Maiden: The astroforecast on the date of March 2, 2016.  See details »



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  • 00:00: dear virgins today you can highlight Your free time on a family even if you will want relax in seclusion You can join to family gathering or do the work family duties 2 March Wednesday afternoon Mercury in the night clock moon in Sagittarius will reach the phase the last quarter the moon forms a square with the sun in fish and in morning hours connect with Saturn we can start
  • 00:30: day with tense and pessimistic energies of the concept debt and responsibility will attach Seriousness we can go out with obstacles and restrictions possibly receiving results from cases which we engaged in last month is there will be a completion of and we We may need to be separated and from unnecessary and make adjustments noon the moon will form harmonious aspects with Venus in water and uranium in the ram and then square with Jupiter in
  • 01:00: virgin we can face with projects and intentions optimistic and grand expectations the appearance disagreements and separation of paths we we can meet with new and original ideas and unexpected proposals possibly receiving help friends