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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners course first of all I want thank you for that you well, in general it not indifferent to my children in all write Reviews ask question question lots of I'm certainly on possible try to answer them but I you just want more I remind you I share their experiences that is, as they say centuries of experience
  • 00:30: multi-annual experience then that's what I well I just reached I want you share because as if all my lo these that's how they innovate to work and gives it All good harvest here we have today with you will again speech and Seedlings I want to tell you first of all I will I want in general that to comment on the watering you many me You ask a question like watered frequently snails how often to water
  • 01:00: diapers you know if you watch plant a plant itself suggests when it is necessary water You have never define touching finger topsheet do you think it is the land dried up but there it it was the middle of it It may be crude land and therefore general seedlings starts to hurt I write a lot here unwrap it root yes it is a bad system all in general that all mainly mistakes you go and
  • 01:30: watering as I know when to plant watered know what have watered and our then the seedlings but I love say I have a an expression plants dropped ears ie leaves podvyali and plants already It requires water here then we water them so fingered yeah it is dry watered wrong it is your general error today we have April 11 in general, that the most
  • 02:00: now time start planting we have to fit cucumbers for planting pumpkins, watermelons and melons zucchini that is here all we here is that's their fault that we pumpkin planting seedlings and I want with you today not simply to talk many people are questioning what to do to cucumbers that are drawn up to extend or So I pulled seedlings Now you talk about
  • 02:30: their, in general, their but these little secrets such small sekretikov like how do well to Sprouts in general, not stretched and she was a strong hard it pretty cool and to give a good harvest Now perhaps let's you and I We talk about cucumbers here's a look I carefully cucumbers planted here here but I want to say in general it again
  • 03:00: Well, that's our back I planted seeds here about somewhere four packs of cucumber and four packs one can say pack if all number of courses no rose all empty cups but again I will I want to say that here choice upset you worry is it's not your fault seed quality Well, let's attentively look over here pay attention again I have that
  • 03:30: cups with a death, and it is our Here you can see the substrate I look specifically, in general, old to have such Now he seems to be a cucumber you say well, again tell not clear black seedlings not Expose cucumber so thin I stretched but I will I want to tell all and must be cups if you note here look attentively they are my tucked subjected
  • 04:00: What am I doing I take a look our cup and now and so I raise it as though we increasing I must now make cucumber there is a way how cucumber to tighten ringlet or flatten their land to be able fill the land for us to cotyledon leaves look I carefully do if that note Easy opencs showered here, as it were
  • 04:32: mulch the ground to retain moisture here's a look here cucumber and see it extended I'm going to do I accurately neatly is not we must hurry and need to done carefully I'm so keep cotyledon leaves one finger I try it here is how would look carefully when look carefully here as it turns out ring, you see if the assembly
  • 05:02: let's see here as it turns out Koltsov floor that is, I cucumber finger here so I pressed their land what I do then I taking and carefully gently begin poured out I pour the ground I pour the ground up most of cotyledon leaves here since finger to help look like this carefully see
  • 05:32: Now I have turned cucumber is not necessary to try it I was at the center completely than in the most important thing to us you what the problem is that we sprinkled the ground up cotyledon leaves you twisted here and so cucumber ring that is as it happens bit with a za'tar Mars plant inhibited growth it begins there increase the land
  • 06:02: ramp up more the root system he stalk dog days are becoming a good and plant turns from We very seedlings Good Look If you look here I also just want more just show here tell chews Well small children you You know we have people that only become involved garden so the multiple accounts repeat look again see the cup at
  • 06:32: I was subjected to Now that he was not high it should not to be high cucumber first to seed we do not rot that we make way seeds I planted dry I planted seeds in cups and then just simply I shed as it should but I put the seed I fell asleep on top dry ground in any case can plant a seed and then pour it error at first we
  • 07:02: We shed planting seed and then Only the top, we Absorb into dry earth here's a look see plant knock out raccoon bit I Again I do leaves like this Practicing cotyledonary carry beautiful this is now crossfeed transports plants nothing is perfect do not break it flexible, you see turns out as though I it a little It turned into a But in a semicircle show where and so
  • 07:32: Well here it is but If you look here here and in the shower and leave Here we would like slightly crushed to ground here that we necessary you could so you pour the ground up cotyledon leaves here and so now I I am doing this operation with cucumbers it can be cucumbers this can be done you can squash ie any cucurbits but in no case
  • 08:03: Don'ts pepper this can not be done we have here is doing in curl this moment resistant ground cultures I wanted this to you tell us about a walk that's just somewhere in a week I will necessarily show which will be here cucumber seedlings what we are doing we are here with you now but at the moment I only now dive plant I have always I said not in a hurry never with sparring now I twists like this
  • 08:34: cucumbers, tomatoes dive and all I stand in a greenhouse in greenhouse putting arc here over the plants to be on the safe side case you will I could freeze shelter additional and a covering film material and now I I want to show you how I still here raspikirovat their tomatoes you again to me say many write So they have you see you outgrown all that
  • 09:04: Other nothing to do with not escalated they are quite normal it's in my grade plump for the mental you now I you I show them that do I take just such a workpiece the workpiece is again laminate substrate Now we compete That's how it is in size us height 10 length of a 2010 ground and I do like this
  • 09:34: Now we look We turn around and we'll get Our best to you perhaps this one overgrown by clavicular machine so that's what we did a driver with you tomato we We got out of the cochlea as a to here such here I plant is not very satisfied, I do not I am here and so put her were howling It is upright look attentively as I that long but because that well, as it were, under the
  • 10:04: pull all but if you look closely here there is already the middle of begin tie flower like Brush that is already there are flower Buds that is, seedling it will very good and strong because I Now its time dive and bear in the greenhouse have it at my house will not stand raspikirovat not will suffer hot and dry air air
  • 10:34: see what I I do take our tomato That's how he put on substrate blank Now this, as if it here and so gently He very carefully this is good, too, all I like this brings slightly bend a little guy there is not anything breaks all get a very Still quite like this normally take and Again I fall asleep like this pressing down, as it were
  • 11:05: fixing the spine I covered with earth ground I'm not at swordplay I regret it rolling in pretty much Now I'm doing a spoon but in general I do around here somewhere two handfuls here Now what good see what I'm doing But beyond us again I need you rezinochka I take here and so carefully so I stick to the ground land should be definitely a bit
  • 11:36: wet because dry land will sleep and how to the plant is not very well now I look like this I twist the sausage lest the land I spilled like this I keep taking sausage gum and gum I put like that but our cup I put on and earth it does not fray and that's how I in this situation like this top can still
  • 12:06: pick up ground little finger here so compacted that's such a state I I became lovers here raspikirovat very many tomatoes they plump face each another in a greenhouse light and they do not shade each other feels himself well here see what we you have done the seedlings which we We serve the news with you and here and so for They filled up the main leaves that we
  • 12:37: we have done with the spine you bent as if again what is happening little seedlings starts slow down your growth starting to grow the root system degree thickens when growing bit root plant system in We will begin to move with you growth but it has to be strong and overgrown here look closely you will see see how much
  • 13:07: food here here here how much land here a lot of ground in the However, like it is a little later in the same time in plants in general this land grabs here and so this I have an option I suggest if there from I stretched but I will I want to say in any here is a case of option can not be prodelyvat pepper pepper that's how he is, how he He is sitting in your land we it and must
  • 13:37: seat but it is possible does it land Only fill up cotyledon leaves twist pepper pepper here such Spin is not It lends itself to it immediately break because That's how he would arrange so he has a degree but what is perhaps here is a small I would like you to review give it to 1 of 1 When the seedlings have a many of you, we almost All I want to say Without exception it
  • 14:07: starts drawn in general, we are not with you blame it dry apartment's warm Seedlings and that's why we are doing a such variant to this I finish my reporting to a new you to meet goodbye to you was Julia I do