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Bespl. To divide HDD (HR to Win 10) Aomei Partition Assistant - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone welcome yuri shatohin today want offer you free program in Russian with which can split create merge edit delete partitions on hard drive 2013 for this program and a they partition assistant I already reviewed but she does not supported windows 10 a this version of the program freeware click here download supports from xp to dozens that is not no paid and broken
  • 00:30: program download this program and share everything that you need I need another computer installed windows 10 it's not on virtual machine will be here show doing Video reviews pluses and minuses dozens no compatibility some programs and so I launch this the program again I repeat, she absolutely free and when installing will offer Russian language
  • 01:00: here I have two hard drives of 80 gigabyte on one hard I have a disk installed operating system dewdrop linux russian operating system the latest version and second hard drive on the disk c windows 10 and here I want to create yesterday I has created drive d and you now showing 10 gigabyte cut off the main together with the operating room system of course recommended before installation
  • 01:30: operating system but here I am that time all series share discs and never The system does not collapse happened so selected the right key and here in this instant of context menu we can edit merge split copy create a section for us should be divided click the split section here choose the right one size from the main here we see and
  • 02:00: choose that size which we need when they chose click ok here he still virtual yet click apply click apply and there you will information that when click on the button the next reboot computer and after reboot without logging in separation begins hard drive for 2 or 3 that is on that
  • 02:31: which you wanted if you click any button on the keyboard then system It will accept that you refused, that is, keyboard nothing do not need to click well in principle this is all in the future I going to this computer video reviews of windows 10 and the pros and cons of this which programs are compatible
  • 03:01: and which are set in particular yusi browser does not allow I then try again but what does not dock from many programs if you are on flash drives or on an external the disk was connected quietly some programs that do not gives calmly you can to set the same the most I want to do Linux I do not know about Linux nothing like
  • 03:32: many beginners users or users who far from beginners but never Linux did not use so here on the second the hard drive is on this computer I by the way switch in bios it's quite convenient did not become on the same disk establish it each hard drive its operating system and here I will absorb linux parallel with windows 10 and make a video reviews introduce you
  • 04:04: with all the steps in mostly on Linux but I'm still not there picked up a program which will be there write here in this moment on dozens I write faststone capture eighth version portable version and very even normal everything is written on this all the best links as usual I give description under your video before meetings channel Yuri Shatohin