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  • 00:00: Hello comrades with you bamberg and that's why Today I will show you something strange some time ago I rummaged with such things like attempts instead of momentum the guitar cabinet use equalization
  • 00:30: nothing really received and abandoned but then I remembered about such things like that called matching equalizers what is matching aqua laser you absolutely can read me only briefly I will explain this device which in virtual device that performs except regular EQ can still and deal with the parameters spectrum spectrum and the required sounds
  • 01:00: in particular from vaccines google language this Equalizer with very a wide range of opportunities and it It includes besides their own EQ various modes audio processing is It is necessary to read separately it works like harmonics website in some cases dynamic processing performs and much more and most the main thing is
  • 01:30: mahin function then there are withdrawals parameters required purity from sound also means this functions equalizer known to many and isotope zone and in general I understand them so much here from electronics I found such with a function match nga and was still Steinberg sky the device is this one here I really like the red flowers I well remember from it
  • 02:01: these entertainment and started so both of these opportunities for these their own miscalculation themselves and they will occupy your time will immediately apply to practice it means that I took I took the sample I like me sound of a lamp amplifier of one of whose firms they laid out on their site is such sample I generally do not
  • 02:43: bothering wrote well, not in kopeck straight removed but something like that in the same style was like I took for of this it is taken as a basis under farm here is pod farm I took the amplifiers saldan and preamplifier screamer that is, here you are I will not come in the middle as a heating pad is already previously described
  • 03:13: here further well It happened here is there is a combo emulator here you are disabled see it turned out here this but so far actually there is nothing say now that we are doing this most matching equalizer I have more here early than the one that I showed it too
  • 03:44: decoction single we try to remove the hunters from this file that was is presented above for this we will disconnect pod farm leave only one equalizer means principles work and removal they are in all devices about the same plus minus there
  • 04:14: variations it's you see who interesting, here I am here only remove spectrum and I will make a curve and apply to its already file then you must first remove spectrum capture here this button but network description generally there is details of this force button capture capture ie Then we include our
  • 05:00: device and capture spectrum of frequencies and from the file to which should apply equalization of the original Here we are
  • 05:33: such a curve the difference is already audible turn off that is, here is the curve compare the difference while substantially the fact is that this file is clearly stereo recorded stereo mode I twisted it through the same
  • 06:05: you Simbirsk devices like audi carriers who do business and between two channels between two stereo as channels and we get way so called pseudo stereo is this the file is clearly subjected to some the maximization of is explicitly processed dynamic devices, that is, Besides that
  • 06:35: recorded from the combo he also clearly something processed it can be seen that he is so bold then there is something like that on at least so in addition to the style processing which is present in this I still applied the file dynamic I'm just handling put the maximizer and took it by ear for taste level up to three decibel so that it
  • 07:05: compared set and so here at including all other appliances we all listen that u We got original listening Well, of course
  • 07:51: there is no complete similarity Well, it's interesting right there. such a function Generally speaking again functions are very many in Read this article do not be lazy will are pleased here so you can even way to rule draw some frequencies which are what would be like draw for example here but I strongly do not
  • 08:21: I will not I'll show you while I just saved on just in case original here it is original we will listen to the curve time in my opinion so it turns out generally
  • 08:54: very similar but a further without comments minimal comment I will show still here something means here is some file obviously some company recorded on page by some this is dima files I have them naryl all these are different here demonstration tracks of all kinds Amplifiers Here's a bogner ecstasy Dima that's what I have
  • 09:45: happened I will Here that is interesting here
  • 10:15: these are all the curves they only that is applicable there is one for each cabinet for each the office and here are disabled on each amplifier and his handles like rotated here timbre of voices here he will individual give a curve there you will take other amplifier virtual and apply the matching the curve turns out well
  • 10:46: quite different is this works only in combination of specific here that is it is purely individual things although I have already tried these are these curves on equalizers substituted in place of guitar impulses they are in principle work as the same the most guitar impulses and they can be even here from the bottom of my heart adjust there
  • 11:16: any way that is very flexible thing this is obtained here are not colored it's original colored files are my But here it does not mean forget used records tore it down simply
  • 11:46: stupidly from the store which it sells for boogie's here I took means for this already a well-known revolver with third-party software in as straight as took me bukovski straight in the main amplifier known Paulinus is a lecturer and that's what
  • 12:16: yes here I am used in matching equalizer ozone isotope zones here also has this function match nga will not be about tell them here you see a curve
  • 12:46: which was shot in this in the whole history than ozone is interesting so that here you can use dynamics of the year here I framed harmony as a site here in this common mix can dynamics here used in this the case here is compress style and major there is still additional post equalizers in the end
  • 13:16: also the maximiser is which can here are also some things in the processed File produce but I'm here without fanaticism too, that's actually itself and the curve I want and a little harmonics of the site and in principle, too, in my personal taste
  • 13:46: happened it is quite convincing then there is this original files I already took it off and played himself well, in the end it's easy mega hit of all time and peoples it is clear that the key does not match here for some reason lowered system and not on polutona even somehow
  • 14:16: between and so here you are saw it was blue
  • 14:49: played my played it through this device anime I will tell in next issue he I have a long this interesting device I first we honestly talking about how you did not betray a strong one but then I'm for he was discovered again Well, like this
  • 15:34: who will say that it does not seem like at least but that me strongly disappoint to new meetings subscribe to update ask issues for the created forums suggest what more software and to survey together that I find it necessary I will thank you for attention with you was cheerful and yet