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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine favorite viewers are delighted tie you to your channel today let's do fakes will do apples jelly it can be like autonomous dish can be both decoration and you are in process will see how you can do it all quickly and just make us need 2 orange and you can take of course gelatin and food coloring in I already have a ready
  • 00:31: product and this jelly strawberries and lived orange first thing we need to clean in a certain way orange do this cut not too deep and with the help of spoons neatly conceal I have this
  • 01:08: form in this we pack 50 grams take gram 15 ready product pour hot Water is ours approximately one per one that is part
  • 01:39: oranges stir to me it does not seem enough light and so i want to add food dye as it is we have an orange then add yellow color dyes are found in I'm like this here very conveniently by the way and add and have a drop 50 yellow-orange dye and stir after
  • 02:11: carefully all this stirred up save our orange I left for the night and these oranges now to us just need cut you get such
  • 02:49: oranges can be taken different colors you have m you can add any food colors and of course lacquer mycelium decorates the table or surprise guests thank you all for attention to all while till