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We prepare and paint disks without removing rubber  See details »

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  • 00:00: such a terrible time change clothes and chased we channel garage for the matches aired his just a few days the temperature in a position to border healthy unclear nor in any case different
  • 00:32: Our work sick today we finally Krasin these miracle discs finally he means if you watching paint we begin wheels
  • 01:04: our again stale covered dust and dirt something neither left Washed I break and We will walk you live like yeah well, and say I will love cherries ashes together 40
  • 01:47: not work expected deal we were able to the basic idea of why
  • 02:38: we took my sarkoja remind wheels in such Here's an explosion of paint basis lost so They were at the bottom treated It can be prepared it was certainly use a wash but before washing I did not I reached the time has stood I decided to no longer pay note that disk stand by itself It takes time a little bit of paint spray it very blurred
  • 03:09: is my 240 slide survive explosion moments among Gradski here manifested original color which should be if it drives He drives a movement reserved for each drive took me
  • 03:40: somewhere 30-35 minutes It is seen that they are very dirty from none were less a pile to be It was better at the top convenient with us work watch the best gun on the street that is not palite flax grams of a tape no building Vehicles with a garment piece and between at
  • 04:13: acne and drive new as possible and she presses it black plastic spatula and iron show he kept away
  • 04:49: board should be here Here fingers at once floor washerwoman pinned and began add up similar to how we see he ck bump us
  • 05:24: does not overlap a significant chunk All this can be done with a thin tape itself understand the huge two cities in Poland times increased to I took the bet and went thus by around could roughly We left a little than less do not rush it lay great
  • 05:54: success laid the whole drive go here it turns 3 and drives puppies
  • 06:39: Here is such a daisy are somewhere fully nalazit somewhere there is this the bother newspaper lies a wonderful beautiful at the same time
  • 07:34: automatically have skirts the flask and papered completely this newspaper's way where we failed to close we tape space just over slice of time and not seal the We forget also to go joint de newspaper not
  • 08:04: I ran a couple of layers Lord tape on them and yesterday I was in a hurry It had to take work did not have all the shoot itself to remove the wheels primed flashing red on red Here we have that happened here this
  • 08:34: kapnul spray why it is better a can not keep directly above keep it very right here and so even when paint especially when caramel little span's corner so improve popshikat central caps can also be a little hard to see Well, that's what was seen is on camera to see him less Of course what I see in the live
  • 09:04: 2 inside caught here which is closer to the light there More brighter shown here is not White but not missed Sasuke also, in principle, need to I do not seal the I taped over so that they do not let them stand out They will be light themselves I did not take off caps they too can glue up well, just and caps so I will change I kept clean to and they began to thread not paint all too much you paint
  • 09:34: tons of thread put enemies cork this tape we leave a then he made a less work in the lobby take thousandth skins for has not been studied and bottle and elephant
  • 10:05: will the whole thing forget the bar and I drove here not Bring down a little tags apple we has guided although they did not forget the old paint has become
  • 11:04: manifest layer half strongly big We try on a minimum wipe where rub it rub in principle we still lies old old ground paint again and important to remove all These here are all small These pores are here postpone recall will be brief cans no coverage low with a thick
  • 11:34: layer not put all muscles will be visible therefore, a note So you'll go all drives close forgetting all recesses orbit means first We make holes the text of the line is the least the then what will remain on equal ie If we start now Pointing then here we simply program the probability is so in the interest first raised
  • 12:05: then all the holes here these tips here adjacent pairs made which runs Friborg made 2 guarantees Here leveled wheels to wash weigh all traces create I leave
  • 12:57: until bu wheels choke Our zucchini if you can Sharafi hands and with not the hardest tires we forget we put
  • 13:40: take dry carnations and here that's on top some yoga legenky small hole just a little to get and became adding and hold nail to pressure not with all figachit
  • 14:10: forces already show I will not put no Now they take the shot hole here now That's where all will it tries small holes I translated the whole thing in gun that is what then I no longer do hole but if we this Shake the can
  • 14:40: three color simple goes through this hole therefore important cans with butterflies at least some hours to defend but me he's just a couple of poison months until the case It came to all this Kepler also when they ground old tape and if somewhere tape departed pasted it obsession drove
  • 15:10: dye your wipers yet intermediate version you see on gun Novak just to let you I thought you I cheat on me hand this is also spent
  • 15:41: the places that bad paint because the paint very badly harbor already a joke in general here so here we are on disochki painted But yesterday evening I I ended up here today the country needed It had to jump in garage decided until I have a little 20 of their time you just paste up I will show that from
  • 16:11: this happened here our CDs how to say that ink well harbor Well it harbors bad though I still here He noted for example here at this point I will was I covered with paint when he left here remained a spot yet hydrating ran here like pink
  • 16:42: polosochka left 10 a little bit on the ridge here but I have to say that and the paint itself small enough how many caps I I not kill now it is visible that it will be play ice village were Can be seen small nyuansik here at all here Hard to featherbed such that the color itself
  • 17:12: chromium is not enough It smells like it's in a hurry if not polished and we will not just sing layer is very thin a bracelet state here and so it will look in
  • 17:43: Basically the color of anything a little leg another expected here We finished our Now these discs on the car you now I show them closer the effect was not what I was expecting It could Slavic balloon show that bottles were live and actually Here's how the difference
  • 18:13: called color bright gold is seen here at the just that circle I can not see the reflection clearer on how the mirror is empty jar features a teddy bear Here the disk itself will see earth and sky colors a completely different The disc has received that color would be Of course more Delightful well, so in general the principle of original bind because nothing so central caps I had not set me
  • 18:43: Secret bolts soon they will I hope you it was interesting about instructive not know as a way to extract paint should be of not to spray I want to cans paint gun human being and Svitiaz if you have not write subscribed no comments Huskies leave all luck of love until general to start that We will make your
  • 19:13: mother