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As it is beautiful to tie a scarf on the head (turban turban)  See details »

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  • 00:00: how skillfully tie headscarf at This creating fashionable way today us about this will tell Consultant in style Gulnaz Abdulino we have a good morning first season designers recommend doing build on their head turbans Maybe you shows how this We need to make sure with pleasure I think the show every girl in wardrobe there handkerchief tippet scarf, in principle, without difference there show basic tying options turbans one choose for himself
  • 00:31: suitable tippet very handy thing As can scarf also use let's turban leg we will be tying up one of ie options first stole fold in half if it is too a yes yes if a half if then the handkerchief diagonal tying rear node for so as not to slip The head is usually knot
  • 01:01: help now viewer they see how it's done ordinary assembly It is the easiest plain formed ends we add bundles twirl flagella and wrapped around eye
  • 01:31: ends to prevent it can give you hide that was all carefully Well, in this way we do not hide our hair from the elements and we protect their ears from weather and hiding such a wonderful way we get which can be
  • 02:01: Everyday life use heralds interesting and stylish and feminine another option also quite simple in execution the same strands educated women intertwined with other We can fix here this one option see the brooch and the we are left with a interesting unusual tail or again
  • 02:31: still hiding it all gently back very well that tippet not even very monotonous gradient Cast Dimka ie plain base blue yes and ends transfused gradient blue coloring that was clearer seen here this here most roller as I to repeat in previous I spoke programs Interestingly use two scarf e.g. Stole we can
  • 03:01: add another sip ie tippet we monochromatic colors kerchief motley fee folded in diagonal and inserted a node in that we are up to this tied let We deploy our model to the camera in order that everyone can see how it done So we inserted a lo
  • 03:31: this scarf in a knot and We get four tail one tail We leave this one Blue and leave from the remaining three we weave braid than I would be here then the plan will be probably original waiver and the desirable of course use
  • 04:02: more subtle variations scarves to when miracle women time but when this case, I think, too, good turn Let's see turned you are welcome a assembly tighter up to not crawled nothing flew pigtail yet again
  • 04:33: Now the horse unit always we hide and that we stole can either so or we can leave to cover the neck throw tell and what can be combined with some urban clothing with leather jackets with capes turbot can be combined both of outerwear and with dresses with evening it is option 3 It will be very good Watch Now I can show the way option with night dress, too, before look
  • 05:03: interestingly enough summer sarafan bromide can easily turbans on the head wear It will look the same quite stylish a tippet with Lurex Lurex so as relevant in this as in the season last longer feels the approach of the new years before We are preparing for the Asia-Pacific region one event here we will be tying up again Fold in half and the will be tying up a bit
  • 05:33: in another way forward please still warm you can still recalls we tying towel on head after a shower but in the same universe way and tying Color here this turbot We can knot here here to tie We can double wrap everything can raise the head two basically times itself sufficient Wrap and again
  • 06:03: These ends educated women harness and turn and wrapped around eye image and a Shamahanskaya queen quite bohemian image so that image good will look just with evening dresses hide the ends the basis this is enough
  • 06:40: bohemian stylish feminine image and you can probably also here will be supplemented small brooch Of course you can brooches because so It reminds chu chu mu than ma yes all right Turban translated from Persian just still means turban thank you very much for such vivid images for the master class you give us today fall