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Cardigan the Chinchilla (An Asian cone) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: all welcome to its channel today I bring to your attention produced knitted cardigan chinchilla Asian spikelet after a a moment you will see This cardigan us not and I prepared Master class knitting this Cardigan who have desire to buy This master class You can write zayavochku me on my mail which contains by video cost of
  • 00:30: Master Class It is 1 1200 rubles After you guide me zayavochku to my mail I am writing to you conditions buy this Master Class in the master class I we tell knit the pattern on this cardigan because earlier yu tube I upload videos on knitting patterns Asian Koloskov This master class I
  • 01:00: I explain step by step show details we knit this Tord gun So all conditions as the said said purchase at Who has the desire write to me on e-mail and Now I wish you nice view and until we meet again a
  • 01:54: bromine catalog