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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear lions are my name Angela and this is your horoscope for March 2016 year and we will conduct it I'm on the balcony maybe a little bit it will be noisy from the street but I will try to talk louder than me here is very it my pleasant such comfortable place where i love be with me here cards candles my very pleasant atmosphere therefore I I invite you here and thanks a lot all around not only whether you but also all
  • 00:30: others and who to me writes comments email and for all your wishes for everything all what are you telling me express their comments I, I can not physically I will all answer you I'm sorry but I all I read are all of them I read also to me very much very very nice what do you like my channel and I will try to make it even better thanks to you a huge so on March 6, Mars planet of energy
  • 01:01: action is part of your the fifth house of Mars changes two-month sign briefly and then will return to your fourth house house house but family property and staff in this is not completed because when mars then he returns forcing us to do business case therefore if u you have some kind of deal with real estate or if you are looking for something if you move if you are gathered to move through two months you
  • 01:31: return to this for now, Mars 2 months will be be in your fifth house The fifth house is a house and the lion is the house creativity crumpled home run the sun is like yours ruler of the sun so somewhere where you are will be on stage or engage in children or creativity own business and engage in invest by force Mars energy and tattoo where do we invest energy In the same place you have Saturn
  • 02:01: is in your fifth house therefore restructuring business is something you will be different do saturn it still and schools for children can be washed will change hq school for a child or before preparing child to school and also the fifth house house of love novels can be such relations with loved what we are do what the next step is one of
  • 02:31: partners let's get together together or get married or something to do and another may to say little no, let's wait because mars loves everything to do fast descent and Saturn slow planet and likes to think and wait and plan for future therefore a little can be such power in steam tanitolkay but this all this will pass when
  • 03:01: Mars will pass your fifth house and the second we have there for a long time before the end of next year he makes our garden romantic relations more serious it's good when there Saturn and if not worth it that their translate into a serious level then they are just a payment they will simply disintegrate once and Mars and by the way will do its bit because mars sometimes this planet does not so much aggression so much can be a quarrel
  • 03:33: for example, if it happened then then the relationship was not very strong not very strong if you broke up and this person means you do not need free place for another the new Floor also on March 6 Mercury enters your the eighth house what is the eighth house on the material plan the eighth house is strangers money is money banks It's taxes and it's credit cards
  • 04:03: maybe you will engage in increasing their Mercury it all accelerates quickens can be you'll want to quickly pay a loan some kind of closure or your husband or wife have they did not have a job and they will finally find work when there Mercury enters because in the eighth you have a lot of home planets just mass planets in the same vein sun neptune so you will have this accent is
  • 04:34: focus on your the eighth house like me already said on material level this money is money other people and it can be some unexpected situation when you need to will pay suddenly abruptly for something well for example you have hit the car or something like this situations where urgently money for which you do not counted they also spend eighth house so be careful but 9 March when the moon is also included in this the eighth house and there
  • 05:04: we will have 5 planets there will be a solar eclipse solar eclipse it's like not on the shaft only three times stronger is the huge energy and solar eclipse is always she opens new doors she makes us start something new but how rule to start something new is needed get rid of old therefore for eclipse is not only new but not Only we get something but also from us take away leaves
  • 05:36: something from us is something that we no longer need sometimes we cling sometimes we feel sorry but The universe knows best that we do is not well, Do not, therefore, not pay attention to loss is good lose by eighth home the eighth volume is very strong very deep is the house psychologists and psychotherapists is the house of our fears we are afraid of something they our house any dependencies this is also the eighth house
  • 06:06: so very good get rid of eclipse is very good go to an appointment with psychologist there are such practices immersion in the past life sometimes in us sits something fear we do not know what this we do not know he prevents us from living we do not know how from this get rid of it's all on the eighth home and wonderful because to do here somehow practically get rid of something
  • 06:36: because this is it deliverance forever by eclipse something then what went on eclipse it's all there we are not Let's return this bridges burned and operates it is too long solar action eclipse is precisely this 9 which will be March 9 it can last 6 months in general eclipses as a rule last till 18 years action of eclipses so well here get married marry an eclipse because it a strong marriage in
  • 07:06: for many years that another 8 the house is close intimate relations relationship and what is intimate relationships this is when we trust to each other therefore the eighth house is her house trust learn to trust to another person this too, something very this can happen in an eclipse that change your your prospects thoughts how can you be near relatives someone to someone house relations
  • 07:38: naturally and transformations person can some an event that will change you and you will look at The world is different in that for you care that it does not matter because the eighth the house is on the same axis as second home values ​​usually when we occurs change of world view when something It happens with us truth and we understand what is important to us and that it is not important further 13 March the sun changes the sign walks your
  • 08:08: the ninth house broadening of horizons and also includes Mercury sun and mercury is always together with us the ninth travels house of travel not only physically travel yes You can read books and look telecasts all that extends our the horizon is all something brings us interesting information that we did not know this before all the ninth house here the last week months it can be you will make out
  • 08:39: documents abroad traveling abroad 9 I think that somewhere far away or work maybe you want go to work for frontier as well as court cases someone can be commence judicial process in late March and educational institution for the ninth house is not necessarily universities for students this may be retraining at work too the ninth house who is someone will want to change
  • 09:09: change profession direction in which you work too this wonderful to do or advertising publications of mercury we are connected with the word so if you if u you performance is it's wonderful in the end at the end of the month publicly speak that the ninth house This is true dumka, this is how horizon that we lived and seen yes what to pour then
  • 09:40: there is only here distance to horizon and suddenly we we meet someone person not like on us another cultures of others beliefs of others beliefs and he opens us an entirely different world and we suddenly understand that maybe we we change our beliefs We change our faith in something we understand that maybe differently so the ninth house very interesting you you can meet the person who will open your eyes to
  • 10:10: something and on March 23 lunar eclipse will be the lunar eclipse is like thunder full moon only three times stronger this is the completion of this the culmination of both rule from us is something cleaned in the lunar eclipse relieves us from something very to get rid of this is a lunar eclipse in your third home moon eclipse always more emotional than sunny because
  • 10:40: she is the moon is ours emotions though for lions and a solar eclipse may be emotional because that your sun lion's lord means lunar eclipse on March 23 it your third home what is a third house contacts colleagues collegium test we we study together with neighbors maybe you had what kind of conflict with
  • 11:11: neighbors and finally you will understand it that the lunar eclipse this finale is the final point is culmination this must be taken solutions therefore sister brothers too all this can also will be coming some news from sister or brother which you parade this means transport if suddenly breaks machine means this it is important to note this attention to this
  • 11:41: because by eclipse eclipse you always what is important what else means communication and any means of communication some information very important information can you come into eclipse March 23 the lunar eclipse it is not so strong as solar but also can his influence may last for a month 2 Well, what else do we have with our thoughts what are you
  • 12:13: you can come to some decision the third house is ours if also for the third home ideas ideas courage is the third house home of courage because what if you suddenly decided to do something do it for eclipse as well as completion of a project that you do with hands and hands for the third house maybe you wrote publish the book and very good to do by eclipse it or
  • 12:43: everything you did some products own hands to we need to make them to the public what else us information they said and another very good aspects so like Jupiter still in the second home of money for lions then very good aspect in the house of money Profit will be given to those especially those who have birthday from 7 to 13
  • 13:13: August but rather all this earned by you money because Saturn also does aspect on the same numbers also a cake for those who born from 7 to 11 August, that's when Saturn and Jupiter aspect one and the same house is like rule is implementation as the rule is the fruit what are you fruits and and get results usually financial for the second home
  • 13:44: Well that's all for March month happy you and see what will occur in an eclipse remember and know what if from your Someone's life goes away or something goes away then so it must be for the best and you are waiting wonderful future thanks and up meetings