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Change of shanks of fig \/ Grafting cuttings of fig  See details »

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  • 00:00: Well, that time has come transplant in times and places mother's residence Nalchik rooted as it is already here Crack tap on the letter and I it tissue forms Callas a Colossus is harbinger of nuts Well even this
  • 00:30: vote fill the furrow with that if you remember past the video I will say that it I threw a rotten It looks out especially in pharmacy I bought activated Here you can see the coal still to a thick jelly little stretches
  • 01:03: all this because it and the fat of an old man He secrete mucus as a to remember when cut making milk liquid as possible defensive reaction which, when cut latex to dry frame packs it is also possible option cutting has even We started swell green
  • 01:33: kidneys, and as I have He said it is time for transplanted here such cups I you prefer such Now with cups holes have to drainage as such cups very clearly seen process stone formation progress roots how good how the process It is wildly
  • 02:04: progress or conversely inhibits here such opaque better dark cups would be better why because that dark cups too develops root image part and not less than such cups can be a cover of direct sunlight impact on the soil at root in the young roots and so
  • 02:34: We start as or fat as the culture of hate love overflow stagnation water is incredibly disappears instantly just a week on the plant dies so even adults the work can not be a memory interrupt start drainage unusual Use candida again buy the same flower shops whether the vine
  • 03:06: cuttings be below pour not fat freely water layer was passed over Water revenues are will stand here these Now with cups priests and of
  • 03:39: ground sheet earnest. Rick is a rewrite niche and processed pupils leaves right there garden soil here is I am right now is all mixed nutritious light soil from the bottom is not Remember to advance
  • 04:09: to sign cups not confused and not seek out the forum experts on the sheet the fleet of timber structure of the bush to seek out with the name of the possible Brons you because there and there I signed had prepared three cups lift and so
  • 04:41: baked through doing not to deepen damage swelled with formed voices bark furrows and bring it down gently cutting much deeply do not need let off quite three two centimeters is quite
  • 05:12: will be sufficient try not to break off green buds are there Strong colors and stuff short between known bury and looking for 2 from as I have a node on it also possible can be kidney It has swelled possible
  • 05:43: will sprout others have a pair planting will not
  • 06:14: transplant thicken ready cups and messenger you mix enough video not seen this and pour absolutely Forest compacted and put by Pour all ports to the land compacted and many settled air pockets and pulse
  • 06:44: and that, in principle, constant raising Once you have a court like this Now hammer centimeter and a half on a warm windowsill because we blow temperature 30 27 28 to this heroes good red orphan and Zelenograd 2224 is no longer needed
  • 07:14: a ficus cranks ficus carica is for and fat it is good All over the temperature good luck and but that's still a coolie that I Now forget the beginning February
  • 07:46: we recall once again why I recommend this time put on because germination that judge for yourself till day began increase by germination on counterfoil kidney cracking appearance of primordia leaves somewhere go three for sitting four for about a month then exhausted deal sing the total area is somewhere in the middle will my name in March
  • 08:16: rather then from the end of March England and line and the sun will shine and warm respectively, too often the phenomenon of time forming April 3 when it leaves may be replant another 6 liters of tank 5 but head off when will somewhere beginning, even if not on the some parameters and conditions in some cases even
  • 08:46: It will be the end of April and you can slowly will endure plastic bottles already seedlings obliged to hardening the street well, now everything is all good luck good harvests You grow plot experiment Comment put the huskies subscribe to channel all the luck