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Shish kebabs + the best marinade for smoking (meat, chicken, veal, pork)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone we spain hi already come good 290 Weather in the heat on street and we are going to go to barbecues zatarilis meat and we will show
  • 00:31: simple and easy Recipes to in principle in May when You are going to go already We knew that and you're ready we actually bought pork meat you have super the only super neck there is the most delicious pork we took the what we call Guha it It called on the Council Come on let's say it meat with bone well there will be a bone more flesh in the main principle that was not veins of fat like the thing is melted
  • 01:02: their homes on the barbecue sacred thing but also took a look at the pork taken here a piece of veal now many will speak full kebabs Veal or dates you need to correctly cook today we'll show you a very tasty recipe also we took and chicken Basically many like kebabs Chicken the way we there was a small Varenitsa those in our channel thrown strike so we can not upload video more than 15 minutes so we are part of this divide into 2 3 parts ie Marinovka
  • 01:33: hot and actually the result is not know as the Resort get to combine there are 10 15 minutes we see what Share your videos the way One more thing I want to show you a many do not like it word let it be life hacking raises red especially on peekaboo never a word life hacking how to save chicken share well and pork under nature it is possible to cut off and there is a purely to pamper yourself I'll show you how cut meat and
  • 02:04: cluttered and body and itself as crafted from scrap materials for this will simply use conventional foil foil that is, the league bit chips which can be to find ideally of course find tracing or alder how to I do not know but I will use fruit trees and it will be apple Basically a lot of cherries not because you need it pieces will thin marinated Pine is here introductory video we have made and will proceed directly to recipes properly
  • 02:35: We proceed to to delicious we smoke the meat We need to make the marinade I tell this his universal a recipe that is not once tried to but veal to chicken Pork Ribs us need water but we did not know about I have half a liter on the floor Now take 12 liters such chive we need Red Hot Peppers black allspice and paprika
  • 03:05: Now you need to take pieces of meat, see If earlier I It was exactly the smokehouse Sea last apartment I lived private house I It was a picture of this big enough I stayed there the whole hen there in 8 hours now moved apartment I still I want to continue eat delicious smoked meat and will show you the recipe how it done quickly and Outdoors So take pork
  • 03:35: pieces we need such thin but so long I try a little bit undermining what I take a piece of pork and I Take a piece of veal Now a piece of chicken it's all neatly we shall cut show basic principle of water yet put heated on the fire we need to make it boil until heated water garlic postpone side actually stopped Now well try
  • 04:08: cut into small sliced julienne well here and so will quite a we are not quite the same I want it cut off Look, I'm doing over to you not to show there to do exactly smoking here are beautiful pieces should we will I cut bone so will this even
  • 04:51: More Beer option so if you have the foil is my you this recipe you can come in handy get out into nature somewhere near the house or especially will go with friends kebabs and help You will be able to surprise them that's so interesting recipe and tell Lot I have an idea let's hull chick and so, in principle, not judge pork enough crazy pork so we prepared
  • 05:23: discharged into a plate it is not yet We should also act Veal leave veal with this hand someone beautiful a piece cut off my slices and that's just as well cut unnecessary casualties in We here do not need and exactly the same stripes shall cut
  • 05:55: as pork not thick there is still little one reason for that it is not a lot I will do what we bought nearly eight
  • 06:25: a kilo of meat, and there It will be much barbecue so smoked meat home It is unlikely to bottom this piece yet one and the same steel we process done with our NASA crust slice bones we'll go see many like I will shew so the skin can remove those who love for fans and separately from the smoke and have even throw in a bowl a piece of chicken
  • 06:56: fillets cut into such the stripes we cut and veal pork So choose another a piece all the skin with them meat some will need to stay retain marinate
  • 07:26: about a couple hours. at least 2 should it be stay in the marinade chop on Chicken I actually think here to this show the very essence recipes I think not
  • 07:56: It will be enough Therefore, the transition to the the next step so right our recipe on I added two water teaspoon of salt with half the water is still do not boil wait while it will warm We help a little salt posted soon next we need to do Basically at this stage I can already is to let
  • 08:27: add red hot pepper here refer to taste someone like sharper someone I have an urgent and add black allspice we bring it all up Boiling for to spice horoshenechko gave its fragrance principle would be nice here still good add the bay if a sheet of principle you do not have anything okay well hello cow such sheet
  • 08:57: enough common I'll add product Fox would like that. melenko ceiling almost went aktepy not bay leaf More need for chicken we are perfectly combined with chicken meat with chicken fillet we assume that the water is brought to the the desired state
  • 09:28: take garlic and squeezing through masher 1 we bring it all the same singing and give simmer literally but can minutes and gives we bring it all to a boil and we give simmer well, literally 40 seconds no longer need It was a wonderful smell
  • 09:59: costs and as recipe more for the men until it I cook all I drink beer in fact everyone knows that men cook he as an artist need slightly elevated the mood for all delicious It happened at the actually it's Saturday so you can imagine we need to let was brought to reflux stir periodically that's set aside our
  • 10:29: saucepan from the heat and We give stand for 20 minutes Well regardless string you have a fever on the kitchen it can be 10 15 minutes we need to temperatures there was no limit 65-70 degrees when you see so going to the fingers touch the edge saucepan to determine what 76 is the grass when you touch We are here to keep him seconds the fact is, you must be comfortable after 10 seconds it here so and now develop 9590 degrees so is removed, and then
  • 11:02: here has thrown our myasko well and woah woah woah completely forgot Red pepper add paprika paprika, we need to beautiful colors until we not all add the cooled a little factory keep an eye paprika it is not urgent it more for color and for add flavor and teaspoon on such a volume will be completely enough horoshenechko all stir course
  • 11:32: better paprika added before it boils or in Boiling time less so will lumps see what said finger and putting a 10 seconds if you can comfortable stand it is our about temperature will water 65 70 degrees throws the meat in the marinade Cimino do add the meat in the marinade so Here the warm marinade
  • 12:04: It allows meat horoshenechko sweaty Strong waves of parasite is not worry what does not kill and salt Red pepper kills smoke boiling time just very common to our comments on just very common to our video on how pickle Boston Chicken or veal or pork often write that Now what about the parasite 3 After everything else So del Sol spice kills the very many parasites
  • 12:35: so it is it can safely cooking course better to take proven meat trusted locations and did not arise What is not called problems here can still here throw a pound of meat and thinks reserve like that for two hours and the meat is ready to addition to his smoke and in minutes 30 when she was with you not good enough it can be put in in a refrigerator
  • 13:06: Marinated meat may for about a day no longer recommend because It will have no meat wadded very leg so through hour if you how to cook tomorrow we put close cling film and bet or lid stand in the refrigerator in the morning strain and left to fry actually before the meeting then tomorrow