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  • 00:00: Hello dear my friends today I want to show you I also see Jacquard broaches without you very I often write in comments in a personal vkontakte show how do you knit Jacquard now I the spokes such very small work cap solved and for for husband usually so simple cap here I simple monochrome It goes clank and then I decided to make little jacquard and I will finish it red now! the way I see from yarn already my favorite
  • 00:31: and Lanos at fine alpaca motochek milk You see color in one thread and knitting Lanos alpaca on super fine here already I see from this thread in two thread see this because lanos in the super fine alpaca great it is much thinner than the alpaca lanos File it in principle almost twice thinner I decided to try so here combine these two strings and
  • 01:01: basically turned very good the result so I show how I I see Jacquard before I bought Knitting thimble I was knitting the same card as the usually all his knit probably just here and so on finger two strings put these two fingers captured like this here nameless and pinky so here and somehow So knitting jakard if necessary provyazyvala red then white
  • 01:31: but more recently in one of his videos I I told that I bought a thimble for knitting left in I etiketochka here Such is the link where I I bought on the bench and I list below the video and I'll show them I take the head itself Sachek on its own it is a little great for my fingers you can see it hanging spinning very inconvenient knit so I take piece of cloth
  • 02:01: ordinary little white here and so swathes of my walk gi finger and dress always thimble here Now he is well is sitting then I take the turnip red yarn or milk I do not care the color of the AU and with Which side where It is here and so I have them and pave snaps on a little pull strings again take these two
  • 02:31: fingers and little finger nameless and here that's the position I I see his cap and Now closer to you show with thimble I personally comfortable knit strings do not go awry and another small moment I have always one skein of the colors on the right side of the second outflow on the left side, and they never with each other should not intersect if was still 3 motochek if I was knitting what that
  • 03:01: the tri-color cards then of course I would have It has placed somewhere here the right example This would be on a skein the center and the left of the Hank have I none in no case You must cross and Look how I I see it here under the scheme I need now provyazyvat over Red Collar and bottom row of red over white eyelet I take white I drive as usual front loop provyazyvayu red over the red loop
  • 03:31: Now on white We should be over white knit white thread insert as an usually by the right front wall just grab white thread and protract That's how we must continue red knit just I take the red knit and extended thereby to I end this ryadochka I will provyazyvat this pattern and here that I get I now until the end of this ryadochek provyazyvat and I will not tell you but that such
  • 04:02: if I had to would provyazyvat 5 red eyelets then one color White then again 5 red and so on then as much as I did then I see so one grab loop red that's just how it is It passes on the marker the second loop I so I grab way I insert needle under the white thread here in this way I grab the red
  • 04:32: I lift up here and pulled through loop here and so then knit the two hinges still have three Again knit insert already I grab otsyudava left just Knit 4 loop I grab a white thread here and so I reached and the last fifth from the left side and then just so
  • 05:02: movement so here tightens white thread to it here we do not have I peeped at the red line on I need to knit one white knit but again white 5 red time I will faster to knit so here March 2 so 4 more and 5, and little white Rachek We pulled all here
  • 05:34: in this way constantly need cross like our strings on seamy side they constantly entangled entangled and we generally do not broaches if I 9 knitting e.g. red one white then again, I would knit the left hand grabbing red is here and so introducing needle under the white thread and print here is red and if I was knitting for example white is not. 5 and a telly such as red one
  • 06:06: I would so provyazyvala one white with a right hand 2 grab white bottom here and so then on top again on the red next under the red since 4 Knit and last over red I grab like this way today stretch like this here tightens rather red thread
  • 06:36: and all she hides then knit one red again provyazyvaem over white red white under Red on red under the red and over red now I why different yarns maybe a little reds are not. little climbs here in advance but when it that tightens I do not see it as when the yarn the same
  • 07:06: equal thickness the knitting falls good now wanted thimble and show how do you look Wrong side look I personally like trim Wrong side Now as many as I I see doing wrong side face when she is beautiful due then of course you can do it and how you You can see and here there is no such long broaches for example, in two loops or three loops know
  • 07:36: such as strings here and so like this here's this broaching called when behind seamy side here such there when the strings dress and sweater if you have on the hands of some ring then can this broach and hook pull here knitting and it is not very well so certainly better just run jacquard without broaches in my case generally do not any such broaches anything anywhere
  • 08:06: not cling to because I constantly I twist the two strings, and in general I concluded that knit with thimble much better than when I was knitting without thimble I fingers on the strings can be twisted and I spent time on the to be constantly unravel here this I have Of course if you and without thimble cool deal with Jacquard you do not confuse the he will not need and I rather I bought thimble and so
  • 08:36: and I can advise you it also purchased but you already decide for yourself you need it or not Basically I you He showed told Knit thus can be any pattern you found on the Internet or self You come up with the pros Jacquard is that you You can take a notebook all that's in the box Typically, such a notebook and draw any Figure 1 is a cell one petelechka you
  • 09:06: take here and so sketching and loops squares and sketching, and you get some drawing you can be the author of a class pattern and but still I want to show on the front side Look canvas the door of the hall into one thread here and so stretched and painting it out jacquard look also extends You see from becoming in place well It holds its shape fabric
  • 09:36: Of course a little bit thicker to the touch and if a little warmer we would be back on seamy side were pulling something our I rushed to the canvas just enough extent allowed I would broach it on stretch to cap on his head not This was in the form of certainly need and to link the sample and calculate and support port on your uzorchik your density knitting If there were any questions then write in I wish all comments
  • 10:07: smooth loops and jacquard knitting all kiss bye bye everyone