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  • 00:00: there is no time to stand by slabs we prepare only quick recipes a a
  • 00:33: a Hello dear friends today we are with you will cook perfectly amazingly simple amazing French again salad again french salad we we will cook with you fresh salad champignons
  • 01:03: here many in general are wondering in general , we have mushrooms you can eat them raw there are such mushrooms as russet of something russula think that there are raw in no case my friends generally raw mushrooms there is no way to eat only a few I guarantee only for two it's for fresh strong white Champignon when they have not yet disclosed this that's perfect closed base and you can still eat white mushrooms and also should not
  • 01:34: be as strong as nuts we are today will prepare from ordinary champignons perfectly tremendous french salad Here we take mushroom chick and that's it. picking up from there such here is the longing for you Here this feature and so see how easy it is very simply they are there easy to clean very simply once I speak much easier than the potato particles so now we are with you these are the champignons must cut enough arbitrarily but I
  • 02:04: love like this platelets now show how I do it Here and so see now we are quick them very quickly so all shifting here here we are with you prepared Champignon here they are with us completely so here clean untouched as cleaned the tank for here and now here's to these mushrooms to this salad future we will do the chief Ingredient sauce in France in general
  • 02:35: they say that everything depends on the sauce what kind of sauce is dish is therefore sauces there relationship very serious, and we you are very serious now ancient stunning sauce for fresh salad champignons a in order to make sauce us it will take Greek nut but walnut fried so we take you walnuts we take with you
  • 03:05: tomato paste tomato paste I choose very carefully watch closely what is written there because the more there tomatoes and less all other ingredients so it closer to tomatoes and so we add with you are now in this little bowl add with you about like this 2 2 teaspoon tomato paste we take with you garlic and we begin to rub it the grater will need
  • 03:36: kenzo I love this grass very much kenzo still know this this is amazing so bright to taste sometimes in russia coriander a little bit scared but not I advise you to be afraid because it costs one two three times try then you know this already becomes life 2
  • 04:06: need Here and then find vegetable dish in the summer should have their own some bright beautiful side kendo is just gains like if you know such a thing it's very beautiful and very elegant and its composition is very useful grass and so we put our coriander mixed with garlic
  • 04:39: and together with a tomato here we take further any wine vinegar better white grape I love him so much add oil further confidential ingredient secret ingredient here today it's grass which is called cumin know in all more and more different herbs is sold in our
  • 05:09: store sometimes we just do not know how how to use them but remember the Kumen try to make it's so straight here I can kiss you whole a teaspoon add here in this salad so we added with you here and start it all well stir it all mixed here so is it all is now we add a little bit salt and now we are with you
  • 05:42: myself should add walnut that we with we make it Greek a nut can be made that's how it is there is I will choose simply knife and so on in the image of yule I cut you I know I do not like when the nut comes across very small because we The question is not even we feel but when here such here crispy fried nuts in salad Cereals fall face it but you start
  • 06:12: feel this the ingredient is special way therefore lettuce dish becomes more vivid more rich with such find more so noble now toasted nut we add with you in our sauce which is just us created yes here here in this way stir again but now the following happens we take our champignon which we prepared here they are us such times wonderful here is our sauce which we will prepare
  • 06:43: with you literally for 2 minutes Here this sauce and here this one these champignons and now mix this here is the original salad the first time in my life tried and on the exchange crayfish in france now we are with you let us make this beauty decorating can be than
  • 07:17: anything you can do it do it like this you can do it and that's the way we have more its balsamic vinegar is very I love it of course such a beautiful little thing lard full of puzzles
  • 07:49: fragrant incredible thanks to here everyone under this with crispy fried walnuts nuts, listen, I do not I know of course a medal ask somewhere so let's go with you
  • 08:49: prepared now need something delicious sweetie scented fragrant we with you we will do yogurt and so look what we have here we have blueberry we have with you have strawberries with us there is a connection with you cottage cheese that we are with you we make everything simple mix added a strawberry by the way do not forget
  • 09:19: tear of strawberries stems who know will come across in our a terrific dessert what is it that will prevent pleasure is this beauty we are with you go to blueberries of a cat in a rashka I will even a little bit add sugar Again, I advise you do this every who and how
  • 09:50: you can do in general do not add leave all natural so tasty too especially only who sits on a diet here here I have cream but here I have kefirchik we mix a little bit of this a little bit of this add a tiny bit cream slightly kefir and do the next and so water a little cream that's enough a little bit of kefir well enough include
  • 10:22: all our yogurt is ready and it is much better than some cottage cheese there are all sorts of yogurt and guys are something see now what I I will do further it can be done so it can be done so Well, now this is it.
  • 10:57: it is necessary to decorate everything to make it simple arch is beautiful and aki seductively begin but it 's not all here
  • 11:30: now oh but here you can talk to infinity I want you say here know here for example Here's the mint, so here's if you add here Leaflet tags here here so here so that's what we have here is happening here happens simply animates a let's try
  • 12:18: nothing more is needed for life I want to the summer did not end here we are with you today have prepared original salad from fresh champignons and perfectly stunning berry yogurt where absolutely a little cottage cheese slightly cream a little bit of kefir
  • 12:48: rest berry berry like you and berries eat on health with love milena