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Fireproof bulb in an entrance. Such will definitely not unscrew  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi people Well actually I write video for those who Some questions which some issues of interest no longer wait for others namely, there is a that personally cells some good people isolated light bulb and you on the dark floor You go home at night and can be killed
  • 00:31: If a child can pretty flesh Benke and so on Plus, Besides that bulb twisting they burn Attending I offer you a here is a way that you can tell yourself invented a I soldered to the bulb directly two wires on the second wire
  • 01:01: sweat diode ordinary diode Diode took one here n40 but all the same, and most running drive there cents worth wire a conventional wire I caught immediately after It has the value I took a piece of well 10 centimeters in half bent cut cleaned out one side more with
  • 01:31: the other hand here is one less Contact I have soldered to the cap 2 left 2 Take as follows light bulb heated it diode 1 1st was wound on to have it in the wire case, even if melts to although it does not come off this I still have not
  • 02:02: It was you do not jumps I start his sweat at the same time talk on along the way I put the diode so that they do not so quickly burned in Internet is very much discussions tans them, or there do not burn on regarding this that there is not straightens I tried to rectify This is all done on the practice so say what works
  • 02:32: I have a hanging two light bulbs not such 1 2 1 hanging for half 2 years but it was hanging We are trying to steal and as a result when it tore off wires it has become useless why was the useless now!
  • 03:02: will explain We pulled pulled it from when the wall torn here in this All this part of the site or off here this part of ie Basically for those who He wants it well enough this is our time sell lamp dota Me probably where there to the country or in the hallway burned homes This is necessary that the two
  • 03:32: wire piece diode 10 rosin and cents Solder all of us soldering desirable take powerful because that here in this part of but when soldered there are some little difficulty hold it a little longer and all good stick like all dosnimu hung show you how It works well here properly
  • 04:02: already installed option bitch lead stop previous too versions no bullets to
  • 04:45: It looks light Ilyich works but that's their
  • 05:59: I forgot to say well here lamp on the blown they are justified just I want to show There is another way when which from here there is this that's part of the very base and here here here and you longing removed fully with glass flask and already directly cut here this little and the second projection without without respectively, without
  • 06:30: rounds of the source even better than the way one that offered then all even They do not even look at these bulbs are those who They want to steal them but when renting from me as would probably five only 2 survive the there are three cracked bulb so I this method I do not recommend it again and the second mounting this indicator yes
  • 07:01: better to do it in rubber gloves, I I took the usual gloves medical they are worth two hryvnia where ogreyu 50 and is still I wanted to explain that those light bulbs that stand in stairwells and between floors because some on floor hang nail your apartment is not likely under
  • 07:31: voltage necessary here be very careful stick rules of technology security desirably opportunities to work with one hand well, so in any case before those who did not work with electricity one hand how to work I I think well, to show let's one wire you connect from above
  • 08:01: but how