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  • 00:00: the people wandering around many stories about is that there are martial arts that allow dedicated cope with any adversary just one touch not undertake judge's true or fiction can only say that physics chemistry and anatomy is those things that just need to understand the nature the most exotic martial arts and what knowledge is needed the average person to In order to defend from criminal about This Yuri Kormushin in our ongoing school Categories survival expert on Self-Defense and
  • 00:30: SCW hand combat Yuri Kormushin more than 20 years explore extreme situation in which can get everyone escape from us, or fight to become victim or to survive the answers to these questions one finds inside themselves for self-defense normal peacetime person is not simply needed knowledge is the question struggle for survival which each responds differently and illiteracy in science that It called security can very worth it whether knowledge
  • 01:09: anatomy save from attacks there whether machinery deathtouch or whether it is not possible one movement hit the enemy School science of survival to-hand combat self-defense any specialist hand combat says that any strike must be applied strictly defined vulnerability to the body of an opponent actually this We built all the tricks martial arts seemed to be clear
  • 01:43: Learn vulnerabilities on the opponent's body and be calm for their safety but not so simple to Sorry unprepared man can not use most of the methods of martial Arts because he does not have no one forces rate which is from the masters hand combat look sleepy artery blood on it to the brain when it cut off man may lose consciousness on the carotid artery affected
  • 02:13: experiencing seizure and a blow but the truth is that weak normal peacetime man can not conclude more strong in powerful capture and if strike it should be the forces to cover blood flow to the brain look even blow the average power can not cause any harm to the person in what way
  • 02:44: use art hand combat in self defense look no further martial arts impossible imagine without destruction theory vulnerable points because the top perfection melee as in any other military science always It was considered destruction of the enemy in as soon as possible with minimum cost power so the masters martial arts at all times are in find the most effective means Victory over
  • 03:15: adversary specifically studied structure human body with in order to find the most vulnerable areas defeat metaphysical the presence of a theory mystery internal energy It provided the basis for the creation of the legendary touch technology delayed death until There are still the legend that somewhere in the east there is the master able to kill person in one easy touching some species martial arts really have deadly
  • 03:45: technology which largely It is based on knowledge of anatomy and physiology human body for normal peacetime person must be to know is not so much there are areas destruction which impact or shock any forces will See the effective primarily their eyes can attack like this blow it is direct or knuckle Pad attack
  • 04:15: It leads on to the eyes temporary loss orientation in space and eye injury here this region region trophy capture or blow leads to Difficulty in breathing that allows you to escape and finally inguinal region
  • 04:45: usually unprepared people in order self-defense can attack like this before being if the attacker the enemy side Now you can attack so if it's back virtually all self-defense techniques built on the Now defeat these three vulnerable zones remember them now
  • 05:15: let's see how you can apply destruction of knowledge more vulnerable zones on the body striker self defense the seizure by the lapels or neck with two hands It begins many street conflicts and sometimes for the weak man only methods of knowledge destruction of vulnerable points can help look to defend first fingers performed
  • 05:45: effects on the eye it makes striker rejected head and open in ulcer area on neck then the bottom of the fist you need to hit the codec that is clearly not like aggressively tuned man and finally if it is needed attack to the groin palm such actions made quickly and decidedly more guarantee shares will arrest assault and give opportunity to decide escape or defend more Igor is another example
  • 06:17: striker missing with one hand lapel and tries put a fist punch the risk of such attacks apparently open aggression and slap in the face made defend very quick look on attacking blow you need to perform leaving aside, as it were turning away from attack and immediately palm strike to the groin this technique is so unexpected that already Only due to this
  • 06:47: you can count on success and if still able to hold a powerful blow with his hand in groin will be time for to right assess the situation and take other self-protection measures I hope you are now You understand that it is possible know very little but give an adequate resist the offender in real life even a small amount of methods can do a great service and remember no one can protect you better than yourself