Edge of a product spokes. How to connect the overwound edge of a product.  See details »



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  • 00:00: greetings to all and fans of knitting today's lesson I I show a very simple and easy way Contents edge knitted goods We will knit here such a beautiful edge products usually the beginning of knitting some products we but we use the eraser knitting some
  • 00:30: gum products just do not look It is good in looks beautiful edge products and Today we will learn knit here such plain twisted edge articles for this make a common set of classical loops and we will need to knit 4 rows front embroidery I gained here on
  • 01:04: separate needle loop and knit two rows has first and third row we were binding facial loops and the second and fourth knit purl I knit loops listed third row we provyazyvaem full facial you knit loops first to show
  • 01:37: so knit front and purl 4 rows You will need to knit 1 and 3 a number provyazyvaem front black facial loops 2 and 4 provyazyvaem
  • 02:10: purl loops Well I knit Further in the fifth row, we We begin to develop that's our edge in the following way and remove an edge provyazyvaem 4 3-loop 4 facial loop continue turning your product
  • 02:40: seamy side to the Statement like this just his way twist here we had a torsion and turned Again provyazyvaem 4 facial loop 2 3 4 and 5 loop again twist their product like this
  • 03:10: manner Expand it and Again provyazyvaem 4 facial loops, and so Continue to the end Here's the latest of a number of torsion and last loop Here we turned
  • 03:41: Here is such a margin twisted more knit pattern on the we continue to have knit your product I knit series seamy and then you have
  • 04:24: continue to knit your product or Front embroidery or some rice go to some pattern here at we get here such a overwound the edge so he it looks like twisted cord and wrong hand here is such a wavy edge here easy to fit a twisted
  • 04:56: you can edge use it to knitting some its products if you like Like put subscribe to channel and see you in next video