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  • 00:00: hello and again with you I'm Lena Summer today I wanted with you talk about how I dive
  • 00:32: their seedlings and me many ask what such a record as with what they eat and what is and so I decided to take off video and detail show as from any improvised materials from improvised means it is easy and simple to make this film and how she lives water I have such a seedling pepper
  • 01:03: and I squeezed her into the snail will be because place ask to to to how do I want to show like this very figure Do I now cautiously silently and aroma the kind of pepper I have here I take a little his snail and look here I am
  • 01:34: I begin to say that here see which developed roots and now I will be them tell the compartment behind and what you can do diaper film can be made from any materials ie here are the bags for breakfast, well, look they are too small this me that means they do not suit me then there you are already decide what you need ordered here she still
  • 02:04: there are bags for breakfast they a little more size and swallow fix my price list favorite store here they are very dense and very good like drink like swaddle here we take the ice together the sachet is very simply lodge a bag so lay the ground like this everyone is asking you how much am I
  • 02:34: about put the pile of the door two spoons approximate put the earth here then they did a piece I take my seedlings my pepper is what here is not me I like it a another here he is not for me I need take I think I'll get better dive them by 2 tricks but you are diving since i like it i run it I put the pepper here
  • 03:05: add my own more a little bit of land to kill that's added and just just about nothing there is no complicated twist film and twisting quietly package here it is here this is anapa lenochka the year is nothing complicated no, but here everything went we'll save the porridge that's enough here land is enough
  • 03:36: abound 3 ground yes this is for development this pepper here we are do not worry you root system and it easy and simple 3g I put accustomed here I have a cut off bottle now that's it in everything To courts of ryadochek let's even more literally center it's still dead these pouches do not will show such here's a bit of denser and film I'm not comfortable working soccer shirts I love work like I have
  • 04:06: always said love work with your hands here put her countrywomen here maybe a little bit let the video is not not this is not want I have another year or two pepper and crochet main keep here so here and here Look at us here cotyledon like this here are the seeds leaflets and we do not we fall asleep somewhere centimeter
  • 04:36: root system brighten up here we are lie in this you see somewhere centimeter yes yes film for which business while calculating from cotyledonous leaflets We put them virtually on film level and here so it will be easier and all here we are and we we turn wrap up no do not be afraid of water here it flows on me I will find expensive pro and everything is easy for him we turn our
  • 05:07: пелёночку here is our film is ready here you see that's all put on went and thus on dive any seedlings let's take countrywoman we take our pepper pour in than well that's from whom I planted
  • 05:37: role it for the same with the same who film that is convenient here very convenient and dive you see root se2 see root system not violated at all she's the same way I took and absolutely not outside and here we are curl do not bend it and that's it. if you will be feel that you
  • 06:07: not enough land your plant you just unwind this film add more a little bit of land and in the same way is formed twist your time from will itself feels very perfectly water more conveniently there will be only these Here and lenochke such with toes with thin tea or from teapot
  • 06:37: here now a lot sold such rivers thin spouts that this is my son for me but if not in principle and it's okay so here you see me there are such dollish his peppers and of course they will not be planted already from them practically nothing will turn out I they are rejected and further good if seedlings, so here again me java horn still good here see yeah
  • 07:08: fine, I'll put it off so I'll show here see here's put slightly spiked earth to cable turned it down and further twist and here do not you worry that you will allow you now he says no oh me here these here
  • 07:39: packages for breakfast in yes for God's sake do not need packets for breakfast take any the usual package is from magnet love and everything and go yourself what you do not want it something is necessarily make a rock here cut another film from no I need and I think practically
  • 08:09: throw out they get rid of you you will be useful in lie here sachet if not exactly bend nothing put a terrible invented because of what there is no complexities of such strong tricks you
  • 08:39: can land here such here and suggested the earth here i have a good it the most pepper here is this the very one I would now I'll show one here retreating here these Here they are cotyledonous in almost the edge of the sachet so here 's a little bit more countrymen add now watch this regular package
  • 09:09: magnet and rite that's all here if you afraid that you think that there is water until there is stagnation but take the scissors and here and so if you are afraid that you will be some kind of the smell of water is like this so to poke everything nothing will be anywhere get here is this plenochka easily right that's even possible even more convenient to say here is a magnetic package
  • 09:39: here are the cogs big all let's still make 10 from we never eat packages they can be prepared sit there remove minutes cutting these packages you do not have problems and not necessarily here I am grief is not necessary from the edge of the second do not cut it here nothing complicated here no not this about with
  • 10:09: drunk here I am, I specially snapped this one with the coach not to think accounting for a tornado expensive cheats on nothing on this garden and in the garden we should all the pier I will put it now with us have suddenly but we will enclose a sachet again
  • 10:39: and also we dive pepper tomatoes they are generally love a pick from laying down the ground now we'll get here are my peppers here again to the clinic caught getting out a bit
  • 11:09: I will not stupid until cotyledonous leaflets here they are at the package as just they here you see, yeah . such here what should you do understand these cotyledons and not on level from this sachet put put the earth on top land all
  • 11:40: I'm starting to twist here you see you can connect countrymen put because look at the your right you looked me let's say cited to this very little time places on the windowsill and now I need all this be afraid to be afraid just about pierce everything scissors and small and so you pepper will be paint does not feel here that he will have you the lid here is vodka nothing in the bag
  • 12:10: scary alim is quite here this is enough food and so that's it all our pickings see here very much conveniently you can put any boxes to crawl under vegetables, plastic all that's what I wanted you show about what all of me asked and wrote me and here it is all the same
  • 12:41: so all you will not write and incomprehensible but this one is available all this is a diaper diapers means this may not necessary package to be in pain maybe it's can the substrate under of this from under the laminate and this can be and here it is I'm here to bed on bag is usually a bag of under the sugar is white to them can this so you can nepal them cut the sacks
  • 13:12: also in them they wrap up more then all the same generally water will be leak so that you fantasize and use their hand tools and do not be afraid do not be afraid experiment and you will succeed all of you good what can I do there that I helped you subscribe to my channel all of you I love and I wait on your channel you
  • 13:42: do not like it very much something huskies puts Of course, dislikes too there is nowhere to go you can not get by that I can not all like that is it happens and so I and someone does not like me not what 's on top of that the very life of all I love you all, I'm waiting for you your channel subscribe to my the channel is all for you kind with you was I summer is summer