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Vegeto-sosudistaya dystonia (part 2)  See details »

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  • 00:00: it will take a longer time than the natural way realization of emotions through the application That's actually exit the tournament which It designed and nature a if a person inside it in the sensitive emotions arise easily and clearly but he was brought up socialists novel good control of their emotions Here is when there is the situation is going to develop vascular when dystonia
  • 00:30: very often there are emotions associated with the danger in what is unpleasant to need protection from preparation to someone unpleasant event People Tatiana nervous system straining to provide bodily response danger provide physical salvation as happens so often how long that in the first Wings of Tatev none stuck System on high alert on the long Irina Fet and Irina constantly
  • 01:00: and the body continues to have a powerful Enlisting the strong preparation for physical response to danger although In fact, this response is not required of any living resource there and if so long imposed increased demands on the body what happens of course exhaustion exhaustion and nervous system which It supports however long drive
  • 01:31: and the depletion of some physiological mechanisms and here and then we came here actually to vegetative symptoms dystonia that we can get from the symptoms when the autonomic nervous system for a long time It stimulates the heart that is heartbeat cars in exhaustion people Tatiana system maybe we let the river until the heart weakness vessel receive stimulation while under stress in Libya at high alert
  • 02:02: of course get ready write home vessels containers permission but meditative system under the influence of stress hormones which produced here in abundance spazmiruyutsya This is caused by vascular spasms will dystonia vessels are not guilty of the vessel treat basically then do not blame and We need a system that is wrong this operates vessels why often occur in common
  • 02:33: rhythm symptom adopted vascular dystonia because as digestive I need to often account physical salvation but in this Fund the situation is not necessary, and there may be differences reaction either yes the so-called first and is useful when in this peace system prepares Lockhart Indian google escape from the danger of Service goal case may be tendency to weaken the tables and in the case of repressed emotions aggression rattle peculiar constipation because for obvious reasons
  • 03:04: I came to give Gaddafi kc should not happen it interferes Part 3 will dystonia arise violation of thermoregulation also draw it also depends on the North Korea on the type of Incidentally protective response which stuck in a nervous Tatiana system it can be either increasing heat return when all the time hot or heat reduction
  • 03:34: When the people at the hands of flasks spazmiruyutsya on his feet are cold handles legs but the warmth of the body does not give that can still be It may be the expansion of the forest and not for points respiratory disorder such as feeling lack of breathing normally passed breaths why but because they need oxygen during to prepare for the physical response post May that higher brain creates a feeling that the oxygen as if not enough though in reality
  • 04:05: carried out the body with oxygen fine here they are actually characteristic symptoms what to do about how to treat it is clear that treat heart damage convict for example the human immune system tract Sasun thermoregulation square illogical because they are themselves affected party read but it is put in order nervous system function the main regulator body and it is important to understand well contribute
  • 04:36: this jam it can be a process feature but a combination of national failure button until well in Russian controlled composure and a high degree of Social and Responsibility it may be e.g. transferred cranial trauma even even as a child, and birth trauma intrauterine hypoxia which somehow I caught damaged autonomic structure system and gave birth to her
  • 05:06: not quite the right answer it may be that such a mechanical retirement process that the nervous system can to respond in such a way and even some of the processes nuance where its readiness to review the functions the autonomic nervous system on the main still it the so-called psychosomatic medicine when jams cancer such in this position an increased need for protection must contribute to the system Of course the ability of some to exhaustion sleep deficit
  • 05:37: they will be moved to power again but what is it that the CEC did not receive intelligence implementation and did not lead to a weakening of Treatment will be based on search results causes of what is happening Of course we will check why does not work heart that is all you need to do Heart they certainly need to eat, he had not been done why you need to check the immunity more people for self-instruction manual on the bellows ideas, why do not they have the bacteria are not admitted
  • 06:07: Newton Bay ring that happens I may be those of Ambassador because it always encouraged the autonomic nervous system and persistently Syktyvkar is very common in most cases in one degree or another nervous system is involved in the reduction of immunity that's why what happens to digestive tract that going vessels with all this should of course figure out what not to miss it in fact a serious problem directly harsh whom we do expelled come to the fact that
  • 06:38: but the culprit is the autonomic nervous system you can not see in the diagnosis of the most decorative nervous system You can capture a tomography brain brain and see Serb structures in the brain which is a reference to a result on the nervous system can make such EEG to see in general, how the brain works in all this is good so smoothly and such opportunities we have You can examine the vessels well It feeds the nervous system all in
  • 07:09: OK with that, it can be good It is working because it received less blood at some point I decided to test and treatment is to build on the results of survey 2, we often used in he sees dystonia different medications that relieve anxiety relieves stress and nourish the nervous system and which is often used to further here will not work psychotherapy what type of dried Yaroslavl you all
  • 07:40: OK 10 cents left just built on who has a rather tense the inner workings of yen here are important to us not relax the person now because what will happen in 15 minutes Prokom exerts over call him who else went to our work awry our task is to teach ooo retrain the nervous system so to emotions she learned more positive rational I stuck to them
  • 08:11: but it would not have caused such a violent response stele with the advent of all symptoms go vascular dystonia There are people who by nature so it is easy digestible Kyrgyzstan growth time and it does not get stuck in it such person works but such resuscitator share criminal lawyer I am pleased to work it is linked to the daily stress one behavior came to work turned routes I responded to it one hour workday ended came
  • 08:41: I turned off from work stopped responding tuned the autonomic nervous all good systems came home, we can hope to favorite dog football on TV Others answer to stress but SCO work on working with tracks because freedom is not switched remained in stress came home 100 times that will scandal wife with the baby scandal
  • 09:13: mug of beer nothing good Now this situation can leave recycling say this is an analogue if it is not recorded it is possible to work they do this regularly in our clinic when learn to work medicine will dystonia they should work we have to simultaneously withdraw nervous system state of exhaustion
  • 09:44: Kiev relieve anxiety and to establish som and in Sochi is not important for Tatiana namely the system because if there is no normal sleep I'm not a deep sleep for example it can be sufficiently long on the surface and then the autonomic nervous system is not resting and only this year the appearance of this vascular dystonia 100 press any more problems and at the same time, we owe them put in order all that the halo is broken in the course of the disease
  • 10:14: tidy and cardiovascular digestive system tract immunity And all the rest we have to bring back to normal hold normal for a while natural balance that is with the regulation the body recover quickly will resume normal relations between the body and the brain, and then the treatment can be will stop and the balance will be We will be happy to help be healthy