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  • 00:00: Hello dear calves are my name Angela and this is your the paint on the month of March and also for those who have Ascendant in the body recording video from yourself on the balcony call my office me here tarot cards and in general it's very nice here to sit so I'll take you I invite to myself from the side, thank you great to all to all who I write comments for all your great reviews
  • 00:30: if I do not I was able to answer that I just physically not I can answer all questions but I kept them to me I read everything, believe me I really, really nice thanks to you great for each write March March very important month because we have two eclipses in March eclipse is when energy is changing around you this energy is changing because the eclipse constitute us
  • 01:00: take a step then what we afraid to make a friend is so situation or some such a moment insight begins that yes it is necessary do and even sometimes We are afraid and do not want clinging to something the truth is we do not want take this step although the inside is clear we understand that we admit I like this one work but I'm afraid I I'm afraid of losing it eclipse everything if something happens on eclipse if
  • 01:30: changed to work stayed with a partner know everything what is it to the best know that the universe Wait forever pushes us there where we will be better than it was so not get upset slightly eclipse slightly crisis time with us because always this sometimes it happens that why we did not expect therefore such here very emotional especially the lunar
  • 02:00: eclipse which will be March 23 this is a lunar eclipse always more emotionally and we start over the maps March 6, Mars changes sign and enters its your eighth house on time is literally on two months for a short while the eighth house is a common finance this is you will be busy financial affairs investments something goes like rule is big
  • 02:30: money is not salary is either at Lo is money organization taxes and credits and credit cards repayment of credit cards and inheritance money of husband or wife perhaps your husband was not working and he finally will find something that is something will occur on a common associated with common finances after two months ago again return to your seventh house house
  • 03:00: partnership is something in This has not been completed and Know that if you are with someone broke up or part first the days of March, then two months we are again you can get along with it partner because Mars you will return to scale this partnership it means that something in this do not agree with the spirit by the way the eighth house for those who remain the eighth house also property division there are other such boules business more on March 6 more
  • 03:30: Mercury enters your the eleventh house and there you have the eleventh house is house of friends is very social activism volume is the tone of some groups of people where do you take participation in something that your social circle this as well as your friends in social networks is the Internet the eleventh house of this he is all new internet video blog youtube key and all that
  • 04:01: related to new innovation is everything the eleventh house and there you have a mass of planets gathers in this there is sun and Neptune and Venus and mercury new friends new social circle especially since March 9 when there will be the moon there will be solar eclipse solar eclipse it always started and it lasts an action from solar
  • 04:31: eclipse can last up to 6 months this is very strong energy means you the circle of friends will change new group of friends new friends can be you move to Another place and there there will be a new circle friends or something get carried away because a hobby is also in the hand which unite on one hobby maybe we are something you will also be interested in you understand ivan your this circle of friends he is new to you will become more important
  • 05:01: former friends eclipse sometimes takes away from us something that we already do not need make room for new and therefore what friends can move away from you powerful you will simply stop communicate with someone due to lack of time or because of differences in interests or even if you someone quarrel then know what the hell probably these people already We do not need this life senior relatives are also separate at home
  • 05:31: what is older than 5 uncles of aunt can be with they can be some difficulties in 1 in communication in relationships but know what when from you something goes away then the seat is vacated for a new and solar eclipse solar task eclipse is make something new in your life and discover new doors about which you did not know and you did not see that they
  • 06:01: there is that is it some this is something new new interest new social circle eleventh house house the results are than we are awarded for ours is not winning no, it's just that. result of labor our work for example you studied and receive a diploma or we wrote a thesis and defended it that is here this one here on the eleventh house is and results of labor maybe you are something
  • 06:31: end therefore eclipse do and finally deservedly deservedly sex get this good result also the eleventh house us on one axis with 5 5 house of love new love is possible will enter into your life and so you will have new social circle because your new girl or guy men and women in any age will be a circle friends and he will be
  • 07:01: closer and more native than your old friends can be and such а also children and our for the fifth house so maybe what is it if you have small children then you get acquainted with parents of others children if you give for example child kindergarten and you will have common interests what else we have at the eleventh house Dating said
  • 07:31: also an introduction to the internet as the eleventh house is internet house if you are with someone get acquainted with eclipse then it is very for a long time if you there will be a new friend or a friend then this for a very long time because that the eclipse is especially spa sunny it is very a strong eclipse and this beginning is the beginning friendship that lasts until many years
  • 08:01: go father kim relations in eclipse then know that this is usually forever because eclipse is this here how bridges burned all back years return there is no road back especially this eclipse will on those who have a day birthdays 8 10 8 9 and 10 May Here for these calves more on March 13
  • 08:32: The venus enters your the twelfth house 12 house we have a quiet home house liberation completion of rest al Venus in the 12th house she good good meditate on dreams the volume of our dreams is very such a house subconscious what kind of dreams do you have ? dream can be some clue come out in these dreams remember them if
  • 09:03: do you want meditation great already by Venus you will feel yourself comfortable with a venus this is comfort and if you want to go somewhere go far in a trip with a friend to Venus or to a friend far away as which has not seen because on shame of the house of the past and are friends from of the past great ride the trip to you like this venus the twelfth house is sincerely it is sincere
  • 09:33: nice that's all delivers you pleasure is all that pleasantly do on 12th house or this just take take a timeout take a few weekend and just lie around at home with book and come all just come to yourself maybe we know how how can we to roll even more venus on the material plan Venus in the 12th house is costs and the twelfth the house is still considered
  • 10:04: din losses and costs so it can be the money costs on something for someone at purchase either on some payment here may be on health 12 6 brownie at 106 on is joined by 6 ladies health can be you want to pass survey sanatorium wonderful to me on by courier twelfth home to go to a sanatorium on March 23 the lunar
  • 10:34: eclipse in your the sixth house sixth house work and health and also what do we do each day every day our way of life us Our lifestyle and lunar eclipse is will be the last in the cycle of eclipses which took place on during eighteen months here are the last one and a half what happened in your workplace did you want to change
  • 11:04: moon work eclipse as a rule frees us from something therefore it may concern work health you wanted to refuse something long ago but not had the strength to refuse it finally came good time abandon sweet from smoking from any dependence 6 and 12 houses are axes and we, we very dependent yes it food from our and this is from
  • 11:34: how do we live it seems that we do not we can not change anything it's not true we can changing the way of life we can cure you themselves and will forever go away from us some illness when I have there was high blood pressure and I went to the doctor and he said it was simple very easy to cure high pressure and you just need a lot walk and drink a lot water and no
  • 12:04: tablets since I began to walk in 10 kilometers each day hour in the morning and hour in the evening I forgot Has forgotten that such pressure is already a lot years and I know that never again have they do not drive it so that's just changing just changing lifestyle and need find time for it and time and desires and believe that this is will not make eclipses take place
  • 12:34: to spend with you such experiments better is better by yourself get rid of something especially on an eclipse it's forever this is if you are from something get rid of eclipse if you lose weight by eclipse at the end March, these kilograms are not return this permanently discarded kilograms is very good time get rid of the stomach as I have already said means health by the sixth durov something this will also be displayed finally
  • 13:04: this is the last eclipse in your the sixth house and the image life and work if the circumstances so that you need to leave with this work go away by eclipse go away you will find something new if if the universe pushes you out this work because that she is unpleasant to you you do not want to go for this work you do not arranges a salary from you have a bad relationship
  • 13:34: with leadership means it's time if you thought the whole last a year means this it's time to leave and always-always when some kind of door closes a new there is no The universe does not helped you just believe it what else do we have the only one I want say that the temporary eclipse 23 numbers but will be more emotional than
  • 14:04: sunny 9 March because the moon is with us planet of emotions so we can a little bit worry well know that this is only eclipse through you and you will soon understand when you calm down You will soon understand that all for the better that is not there would be happiness yes misfortune helped it says Jupiter is still in your fifth house can be happy news about
  • 14:34: pregnancy or acquaintance with your loved one person for those who free good good news in own business side own business and especially for those who were born from 5 to May 11 because not Peter makes an aspect now your sun Well, that's all us on thank you and to date