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  • 00:00: all the good day welcome again on your channel today's video i I want to dedicate that how we will knit pattern asian spike for such a cardigan in now I'm already finishing knit this cardigan which is different still called chinchillas but today I only show how does the pattern fit this cardigan asiatic spikelet and in the next video at I will be master class on knitting itself directly cardigan
  • 00:30: but I will say right away that this master class will be charged all I will explain the conditions in end of the video now we Let's start knitting pattern and so on spokes we type this number of loops which will be divide by 3 i'm at the moment scored 21 loops 1 row we bind all facial loops second row we are tying all purl loops it's all already me has done so so as not to bore you because here There is nothing complicated and
  • 01:00: now we knit third row and so knit in this way I sew 6 loops 2 3 4 5 times two three 4 5 and 6 look at the right we have 6 loops now we are working only with these loops turn over products and knit all purl loops we knit all the purlins
  • 01:35: loops are now again turn over products and knit all facial loops so we We knit 9 rows now we have teeth prices and loops now again with us go backing loops Thus, we We knit 9 rows so I tied the 9
  • 02:07: series and now I get 10 from what am I doing again six loops and now with left spoke and capture 3 loops 123 turn over knitting now I have 2 is a back number there is the first shot we
  • 02:37: we also consider it to be 123456 took 6 loops in work three loops left on the left we all do not speak with them work and we have them left alone they do not need us turn over products and drove knit 6 loops 2 3 4 5 6 all now in work
  • 03:09: these 6 loops we we work only with what do we do we also bind 9 series of 2456 litter will not do turned over do not touch three loops they do not need us anymore working with others 6 loops 2 3 4 5 6 turn over and
  • 03:45: again 6 purl turn over and so we knit 9 turns here 9 twisted and now what we do again we have 6 loop with which we now worked and grab again 3 eyelets on the left
  • 04:16: knitting needles seized turn over we sew 6 loops 2 3 4 5 6 and now these three loops we them again leave in peace that is, we have these we have not left them we touch now we leave these you all work now with new 6 loops and went the same way
  • 04:46: knit 9 rows up that is, we understand the principle of knitting after of how we are 9 rows tied up in the tenth row we start capturing new 3 loops with left knitting needles respectively 3 we leave the loops from previous knitting yes that's the way
  • 05:16: we knit to the end and so here you are tied up to the end series and you should you get this a picture that is here on 3 loops you have these three are separated loops that you left ye here such picture at you it is observed that you do now now you turn over and you will have purl series now
  • 05:46: we are all these loops we collect that is Usually we are tying just purl loops are all very just here is one grain we tied up we collected now to her second then the following seed on the floor mouser
  • 06:17: bags with you we untying like this gradually we collect all our loops that's when you knit them collect here it is necessary to pull at you densely do not were to each other so we all collected everything eyelets with you
  • 06:49: Now we turn our knitting and now we we knit all the loops facial bandages front row till the end of the row with knitting after that we we begin to do
  • 07:22: all the same only on the wrong side turn over and now we do do something and all that same thing 1 2 loops 3 loops 4 5 6 took 6 loops work and work with them that we make the band 9
  • 07:54: series of upside down we bind the back of the loop and so on 9 rows up you here tied 9 rows and now we have 10 rows the tenth row we have account for purl series that we do now but we will also tie it
  • 08:24: these six loops which we knit and again with the left knitting needle we seize in the work three loops seized turned knitting and now only we sew 6 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 all these three loops left we do not need them and
  • 08:54: turn over and all now we are again work with these with six loops and we bind 9 rows 9 rows we will tie and in the tenth row, we again do capture new 3 and derek and the way we knit up
  • 09:24: end of the series nothing Complex is not present now we knit to the end of the row and so here you are end of the series that is you used all loops and now you you need to reassemble all eyelets ie knit up front row then purl and after that you start to tie all exactly the same with ie the beginning knitting with us
  • 09:54: is obtained vertical ie vertically here so we goes knitting here look cardigan which I see here this pattern looks like this way already in the product you see yes what a beauty and so with By this we have finished I guess nothing there is no complicated if you have any there are questions then ask me them in comments now about paid master class on knitting this one cardigan this master class will cost 1 1200 rubles how do you do it
  • 10:24: get on my email you send the application about what you want purchase this Master Class Email will be indicated under video then i you and we with you stipulate how the way you will it pay after and after payments you receive a link to this video start knitting your cardigan you have naturally questions arise in the process of knitting which you set me also on
  • 10:54: e-mail is not sum up and on the th tube Here we assume under this namely on e-mail directly all questions that concerned exactly of this cardigan questions I answer mainly on evenings but if I have I will have the opportunity to Respond to them and during the day but the question and naturally i will answer day in day, in principle as I do it and Here's even on these videos that I have on th tuba here so still that I wanted to say but here in
  • 11:27: principle seems to be everything is available this master class is already will be at the next a week after the video will be released ready Cardigan chinchilla is I'll lay out already video on next week ready cardigan as it looks you it all look and will make a decision you knit this one cardigan or not necessary here but that's all in principle that I wanted to tell you today waiting for your comments I hope no one
  • 11:59: disappointed everyone good luck