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  • 00:00: Hello my Paul called Federico I'm a psychologist author books happy life without panic attacks and outreach and This video I want to consider several questions in first I want talk about information overload of which now there our time and in the second in the second I want tell why to man yourself is impossible get rid of a neurosis Well, the first about information overload we now we live in the age when quantity information which is out too huge for a large account great amount comes in various
  • 00:31: information is connected or with psychology linked to another theme but our brain does not manages to perceive all this information but we now we are talking about eating on thin thin narrow concerning the neurosis panic attacks and Dagestani look what happens when you fall into information space that is on the Internet on you a huge quantity information great amount of huge number of videos great amount
  • 01:01: books that is you the man, who only encountered their problem start looking solution of this problem it is natural then there is you need to find ways that help you with this get rid of respectively you stumble upon one video trying to do something about it then you stumble to another specialist try something do it afterwards on 3 and then most interesting that occurs when the person begins jump from one to another on the other The source of information
  • 01:31: so to speak is not not finishing to the end first large account you came across for example some specialist in its have any recommendations for in order to get rid of panic from anxiety from neurosis respectively you begin to perform a week did not receive any results as you I think and accordingly you do you want fast the results respectively you start looking something else and then Repent for another the book bumping into a friend bring out he curses bumping into such a another site and start again
  • 02:01: dig alone recommend one at a time work up that is go into fear others recommend delve into one's childhood the third recommend look for internal conflict now very much of various directions psychotherapy and psychology is very a lot even now many things are not that Yes, now there is no accurate single opinions that You can call frustration is some opinions are this is a section of specialists in the world of science someone can of course you
  • 02:31: proves that there is common point of view which coincides with he is not really there are several points view that really no unified opinion which are real one hundred percent can be say what is the reason and anxious disorders is this and that and that but there is various methods which help really get rid of what one disorder and here naturally it will be necessary above itself work but work it will be necessary here in one narrow direction here i I recommend to choose one specialty trust him first
  • 03:02: what you need to do is trust it very much main without a distance no result will not be exactly when you lose trust start jumping from one to another well in addition to the fact that trust you need understand what to get rid of from its problem with day or for two persons a week this is unrealistic because problems accumulated a long time you have a table talking about was formed At first certain species thinking certain kind relations to oneself and to people the camera as a whole is first in the second in in a certain way
  • 03:32: forced themselves into problem now i I will speak and panic attack yes that is, this is the first information overload because of occurs on pediments information overload your brain You experience stress get entangled and do not know what to do respectively extra stress increases your total anxious level and he it gets worse so here I am I recommend focus on one method and work with him before end as if to give this method well in the first place trust intuitively in
  • 04:02: second by respectively some feedback on feedback of others people who can tell you what really good specialist you know these people who passed in 3 4 psychotherapists but will say that with such people very much difficult to work with because it's people they are comfortable with their own problems are Of course sometimes people which happen accidentally that is, not that they accidentally fall which four therapist who just really not very good specialists over rarely happens more often the person himself is not
  • 04:32: wants to work on his problem another category watches not we will now consider you as the person who wants to take his problems and now I simple and such recommendations whom they need not need spray and seek a bunch of sources information for to solve their problem you can start reading or cartoon deposit then you can not read my book then sat a book then read some quentin academic cops then read hypnosis there is still and so on you can or whatever Besides there are different specialists and moreover
  • 05:02: specialist himself interesting from time change one's point view. a year ago they said one through year they say other that is it a headache in the head there is therefore narrow direction with work with one specialist then some result you can be and follow only him advice fulfilling the advice of one specialist you you can get result accordingly this first second that everything tell why people can not get rid of neuroses I myself am still did not see a single person who could get rid of it
  • 05:32: neurosis yourself why because the neurosis is essentially this silly putting it out errors in thinking and behavior but the matter is that these errors thinking and behavior person himself jointly gives him seems that he behaves adequately and correctly and he never has that it exists certain quantity psychological protection and you feel free to head but whole people believed that he is behaving correctly there are conflicts somewhere constantly with quarrel with someone somewhere he does not shows where that
  • 06:02: will escape and avoid somewhere adaptively to him it seems that this normal form behavior accordingly, he does not understands where he is it is mistaken therefore a man is simply without feedback he can not get rid of a neurosis certainly can help books on some stage of awareness some distorted form your own behavior but books do not give feedbacks in a word, yes, they can you tell well just hint at any case you either need join the community people who really can
  • 06:32: give feedback such now there are good community or is it need a specialist which will give you feedback and show on fat your own distortion to you that is, you will be he will communicate you talk to you will understand where your distortion you you will have Insights occur with using these insights We will change our behavior is the next moment by about neurosis slide what's going on and what wanted to say the matter in what else? finally spoke that it is impossible to solve the problem is level of thinking in
  • 07:03: which she was created to to solve the problem need to go to a new level and then problem with can resolve most of you solves its problem panic attacks in Childhood 100 dystonia or the neurosis you want independence this problem cope practically impossible because you are trying to decide this problem in the beginning at the level of thinking which you created then have you appeared panic attack you respectively, with his thinking then have to magical attacks you have led defined by your forms of behavior in you now she is and
  • 07:34: topological and now with their own forms behavior that phallic from sleep, themselves before panic attack to get rid of essence your irrational behavior is trying solve the problem but this is not possible for the problem you need to think change like this change respectively in I say my videos so with you panic attacks need at least observe there 4 rules lunch silence is not ask for help avoid avoidance and respectively perform well, tsunami more detailed then there are other videos then
  • 08:04: It has to get out of the problem you need to go beyond limits on their the essence of the thinking like come for go beyond this thinking but naturally again this is the advice that recourse therapist is treatment by some there is a psychologist getting into community of people which community people than on interesting for this group of people who go to a common goal here it is not pleasant in particular management systems health for stitches there is a community there
  • 08:34: people of general the goals in them are generally objective health accordingly they Everyone talked there a person can find their distortions in thinking is easy I bring an example here so do not try try to decide for yourself its problem with help there your kind of thinking is not resorting to some kind of The source of information because you tried to solve their connectivity problem I have already panic attacks. somehow you told me untwisting hurdy-gurdy mechanism you there was a mechanism such as
  • 09:05: using their own behavior and thinking you blow it up yet stronger I think you know what I'm saying because at first permissible with problem a panic attack was little you do not afraid far away go out but then gradually gradually avoiding unpleasant experiences fear you started behave in a way way if you somehow and your problems has grown she became a big man flooded all areas your life and many I do not speak for it to exit from problems that need problem from watch and apply
  • 09:35: new thinking new behaviors respectively as it's up to me gradually will tell in new video and if to sum up then I want to say yes try to avoid informational first wanted you will the pursuit of this do because on the light is so proven what do we have in person is almond-shaped body when a person lives at a fast pace life is about especially megalopolis or informational overload the scientist proven bears on body that meets for reaction before kiev fight there
  • 10:05: is constantly tense condition if you constantly overload your brain or you are constantly there is such an image life you somewhere run out of hurry your almond-shaped body that meets for the fight of the lego fight There are already articles as if the danger is yes then have u have a moment may happen attack of alarm so remember in this information overload is needed expunge gradually excludes here besides try it look for one specialist trust him and work with him before
  • 10:35: end is used in many technique try the following find communities which really strives for a goal become healthy free to become well remove all these panic attacks anxiety check-out but this community should to work in direction of freedom that is, community should avoid talking about illnesses about symptoms about how not today it was bad about that
  • 11:06: panic attacks incurable so on about this I have many spoke and will speak because I I believe that as long as while the person is on some communities where occur discussion of the this community can be socially there is online some community is therefore living community a person can not get rid of your The problem is simply not therefore Remember this if you listen to my words are possible we get the result if you do not listen to my words you will stay on that form behavior for which
  • 11:36: you and I'll stay remove and further video and more than deeper more informative i think you are ready for this with you were dad if you liked this video put a class share with him other people and respectively put your comments and wishes that you wanted to see new video