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  • 00:00: hi I'm Susie McNeal with design originals and today I want to talk to you about more variations of the ten-minute block quilts so here's a star quilt look at those centers aren't they interesting these are a variation of my ten-minute block that so many people like to put together so let me show you another variation here's another beautiful ten-minute block this one's a sampler so every block is different
  • 00:31: variations of ten-minute blocks actually twelve different blocks so today I want to just give you a quick demo of how to make this block in that like an optical illusion it's so much fun to put it together so here I have my pieces I actually have five half square triangles I'm going to take the one in the center and I'm going to fold that in half and then I'm going to place that on the
  • 01:02: upper right block and lined it up here to this corner next thing I'm going to do is take this one turn it over so now that I have these right sides together I'm going to sew a seam right along here there are actually only two seams to put the center in this block so here's another one I've already made and here's the seam along the right-hand side when I open that up here's what that looks
  • 01:33: like so the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take this and lay it right here turn this one over on top and sew a seam right along here so now that I've sewn that seam I've opened this up and so here we go and this is what it looks like in the bridge shape is what I call it sort of an H or a bridge shape so now here's the magic part I take this
  • 02:04: and I refold it I put those corners together open shut up and here I need to open up this little pocket and flatten that out really nice I like to pin this seam so it will lay nice and flat and I'm going to sew a seam right along the edge here so after I so that seam then when I open this up miraculously that Center turns
  • 02:38: and becomes on point and so that's what makes these colors line up in this manner now I just take that Center and I like to roll one down so since this is on the bias I can just take my fingers and roll that over and then I top stitch right along that edge if you do want to see it this is open the way out top stitched it this one is sealed the way I sealed this one is once I got my pressed
  • 03:10: my roll under I just sew two seam right along that pressing line there and then when I rolled it back and top stitched it it gave a totally seal seen both here and here so either way works it's just beautiful I just love this sampler quilt so the sampler quilt is in the new book ten-minute blocks - and it's all inspired by the ten-minute blocks and so
  • 03:43: many people have enjoyed my first ten-minute blocks I want you to come out with a second