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  • 00:00: people's spirit today I Invite you look at the next stage of work with sprouts leeks eggplant and paprika and so they were planted 7 February today 21 March seedlings are almost a month and a half she looks like this means the onion as we gradually poured out here in the previous video we saw poured earth there is still a little bit so we also pour a little 10
  • 00:30: amount to we were subsequently long long white part of the leeks we gradual so it is business and show of poop all but eggplant and paprika have already reached sprinkle one's top already there is no place but most the main thing would be the most important thing is good which is natural I will show already appear small small
  • 01:01: koreshochki since and they are diving seedlings I treat grates very carefully try their extra if you do not disturb as soon as we these radicle here on the aubergines and plentifully plaques here as soon as they became sprout the next stage of work I take a pot which will a little bit especially for eggplant for the factory it's not so important paprika not so much
  • 01:31: stretched and not so strongly gives the lateral roots and already a little pouring when planting it will be enough and aubergine gives good lateral radicle rooted yet so for him it is necessary slightly higher pot and pot at us holes ordinary pot and right into
  • 02:01: this perfume pot we plant it fell asleep right about it we pot it we plant here way our patties will be our grids will be where to grow
  • 02:31: slightly top it will be possible to pour out the most top The pot was this is the best possible that's how to pinch because there no translators yet You just need to choose
  • 03:03: literally the top so that it does not interfere to fall asleep to it and in the same place leave this peat that does not hurt I sprinkle this way at the time of disembarkation plants on the street he will have a very
  • 03:34: well-developed root system I always do this with tomatoes tomatoes the results are very good tomatoes for 700 grams one Here it is again not bad of course here large varieties of nails skills of small take the amount of the eye and cheeks and so do
  • 04:05: behold almost everything is ready now from my he himself will launch new radicle there is one additional spines are
  • 04:35: grow now that's all shed well a little as you can see they were recently watered they very wet therefore spill just a little bit I'll pour it on this will be sufficient all the same i will make a republic another pot he is not it's absolutely worth it the same the stage will be landing on the street so that I'll show you how it will be
  • 05:05: time for this