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  • 00:00: Hello welcome you to my channel with you Elena today you offer associate's such meetings are very nice to be look at your handle down rezinochka openwork knit and our product ends rezinochkoy if you like let we associate with take the hose spokes
  • 00:31: they are sold in package of 5 stuff two and a half I start typing We leave the end of the thread about 30 centimeters We add up the two spokes together we recruit 60 loops that we have at every turn spoke 15 loops we scored our first set
  • 01:01: total number of intramural the number of loops 60 knit in a circle on hosiery knitting first row we provyazyvaem gum one-to-one 1 1 front 1 Wrong facial 1 Wrong front Wrong so we will be with you
  • 01:32: knit circle us You will need to knit 6 rows so we knit with your 6-series rubber one by one we will continue to knit 5 rows front embroidery five rows front
  • 02:06: smooth surface knit with you just by circle so we are Knit 5 rows front embroidery Now we take additional needle it may be here such experts for goats or other spices of recruitment socks shooting the first three loops on
  • 02:40: additional needle We leave before We take our work needle and 3 provyazyvaem facial loop 2 3 next we take this needle and provyazyvaem hinges
  • 03:10: it is also 3 facial loop leaving the needle more We take a list of shooting loops with needles 3 Now we spoke clean up after work and 3 again provyazyvaem
  • 03:47: loop 2 Terry Further provyazyvaem 3 hinges with spokes which is located at We work for the same facial loops That's how we
  • 04:21: now we get 3 again, remove loops We leave again before work and provyazyvaem 3 loops Now provyazyvaem
  • 04:56: these freaks the film with which spokes doors are work here so we will be prepared you now we again remove loops 3 and We leave them for the work that is going alternate
  • 05:27: so we knit circle until the end of next so we We knit our series Now we were binding 5 series front embroidery knit front
  • 05:59: embroidery now we Again knit elastic band one to one, too gum itself that we was early products in such a way we knit 6 rows here we have this turned the original rezinochka Now we were binding on our main pattern for this we You will need to knit
  • 06:32: 1 series of facial loops and we are in a circle We must remove 6 loops definitely will not be 60 and 54 knit 8 stitches nine-tenths provyazyvaem together i.e
  • 07:02: 8 loops knit ninth and tenth we loop provyazyvaem together 8 again knit ninth and tenth, we provyazyvaem together so we were binding until the end series have lessened 6 loops in our knitting We has lowered loops
  • 07:33: Now we will knit our drawing We do nakida on needle 3 loops provyazyvaem along the front loop nakida 3 facial loop Again nakida facial 3 provyazyvaem together
  • 08:05: Again do sc and 3 facial provyazyvaem loop so we were binding up end of the series knit row the next row we Only knit facial loops we found whale provyazyvaem facial
  • 08:36: loops 5 facial for we knit our series facial loops Now we will to knit where we subtract we we just provyazyvat loop knit and there where We had three loops, we provyazyvali we do
  • 09:06: sc and these loops provyazyvaem together the we have to be like if in the chess order provyazyvaem 3 loop where we had We pooled and then where we just 3 facial provyazyvali loop we make sc 3 loops provyazyvaem together and sc
  • 09:36: That's how we it turns out that's a risunochek in our staggered the if there is we three loops, we provyazyvali nakida 3 together nakida 3 provyazyvali and so give the the next row we It goes facial loops we all loops
  • 10:07: We continue to collect 3 loops provyazyvaem together where we knitting just 3 loops on individually after our rezinochki We knit one row facial loops in we has lowered 6 loops farther we knit in pattern 1 3 along hinge nakida 3 loops nakida
  • 10:39: provyazyvaem on individually and repeat on nakida 3 loops together 2 row we were binding only facial loops third row where we did nakida we now 3 loops provyazyvaem separately do sc 3 loops together nakida that is, we alternate and fourth row we again provyazyvaem facial loops these 4 series we will
  • 11:13: repeat your six just so we knit June 1 through 4 of our series the pattern we now you need to remove loops take a finger pin and shoot at 9 pin loops 9 loops bulavochku
  • 11:52: close and leave as is now the instead of the loops 9 we have removed us you need to dial 9 more We add up the two loops spokes together and We start typing 9 loops
  • 12:27: take out one spoke 9 reserve loops on spoke on this we you knit in pattern We make 1 sc 3 loops provyazyvaem 3 again together nakida tabs separately
  • 13:00: thus we you will need to bind July 1 by 4 rows we finished knit Now the main pattern we need to knit you 6 rows gum gum one to one We begin to knit we rezinochku
  • 13:38: Now we knit We will close the loop We introduce the needle in two grab loop thread and stretch 2 loops this loop we dress back again two loops thread grab pull back Again dress thread
  • 14:08: through the two loops so we you continue to do until we have remain on needles one loop now we to associate our Thumb loops with we moved the pins on the needle here we have 9 loops for this side we recruit 9 more loops on the sides
  • 14:39: We recruit on 3 loops recruit loops so here at us this side so grab thread and the edge 9 recruit stuff to 2 3 4 5
  • 15:11: 6 7 8 9 that's the way we dial 9 loops Now we recruit for 3 loops with our gods 1 2 and 3, 3 and the other
  • 15:47: hand to steal 3 recruit loops just grasping at This thread has 2 three is how we
  • 16:20: evenly distributed now beginning knit our finger the thread of the work is not fixed me what we do sc introducing needle our work 3 loops provyazyvaem thread 5 sc on
  • 16:51: 3 so knit loops with you we will need to knit circle 2 times in four rows our picture we continue to knit so we knit our
  • 17:21: Thumb now we knit elastic band 5 one to one of rows 1 facial 1 Wrong after we 5 rows we associate we close the loop closed loop on our fingers are now
  • 17:51: we were binding exact the second meeting near here such meetings we you tied all Thank you for your attention if you have questions write in comments Elena was with you bye Bye