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  • 00:05: Hello to you TNT channel and watch transfer of medicine in Israel today we have in the studio Dr. Victor Libya and presses Lurie Associate Professor Department of Tel Aviv university head separation treatment atrial fibrillation Sheba Hospital in Tel hmr hello David meeting today go well, as you We understood from our specialization guest of atrial
  • 00:30: arrhythmia Why, the first question and other violations harmful Abuse the first question here all a nutshell what do I obviously rhythm arrhythmia understood from you horse violations Heart rhythm problems spasmodically normal normal rhythmic pulse can violated and lead or too fast and uneven rhythm tachycardia or rhythm too slow rhythm and bradycardia All these violations are not interfere with a person operate and may threaten therefore their health
  • 01:01: be treated and arrhythmology actually this is my specialty and engaged in correction these violations Anya cure heart forcing the killer so any floor electrically as if electrik cardiologist so Dr. Lurie tell what dangerous arrhythmia and particularly atrial fibrillation which is on the main your main core Occupation give life
  • 01:30: main hare and quackery wife of swept applied to In fact, all parenting it means rhythm frequent illness and atrial fibrillation as you know it disease often Americans estimated that ciliary affected 4 million Americans but I I think that is not less, and in Russia it is the rhythm and perhaps even longer arrhythmia in the first turn breaks atrial fibrillation most often a type of arrhythmias breaks normal way interferes with a person's life walking is shortness of breath heart
  • 02:00: but other than that still threatening and serious a place development views heart failure blood clots atrium of the heart which can jump out and to the brain cause a stroke to get in peripheral arteries cause ischemic disorders and lesions limbs and so ie it further serious illness that requires serious treatment we all know that most people
  • 02:32: today I had received treatment for preventing blood clots and all the unpleasant the effects of which You were just talking, using its receipt medication that It called coumadin in Russia calls it Safari for warfarin In order for this not happened, we know coumadin that can itself currently lead very dangerous the consequence eg bleeding is itself can threatening than life
  • 03:02: Now what ways treatment of atrial arrhythmias, and that instead of coumadin getting there to date in modern medicine yes this offer very important and really questions and arrhythmology primarily atrial Arrhythmia today there is great progress in this issue of last 10 years developed Brand new approaches do not drug
  • 03:30: atrial arrhythmia appeared that arrhythmia that occurs for certain sites certain parts of atrium mouths the pulmonary veins of the left atrium if a assistance cardiac catheterization reach these foci that can be assistance electromagnetic wave them clean remove and thereby heal the rhythm and the most need constant reception drugs are not are heal the conductive only approach and temporarily slow down
  • 04:01: or reduce number of attacks at or moxibustion Lexie as he called it procedure can remove heal arrhythmia procedure is I'm not just here brought show catheter which is made it a special manipulable remote electrode which performed through a vein leg itself into the right atrium from there to the left atrium and manipulating them rather difficult it is possible access to sources and the
  • 04:30: surround them cautery isolate or thus remove can be achieved cure rhythm if it is cured effectiveness of this procedures for paroxysmal paroxysmal form of arrhythmia It reaches 80 percent for one procedure and 90 If you need to repeat This procedure is sometimes in which case the failure in this situation arrhythmia cure for many years may be forever especially in young
  • 05:00: Young patients and not suffering from other chronic Get rid diseases as the need its own of suffering and of The necessity of danger which will cause a and the need taken continuously drugs that both you have noted on their itself can cause side effects and generally be serious violation normal way human life at every patient can be cured flashing on the rhythm with through a catheter chronic rhythm and or big heart
  • 05:32: Patients with defects such as heart or some other serious heart disease arrhythmia cure finally unable but then there are 2 fundamentally important Nowhere koment know about prevention approach what we call thromboembolic complications ie prevention blood clots you mentioned Victor it is done Today with the help of of medication giving birth blood
  • 06:00: course with hemodilution Blood is a liquid can learn at it is possible to blow fall and ordinary the frame can lead serious dangerous blood loss blood loss, not to mention It has a head injury and so on e.g. that can lead to stroke cerebral hemorrhage to all these trouble to avoid present day instead of receiving giving birth blood bond you can use a new approach that is also a a special catheter which thing is the atrial site
  • 06:31: that call lugs left atrium and which formed blood clots a pocket on the left this atrium pocket can be closed through special umbrella, or we We call them lyudar left ear this atrium Umbrella also through foot here it is inside the tube catheter and enter the tube into the heart you can send it that's the way in you need a place where it will be revealed and
  • 07:01: close and thereby terminate access blood from a blood clot gene clearance zone the tab to the left atrium thus danger thrombus formation stroke with this bound reduced by ten times and twenty times the most need continuous use means for giving birth also decreases efficiency this action devaysa this
  • 07:31: the device is comparable with efficiency action coumadin and she above today there is one some such serious multicenter research that demonstrated that in the early years comparison so to speak efficiency and side effects this unit and coumadin it is but the first farther passes time you coumadin continue take this already
  • 08:00: the appliance is installed in ears and one on when he installed it already starts working so over years effectiveness of this approach becomes more and three year already exceeds reception performance Warfarin I want more again stress only one time setting gun This filter can be called Fitzgerald filter preventing Output from the heart blood clots, and all these unpleasant effects of
  • 08:30: held in the cases where when can not return man in sinus normal rhythm using cautery ablation, and this is the next step I yes yes right in Generally it is a common approach that we always try cure rate is not always possible and not always all it is possible to do it more an approach which is here cure with ablation for
  • 09:00: younger patients paroxysmal if this arrhythmia chronic arrhythmia or udavsheesya attempts ablation rhythm continues Misha repeated check and then really can be used This approach via Doctor, I would like you back to ask here what question I accidentally I found that there is a enemies and the viewer is not stand as a so calls called one of your patients that shit is recently I came to you from Kazakhstan got to if you having a heart attack
  • 09:31: I am not mistaken in the survey was found that he There arrhythmia general, young sports person 50 and when you tell him that it is necessary to arrhythmia her to do something output as but I It has always been an arrhythmia we talked about what that want to accept All tablets will Here's the good could not a few words to tell as far as I know will soon have surgery you just going to the solve the issue really press is a good example young active man
  • 10:01: businessman really is an representative new category suffering arrhythmias say years twenty years ago it I had the privilege the elderly and the very sick people recent years, not quite understandable number of reasons young and about healthy already know it tea which athlete regarding analysis color of it is not an example that it can be even more young people and this really It violates the fundamental his way health
  • 10:31: its ability to life, he loves sports She loves to travel arrhythmia him not It allows a large account but he did not can offer to Kazakhstan him said accept All tablets will OK the fact is that as well as Tablets may live alleviate the condition but they never cure the arrhythmia they can cause and often cause side effects and that moment when you stop take pills plantations arrhythmia returns or a short time therefore, the actual 10 years ago it was therefore it has been proposed
  • 11:00: this new method that develops very active and widely used in Israel is widely used in Europe I think it starts used in Russia but it is only the first steps the method which we said cauterization foci arrhythmias he actually it is the only I heal the conductive approach that large percentage of cases, allow to save people many years of arrhythmias, and this is what We Sasha River minutes
  • 11:30: the man who coming he recommended I have always been very happy I I can also lead Examples of life is really It affects even young very young people in me in my practice there's the last Year two young a tenth who are sick pace and there is no We allowed them to go into combat troops are We were very tuned they patriotically demanded heal Israeli Israeli remnant I arrhythmia interfere but as I I want to keep fighting of the urgent mi'radzha
  • 12:00: and had their really cure and they both successfully serve one He ended his life and dignity Tekke very successful 2 in fact there is really what younger than healthier people more easily efficient removed this rhythm although it can be and make people older with big amount a bouquet of different disease but basically it indeed approach which is the only Which can I'm here to deliver is not I can not ask just you have discussed Now the problem as
  • 12:30: two doctors and in its professional language, I want to ask like that's normal everyman viewer here's how select cautery how this complex operation How dangerous is it well, how shall we say what rehabilitation beyond that operation that is it it is necessary to lay a month the hospital is necessary week 2 really when it is burning scary word and there is no fire there is is very about point burns but they do not hurt
  • 13:00: procedure is although painless It is on a common anesthesia just how much is already very it is difficult to lie rather technically quite a tricky business but in general the practice of it is effective and generally people who doing it every day to it becomes shorter more effective safety on Today, we Cases Average time about procedures two and a half I watch it all yet It takes the necessary while there is quite a many of these point
  • 13:30: cautery need do to remove arrhythmia no rehabilitation no because it is not operation is done through an injection in the leg so waking up in Basically, you can get and we usually go on leaving a patient on one night hospital just to ensure that all It passed safely safely and complications efficiency the procedure depends on of a disease any accompanying diseases is speech that is to say 90 years this less efficiency than 30 naturally you
  • 14:00: You can catch up though we are doing and the elderly people too if if some age restrictions in this procedures for tires restrictions as the between can be done 17-year paratroopers or 8-year starting in Basically the younger the man efficiency procedures easier greater security risk ratio is very important question I really think that date the risk of complications minimum serious shall we say invalidizirovat their complications the only thing that we meet
  • 14:30: indeed it internal bleeding thing that the time the procedure should be very greatly dilute the blood not to formed strontium so somewhere one year from one to two percent of the cases during cauterization happening in our a small crack in the stenochki atrium and thereby Blood and fluid can evolve shirt heart is complications that fast diagnosed and we very closely it should be and if it is It happens then
  • 15:00: We need to stop procedure on swing blood through an injection chest and Generally as a rule 99 percent of the cases any such extended consequences of this no complications man returns at home in two days and in general can go and a second procedure as the rule, and if it happens purely technical hitch that can they Semenko is serious shall we say complications but knowing that she can I seemed to happen in time assistance in general
  • 15:30: we see that among our on at least patients were not yet no one would really I was with any serious invalidizirovat them consequences of this I I would like to emphasize Only just what you have said focus on this note that virtually no on at least for Israeli doctors not exist the age limit for of such procedures so it can be any any aged man he can not say you have 70 years before bye that is where
  • 16:01: quietly dies indeed it very dependent not Only from the age of need for biological the patient's condition there's even 85 people healthy and active serious arrhythmias problems that can to offer this procedure although the natural that efficiency age and it safe decreases so there are other We alternate them We do not discuss today but in principle it is possible elderly person you can hem Stimulator and e.g.
  • 16:30: do another pose that is, there is always if I want to as it were the head of a the idea to focus when medication do not help you can always find not a drug This treatment approach the most effective but there is another such as implantation promoter and cautery atrioventricular assembly approach which save people from discomfort from suffering related to salt general implantation stimulator all that associated with stimulants is very interesting topic
  • 17:01: but it is a topic for en I I realize transmission but it certainly a topic that which should touch but I will certainly I heard what he wanted hear my I think this is the most important that we today learned that expensive friends in no case can despair of any situation to a It is diagnosed in me We put it there any problem in principle has the decision easier a difficult decision you can find the main
  • 17:31: to want and be able to find the solution I most always tell my patients that if they suffer some disease only choose atrial arrhythmia intelligent choice because on the one hand is not It is to it directly threatening immediately life danger on the other hand always you can find a way ease and relieve human suffering associated with arrhythmia so that it is correct and if the disease choose atrial daromir We aim to
  • 18:00: We have to complete our transfer time expires, we hope We return to this the problem dear friends, you We watched the program medicine in Israel be healthy