very convenient because they gum but it is only when the seeds are still in land and not hatch
  • 10:37: Well here I am in this finish my I report to you was Yulia me on your channel you whether in the garden vegetable garden all planted basil it can still be planted 10 March 15 successful landings until you