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  • 00:00: Hello dear and water visitor our garden site peace you ask us happy son answered them interesting to you Meet and here we ask how rooting rose from bouquet we've done a video clip on this topic and here is another question now were selling large-
  • 00:30: chrysanthemum what is surprising sold not only in stores but also Grandma's on the markets Such are the chrysanthemum Just such caps with large round rounded petals grade called for my polar bear I like it private one mistress He explained grade white bear and here are Here, too, chrysanthemums very beautiful
  • 01:00: Thus at large chrysanthemum which bought in the store and here I would love many to have in garden of chrysanthemums except chrysanthemums here that's just a private Now these sellers they They offer the roots too bags or buckets some large such rhizome with 1 points and even here demonstrates that here from this root I grew up in such a
  • 01:30: chrysanthemum buy plant it you too let's grow these Now talk to you about how to express the same yet because of chrysanthemums that the majority of the gardeners grow only to melenkie which ki chrysanthemums we used to call Korean them very many varieties and they very diverse in color but all they want more there are white and pink and purple and yellow and all of course want Chrysanthemum is not great
  • 02:00: you know and smell like then in a special way such freshness unusual here there are ways how really in our environment Central Russia cultivate such chrysanthemum but it should be strongly But if you try Korean chrysanthemum even they even melkotsvetkovye not all have time to Indra you blossom You know that sometimes acquires good
  • 02:30: bush on it very many buds they do not bloom here's a time to such chrysanthemums a person buys the root of which he It offers plants and he had not bloom also grows here such a powerful stalk of he rejoices a button on it and made like all well that is here Now, these side All shoots are removed to a flower a beautiful time to bloom so all
  • 03:00: still nothing What turns there is one secret and Secrets must say a lot of that's why in the first place Here's the Chrysanthemum so long we have with you and do not in any way can not bloom all because they have firstly a very a long period vegetation and secondly they plant short-day and they Here's a very long sit sit not sit
  • 03:32: I throw this one here Bud looked at It would have been beautiful powerful Kostik built up here but they They begin to bloom Only when the day It is becoming significantly shorter and Here in the east in the south and east where with success still grow chrysanthemum there is one more thing to fall a time when we day just to hand October-November there the weather is warm and
  • 04:02: But in Japan to China very common Here's the holidays and festivals chrysanthemums in different cities, we in Russia too held a chrysanthemum festival It takes place in Yalta Nikitsky botanical garden and there you can go Now he opens October 13 and continues somewhere even in the first decade
  • 04:32: November means that you still you can catch visit there magnificent sight so many different varieties chrysanthemums in a amount they planted so you do not sorry if go here and there Chrysanthemums are also grow it, they please here such large flowers here but now I just I talk about all subtleties grow such large chrysanthemums just want to say that here at about this we press the magic bed of newspapers we produce
  • 05:03: it was special article here it is the last page of our newspapers in just that's how grow larger chrysanthemums and everything podrobnenko written If you wait too long it buy this newspaper you then you can go to our website and in the archive see this article We later put here and here now as the time I'll release says Firstly, I immediately honestly say that
  • 05:33: here are the most large you tell me Ryazan grow such Difficulty is not for me but I do it very well know how grown because these chrysanthemum that met one woman which for many years in our area near our Gardens grows here such as I chrysanthemums I met her I saw that once it is from the garden here armfuls large such and not even a bucket
  • 06:04: such here barrels of white can be out of ink ska out of some here armfuls makes here these chic white Chrysanthemum I rather talking books tell please you then grow these chrysanthemums she first said that it secret it means she do not tell me say tell all still here with such challenges far not all of them will be grow competition you do not some finally it
  • 06:34: I gave up and that's means it me said first these should be chrysanthemum digs here but If only we dahlias with you too dig and the stored in the cellar and some Korean chrysanthemum melkotsvetkovye too they winter is their dig in the spring chair and put here then they are well color because they wintered in the cellar there is not frozen but All these roses they are not only difficult u require digging but rearing
  • 07:05: ie special here you are with this liquor fall when you have here Now these chrysanthemums withered prune stems from the digs a large lump of earth and carry it Is it a box or tass or is it still some you have a bucket great before or here some special pots and you have to This is adapted and the more than a hundred people cultivated such scales represent much this area need to that is, all countries here to put this mother bush
  • 07:36: carry it to cool place it can be a cellar it can be a basement some but there It has to be enough cold temperatures near zero ie degrees somewhere 45 on as to you dahlias gladioli earlier so further if higher God forbid another you have a high moisture content then your chrysanthemum will start to grow and these here's pilots new shoots they have they stretch
  • 08:07: pulled out all the juice out these personal roots good will not work ie also need a good store here means you store We found a set that you are well suitable not pour them as if you do not Now it seemed that these chrysanthemums are very Do not water dried the only thing that you can make a snowball sometimes they put here so It called the dry irrigation or a little-just a little some jump witches but not to dried out I was in the package from
  • 08:37: all bind here I put a night pot and top I see package like this It can not be done accurately because the land Plants breathe breathe it accumulates condensate and all begins to rot so in any case It is not done to it all you have also not eclipsed God forbid and and well overstepped the shaft can be fitosporin all drizzle but that's the Here uterine bushes and they ask you are in the cellar Now the winter passes you periodically there
  • 09:07: look into your chrysanthemum come liar month and here already the biological clock in plants are included and even if in the cellar this cold already It is becoming a little bit the warmer begins we now have with you street and in the cellar It becomes warmer and Now they have there The biological clock Service and they will they are all here as if you there is not maintained they have the same temperature still begin grow up and say that Now you have to their February
  • 09:39: Well to be spent you'll have them take out that's it because they you begin to grow their take out again put it in a cool room but bright here again but where to find the problem such premises well if you have cool veranda like this one here woman because she lives in a private house she puts on cool veranda there has big open windows and now the chrysanthemum there they begin to stand quietly grow not
  • 10:10: stretched and now here here the next moment it is very important need these chrysanthemums and not of grafted think that they just you grow up and you have this clod of earth as transferred into soil and plant anything I like to get something like these ones quality good flowers strongly with large stems flower you need it that is, of grafted grow new plant because noted that Chrysanthemum on old roots grow worse
  • 10:41: there are different explanations there just accumulate different toxins in these roots conduction system there is hammered explanation that chrysanthemum special are isolated toxic to the soil and themselves have poisoned that's the nature of them is occurs for which to with him other plants no not grow and she chrysanthemums It does away with this places every time she Now these underground
  • 11:11: with coupons underground shoots slightly moved to a new town lo and behold, these That's just shoots we must forever here and pinch off transplanted if transplanted in a large number of the in any general box covers up ie it plenochkoj also every spray there and fitosporin watering is to all is not rotten bright, cool, a place to hold Again, high temperature nor there but it was for
  • 11:41: rooting 18 degrees is necessary but still we have with you urban areas there are 20 rolls February and even vengeance. here and these here cherenochki you grow on you when they take root take root raspikirovat need on selected cups so that they already there horoshenechko gained strength and now then can they transplant
  • 12:11: or in a greenhouse that very well because that they race in time turns they still get by as an opportunity tomato Kinash same up in teplichke to grow up here, or you they just have transplanted into soil but it will be in May month ie until May month you where they you need to be overexpose continue since the month of May you can their soil to grow and feed necessarily necessarily only
  • 12:41: manure with chrysanthemum you can not get involved in it We need to give complex fertilizer and better if on nitrogen dose Compared to his knees and phosphorus is there reduced here such fertilizers needed use necessarily every 10-14 days you shall to feed their chrysanthemum on then here you Now it begins to grow What to you look that appeared the first is how Pluto Ironically it is the first bud should be dry
  • 13:12: then to is formed be two to escape the poison This bush but here Why these new they are starting to shoots grow faster whether plant scared it's worth remain without Because offspring that is the goal of the This flower to set seed then something like that then but the advice of the first Bud hit and then has removed all stepchildren that is here Now these cherenochki
  • 13:42: are here slots for see here it's here I stayed penechki Tatochenko delete To save power plant new buds because everyone here this here side shoot it ends with basically bud Here you delete all Summer you have so it chrysanthemum stood approaches the end of summer she should have blossom buds are not It is going to have
  • 14:12: climbs grab do again digging again bear in a greenhouse because that we should extend her warm season as It is in the south such as It happens in Japan China's already there with large and lumpy digged in the greenhouse in land on there watering he also take care some and pyanymi zircons it all Pour to stress then cut in plants and that's already there
  • 14:43: It comes in a greenhouse and it is in bloom the month of October as the once we have a participants But with such elegant color and then after flowering still in the greenhouse I I suspect that I Now it's hostess He said that it is not a greenhouse heated the suspect is not a day heat a little, she the greenhouse is there some time after cutting She also holds the uterine bushes there this greenhouse to they are a little bit
  • 15:13: strengthened a little gained strength and only Then she them again digs emits guy to emit scare here dear gardeners here such a complicated technology if you it does not frighten you if so much love Chrysanthemum here they are of course charming wonderful smell such vidyuhi delicious and, if I love you so chrysanthemums that are ready endure here these here all the difficulties that Of course I Grow
  • 15:43: Here's an example for yourself limited love finely flowering Korean chrysanthemum there are a lot of varieties and much easier grow but the Still Technology if you told want to repeat