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How to get rid of ants. How to struggle with ants.  See details »




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  • 00:00: hello my dear gardeners and I have gardeners immediately welcomed at your garden site It is very hot it is time we weeding We engaged in fighting with different pests and today I'll tell you how get rid of ants because I believe ants is evil peddlers aphids on our and your in my garden section and I will rid not using chemicals and Now with the help of plants that It called rain
  • 00:31: I do it very I just take it comminuted to such Now the pieces are crushed stem and leaves and then I rocket slices and leaves where our great ants cluster But today you can try tomorrow come and see ants have leave their rookery maybe they will leave somewhere in another place but I want you to tell
  • 01:02: one hundred percent the way I struggle with ants I strongly advise you to use it on your garden site all good my dear children and my new posts till