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One Stroke: How to Paint a Rose by April Numamoto  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi my name is April and I'm going to show you here how to cane a rose I'm going to pick up some light color which is like a warm white and I've got a purple color here and I'm picking up to see two thirds of the purple and one-third of the white picking up a little bit of floating medium that's going to allow the paint to glide on my surface the colors I'm using our our
  • 00:30: acrylic paints this brand here contains hardly any water which is what you want with this technique because you are double loading with a light in a dark color at the same time so that we can get a nice shading and blending all in one stroke so I'm going to here and just kind of wave the brush a little bit always picking up paint and I'm painting now just the outer skirt and I'm just
  • 01:00: kind of waving the brush around holding my brush handle straight up and down picking up more paint try not to get your colors muddy meaning don't let your colors mix together okay there's my outer petal or outer skirt I'm going to go back and add another layer of petals
  • 01:30: here always picking up more paint now the floating medium you want to just use every two to three strokes you don't want to use too much of that it will start getting mixing your colors and making it muddy and you don't want that okay so right here so there's my inside layer petals and I'm just going to go back and add a few more little ones down
  • 02:02: below here picking up paint making sure I have nice clean white chisel leaned out a little bit and then stand the brush up a little bit and end on your chisel okay I'm going to now switch to a smaller size brush this is a 12 flat I'm going to pick up the same colors one-third white and two-thirds of the
  • 02:33: purple you really get the paint to go inside the brush picking up a little bit of that medium and we'll add our inside bud chisel and bring it all across right here I'm going to add the front petal so here chisel and I'm just going to bring that around okay more paint
  • 03:07: right here and I'm going to lean out a little bit and pull more paint all right here lean out and pull right down here and I'm going to paint that well petal
  • 03:42: that's right pick up a little more white here so chisel and lift up I'm going to add the final petals right in here right over here lean out a little bit
  • 04:14: and pull across and the little petal right over here chisel lean out a little bit and then back on your chisel okay there's the rose I'm going to pick up my script line up pick up a little bit of gold and I'm just going to tap it a few little gold dots in the center and we
  • 04:44: can pick up a little bit of white to make that pop out a little more okay tap tap tap the long script while you're here okay now I'm going back to the big brush just going to wipe off the colors are used for the flower and I'm going to switch now to my greens so I'm going to pick up my dark green on the dark side of the
  • 05:14: brush which has a little bit of purple in there and the lighter shade I'm going to blend go back and forth make sure there's plenty of paint inside the brush pick up a little bit of the floating medium and go back and blend I'm going to paint now here the leaves and I'm starting right underneath that rose because I want it to look like it's
  • 05:44: coming from underneath and really rotating that brush so right over here and the same thing rotate rotate and end on your chisel pull and create that little stem there let's do another one right over here with the dark green on the outside I'm
  • 06:14: kind of going around that petal okay really turning that brush end on your chisel pick up more peat and same thing go around that petal and pull out rotate that dark green and end on your chisel
  • 06:45: and try to connect the two and I'm going to pull my stem right in there okay I could add one more right up here so you get to see me do this one more time pick up more paint so right here and we're just kind of wrap it around the bud or the or the the petal and turn that brush since we want it to look like half of
  • 07:22: the leaf is showing you really have to turn and rotate the outer part of the brush and same thing right here wrap it around that petal he'll turn turn turn connect right up here we slowly start to release pressure so you end on your chisel and there you go right there and I'm going to pull my stem out from the
  • 07:53: center of the leaf okay now I'm going to switch to my smaller brush and wipe it off picking up my two greens the dark and the light a lot of paint inside the brush so I'm letting the brush sit down put a pressure so we want the pain to go inside I'm just going to paint some one-stroke leaves right over here and
  • 08:25: that's just touch push down a little bit and end on your chisel picking up more paint and stems so here here right there it's out a few more right over here always pick up pick up a lot of paint
  • 09:01: and you see my brush handle straight up and down and I slowly release pressure so this technique is a lot of pressure and release and my stem I'm just kind of ice-skating my brush so it creates that skinny skinny little stem there and now I'm going to take my script liner just do a few little curlicues or tendrils I
  • 09:33: guess they call them get my script liner that's the long one and there's some water in there and I'm just going to mix a little bit of water to my greens you can mix the two here okay and really make it a key that means the paint has to be very thin not too thin but so that it can move around now I'm just going to take my brush just tap the tip there and
  • 10:06: now I can make that a little bit darker it's just add a few of those except to make sure you're just touching lightly and don't push down very hard because if you're just very light handed with your with your brush your brush will act like a marker and it will give you nice little tendrils okay
  • 10:37: there you go a simple rose hope you enjoyed it you know what let me add one more thing right over here never done with this just adds a little bit right in here you don't want it too dark you don't want it too thick it's just thinned out paint and I'm just pulling right from the center right in
  • 11:09: here okay there you go