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How to clear an oven or a frying pan of old fat  See details »

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  • 00:00: Here again, as the brush on the neck such items are here spoiled those heavy clean because I will give more such and this advice is that a bar of soap can be Children can be a soap bath soap dotiraem to adding soda water here and that's it well we mix it this solution a solution of put on contaminated surface minutes 15-20
  • 00:30: Then wash off with water ball nose and feel It is universal means iduchi are clean any dirt that's well just a class and oven and pan and Now years later I even asked how Clean the pan of Stainless here if such rare killed and total plate and everything else is it tested and many Now this means means very and take you I suggest talking it and take soda and a quarter cup of 3
  • 01:02: interest and peroxide we pour much to happen such mush mixture was shaped such and now this meal Apply to dirty surface and caused and forgotten for some time and then clean off very easily and quickly and these all stainless steel plate there whatever you have pots Well, it's looking for the ball also something that amazingly cleans and
  • 01:32: What else have this cast-iron this skovorodochke amazing color It cleans and just class