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  • 00:00: Good day my Dear sadists and gardeners with you again lady Alexandrovna today my a small roller those who start only deal garden equipment affairs Today we have the second lesson I'll show you but in my experience I sow petunia series and I'm out of it do during its growth and I petunia several ways and so just like on the ground
  • 00:30: But today we will be you spend Experiment means and while I realize Systems with you tabletochku in previous movie there I showed the ponytail and a third will be today on fabric except we we sow we will and shall pour she set himself which has ascended I sowed 23 January will sprinkle under it and sand We will be with you transplanted cuttings
  • 01:01: who were and then on the Cherenkov January 14 tablets have you seen also movie and we we now facing a lived pots come but the start time then as always I Container for cooking container I There is a hole in the day It has a side hole necessarily hole in the cap necessarily signed hence my kind of magic it's not who I am
  • 01:32: sow is the number and Now this tepid soil in which It is in the room at room I have a temperature nevertheless shed Now it is dry I which was shed of the water on the edge of his container water temperature within 45 degrees why because When we're with you yet we deal with
  • 02:03: seed water little podostynet means that it finally I cooled it until I'll set This year I spend I experiment I gather up a very many seeds of petunias who sent me cuttings Oksana Boris Bakhtin Boriskina yet again Altaisk I I managed all the same these beauties get seeds here I put them here in such
  • 02:34: as containers that remain after a pin in me, and that's these seeds I sow January 23 was the first experience I sowed them here and not successful my results Look for grab to you I am very happy I sat there and shoots, and specifically child because she just We need to see that comes of it Well today we are going with it
  • 03:04: continue to do other manipulation while here I showed you. Well, while basking in Vodicka us on earth to I pour very very a little bit on his palm of glorious grains close because very fast then drove off I have here the title there is Russia is just what He took out his cap Sung Kim some water a little
  • 03:34: nothing overdone okay then take in a small toothpick dip cup with water and one of Two of the three as a heifer catch stack here here on the surface Russia in the whole thing not entirely because everyone container only half because 2 halves will sit another type to do so always
  • 04:05: especially while it is in We are experienced with I say crops or and they will be able to have well matured and show very well and I the future of her of grafted ready already small raise them right in tabletochki for the top to show you that from happens here so Littel
  • 04:35: capsules q I put here here as a distinction sledushchee following me will be other and following me It will be another So we sow close at the top in the lid same hole you
  • 05:06: remember and kill on a shelf where 20-25 degrees temperature so excess water got on crumb so that we do stand petunias that we grown with 23 numbers look seedlings very friendly, I would said even very together but normal
  • 05:36: I have it standing high not say that greatly extends but still it has a little bit of this kind I just avoid Blackleg and that to still humidity here increased in these containers there has been no say here comfortable not arise I have no disease I have the buttonhole
  • 06:06: on the sand cycle sand calcined sold in stores I do like this to neatly on empty place sand sometimes it comes with large fractions stones fall for River Street on empty place sprinkle then carefully shaking the container Gets Easier
  • 06:38: prize pack and a at the wheel sterile sand under the lights, he warming cover so as if you held I sterilization so to express and absent fully probability disease like this like so slightly
  • 07:09: slipped Now Sand will take extra moisture which is then there is This process is necessary continue a bit thicker layer but I pursue only aim to these plants not seedlings fell then when I say will take two or three days I Now you just I'll show more Here on a chain
  • 07:39: of the piece of land it will be very easy here and so so Wow opportunity the formation of new additional small roots seedlings here despite the fact that the land Still this is very say good but Anyway, we caught fibers are sometimes rotted peat
  • 08:09: so here I am doing it's all so easy ostensibly I prisalivaem sprinkled small portions Here's how we did it Now all our chips deepen a little in they have the opportunity to build on stems that plunged into the ground more root system and they already tell you thank you for what we they were not allowed to fall behind
  • 08:39: what their Ninotchka supported here you I have now seen recovered zubochistochkoy one the plant is a bare to bars left like that about sypem here more slightly sypem like this will look our petyunechka More nothing to do with them do not spray my God forbid and as long as we do not pour why because I I glance at here lateral cover
  • 09:10: I see more here moist substrate need for victory until there is no way she We should have 23 numbers 30 today or I never I did not do any watering never done spraying this quite like this I get around to Petunia that all it is now on the ground I mean not to divert your pacer attention on you made by the chain, we you do now I'll show you how I
  • 09:40: I make passes and tunics on fabric this way of me occurred to say and recently my friend always petunia force on paper on the toilet but it is very processes of life had its start dive it breaks very convenience I felt solid and so I I thought and thought and for some reason, somehow one came to concluded that the microfiber Here are our rags
  • 10:10: table that called chistyulya they are much Microfiber I think it will fit and I tried in the past year I liked this result cut out just such a the size of our commander pelonochku whew pour vermiculite she gained even now I this process
  • 10:40: worked vermiculite on the bottom pour some one centimeter possible even a little smaller Why vermiculite will keep his in vue will give its roots and when the time will come to us our dive beauty that here we sprout it we'll get safely some have already looked at my last year roller and those who have not yet they looked rather I see it Now it turns out that I run here pour
  • 11:10: vodichku is so like everyone else added stimulating keeping drug some time expect that here we I came out a little I overdid it means to water water is drained from the
  • 11:41: such a damp a container with a moist cloth just like all I take a rest poured into the hands of petunia few grains I take our toothpick but neatly very neatly why because here there will be a clear which is seen
  • 12:14: grain look one plant pleasure ground never fray also exactly well as well as all points PHABLET sterile to all ok no no will be trouble in here little emerged from Vermiculite is me he is not scared It hurts here. not it turns all the same one not just me I just like you I show who has
  • 12:44: Well maybe the desire learn and easy sufficient seeds so it is a little to them on the spot Stretch here are Group liabilities have We get all personal do not just everything else close lid with holes so apertured cover I set this whole
  • 13:19: protsedurku whole Company warm and also I sign here hole and wait for germination Well judging by how He rose early concrete brother 3 sowing 30 you have seen what on a 7 days we hope that Day four shoots at them were turned 27 January 26 then after 45 days I
  • 13:49: I want to show you I could probably even show you look directly I went a little condensate is formed kogda boy does it mean it's warm and our plant will very nice to start with we have this moment with you too met and Now we still have next and the variation that we still do concrete our petunias that we already There I January 14
  • 14:19: Cherenkov his petunia that I was which the windowsill I am sitting there as liquor hands Cuttings taken in July, you remember probably our age not movie and that's one of those or July plant who attacked window
  • 14:51: to me I sat on 14 January cutting shaft battered see what we We have tea and forged and here are tabletochki in peat-compost look what great the root system narosla undoubtedly the that these plants yet not quite a lot time they themselves feel fine look it the time of their transplant pot look at them at each already appear
  • 15:22: side shoots I will not say exactly what but it is likely it was the 09 shader swill it is because but where he sat and from there I stalk Shaft I see that even mean that he wanted you still have to show You know which option I remember you I told here this here makushechkoy makushechkoy stalk with makushechki stalk sadila and then another putting a middle portion and I would like to show you here's a look please about average
  • 15:52: But if part of you seen here are stupid tip here here here cherenochek this the average is not from the end of edinichka would stalk and he began to favor and he also himself It feels great and He also gave a side shoots, and he also gave good root system that we can you have today transplant pot what we do as always take planting pot I use of such diameter here but also very like you can
  • 16:22: above I do it for gifts for yourself girls on March 8 so mean I signed it here I will take drainage as always those on the bottom 13 in mandatory about a handful and peacefully bone Length managed costs who you got it turns out that he only a few changes I fell out of nothing okay then cycle two spoons group
  • 16:54: our note you can add said tea spoon vermiculite all mix well then lightly shed slightly mastery of them because that our tablet crude, plus we have it will sow
  • 17:24: find in our pills as if Reputation as if Reputation as find tabletochki have dried I specifically they are not watering plants that they can be move on to the twig before I left Now it's cover the results observations prompted me We need from them why get rid of because it is still
  • 17:54: small koreshochki suffer not at all It feels good plants when here this here cheholchik Now it remains to Parthenon comatose son very carefully to do not break koreshochki who have we are so actively on all a bit different still not injured it so happens that there is All direct miraculous set our plant in a pot sprinkle all
  • 18:26: the parties on 1 spoon will shower clearly four side ground and then I want to add a little even vermiculite why because I I try as much as possible less watering concrete and because I told you I fish and my water I no friendship Ilya love it all of Python does not like a little bit so that's when davim tank prisypem a little
  • 18:57: com for vermiculite edges vermiculite me Or rather not save me saves saves my pets it absorbs excess moisture and does not rot I spray the spines this birth too pour finally have
  • 19:27: Now the earth and am taking their plants us second bottom shelf not where it is quite cool and where still slightly warm where are they now They were standing up there alone for two days and then I move them a lower Kolka there's more below temperature and it turns out that they obtained good enough
  • 19:57: climatic say state that It begins on crayfish develop roots like this will look our transplanted we plant again sprinkles and his date frame pin it to us feel well and send it a permanent place live like this way about me I realize quotation
  • 20:27: its boring titles doing this first very happy and thank those girls who taught me and classmates in u-tube these cases and so with you my dear friends, I also I share those that I know she be you are welcome creatively interested in what you are doing you always succeed very interesting result yes it is very delay the process
  • 20:57: interesting but then some you will see the beauty in his garden which you will do great gifts my friends friends when you You will of grafted petunia Here is the January or if the December you have any any questions or wishes if you liked my rollers you'll appreciate seen for a husky you were Lydia
  • 21:28: Alexandrovna good luck to you all your affairs until the new meetings