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  • 00:08: Hello everyone today I I show how to weave here such US tourniquet well, or just twisted us need monofilament needle ball needle to beading ring clasp and Beads Beads me Czech size number 5 and 10 black shades red will fix
  • 00:32: the fishing line on the circle make a few knots while we tip reserve and you are so we make a few knots to fishing line well-kept We made a couple of
  • 01:00: uzelochki and tie Our tip of the main our fishing line still in also a couple of knots we do not cut off the tip cottages for convenience I I will weave in the fabric and and we prodenu needle through the ball ring and secured it's all on the fabric so way it will be convenient weave
  • 01:30: First we put on needle and one black bead we start with 1 black and one ends black, how would the beginning and end of our bracelet then don 5 black beads and dress 5 I colored beads I will alternate each color then we We move aside one black bead that we put the beginning and 5 black and
  • 02:03: from above insert the needle Only five black beads and we derive then we move all upstairs Again the black dress
  • 02:30: bead as we it is necessary that our series I continued and again 5 color is now below We reckon 5 black beads and vdevaem have only five black tightens and refer to our
  • 03:01: this is now a ring So you call always He was right side that is fold it back here at right side to It was beautiful pattern and so we continue to end dress one 5 black and color here is a harness turns it
  • 03:32: twists that do the same when you it completely with weaves you like in early tie fishing line lock as here to the loops and that to do with the tip us Here we left it kill a needle
  • 04:00: and carry through several black beads and harness we derive and the tip is already possible cut here so we beautiful and hide We do the same at the bottom of a lock so
  • 04:35: it turns out that's a Now a harness bracelet