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  • 00:00: Hello sometimes there need to cover thin workpiece a layer of another metal it is done in aesthetic and in For practical purposes and today we look at such as the process copper plating just such Here Kostava duralumin I was able to blank get just 15-20 minutes cover keeps well I'm here I tested and it's worth noting that the despite the abundance of
  • 00:30: association description online first the result was given to me hard enough and Today we will deal with you and the views here such a zagotovochki Lean us need our procurement Hides and degrease as bluestone copper plate or copper foil acid
  • 01:01: it is desirable to sulfuric acid was but allowed application phosphoric and even gave up aqueous small the amount of alcohol and Charge mobile it should be noted that amide no such here way steel billets not turn to clean steel must first galvanized and only then copper plating Do it now directly to
  • 01:31: our setup in I made a bank recipe solution which you can read the description down to brass one plate by p, and the edges pinned to the edges copper wire on who joined positive contact by charging negative contact us goes on our procurement few words about the technique security process Menenius conduct better OK ventilated indoors and avoid
  • 02:01: contact with our the solution after degreasing omit our container blank checking to nowhere It was not short no circuit contact with a copper plate easiest check using flashlight after as we have seen that short circuit at We can no connect Power plant time It will depend on of which layer metal you want applied to the preform in practice 15 minutes to
  • 02:32: hours as before copper plating work preform advise spend a couple experiments unnecessary ears material tesla few hours and our procurement already can be removed consider result our harvesting Brush evenly copper layer It looks like this rough pink surface on time it will dark coating
  • 03:02: It did not work You need to be perfect to refine but of course, in principle, I think the experience here these small disadvantages can be to avoid this part I here a little longer and indulged nazhdachkoy As we can see there was characteristic appearance and color replacement parts as we see this copper plating technique just enough easily accessible to get good results as
  • 03:33: everywhere in general is needed experience but yet work here I do not think take much labor today thanks for all view and be healthy