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  • 00:00: hello my good with you again I today I want you tell you about color is a miracle cabbage will only to do it in Korean for this I took well somewhere half of cabbage pepper Bulgarian I had I will cut carrot Potro to Korean grater can be and and cut along beautiful parsley me
  • 00:30: is not enough Of course celery as it was also delicious butter vegetable nature take chili pepper Well, I do not know the sauce I will will not do here will to prepare me brine chuni set lcd for this here, I 100 grams of water poured 200 gram cup glass can be sugar sand there I
  • 01:00: sterilized are jars 2 teaspoons spoon with a slide here salt I again left hand I'm doing so I learn with your left hand do's and gender glass vegetable oil pour hours you can put and will also use vinegar 9 interest so more I forgot to put
  • 01:31: garlic necessarily 9 percent vinegar and seasonings to your taste but any suitable and diva Ideally it is for Korean carrot such is sold where that half a glass just about the only well general conspiracy here and butter and pour not without adding to the brim somewhere and so on enough I divorced 30
  • 02:01: percent vinegar made it nine percent here also pour let boil well Now jars Sterilize and so large pieces of it knock large banks pieces can be about balance two literally minutes more because we they then still cool hot water will flood leave so little and so here I cooked garlic
  • 02:33: all reduced by I sterilized it is necessary to rub carrot and cuts pepper and so I everything is cooked rubbed straw is Now this sauce as taught called Yes, and I have a jar one should have sterile means I throw peas allspice garlic it can be cut and how you want lavrushki course necessarily
  • 03:04: little green spoon Now let it taught falls generally like how he wants it, and We begin to lay our cabbage bit of carrot to Beauty But in general, I did not
  • 03:40: You torture and himself too, and get us here Such is the beauty here Now to twist it is important to fill it cool boiling water to cabbage yellowed and I had a most unpleasant appearance such abrupt boiling fill twirl and turns turn over to cooling and the next party and so that's all, and Now we are all ready did look So beautiful jars give beauty straight peeling
  • 04:10: and let him there It insists this is it will be very very it is very tasty the winter ok on winter by the way, you can not boil it there Schaub comes it strongly the least was not as I I will have tomorrow all the same simple Well to infuse 5 better the next day to eat it too very very Well, all delicious the same thing only for It becomes tomorrow
  • 04:40: will say that Bon Appetit ask if that something forgotten in the summer where what else It marked, in principle, the process is clear He is very, very, very simple again show admire herself not too well what's amg this salad the way kept very all perfectly all Korean salad and the well-stocked Glassware personal refrigerator they will not be reserved for future use but
  • 05:10: all sweat