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How to form a stalk for a plentiful harvest tomato (tomatoes)  See details »



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  • 00:00: penbo a only need to give Vadim stebelochek here see here you so should be here Now the chief he goes to the stem that's the end of the leaves on The same stalks and This gesture on the ticket
  • 00:30: This is the main stem and will flower brush who pass then fruit brushes and all and no pass me nothing particularly scared of when stepchildren will go here out of the ground is the nickname in fact the river of the same should be cut so the stem and leaves and stalk brush over fruit nothing even happens
  • 01:00: so tomatoes highly some well, somehow densely planted and leaves begin Here you connect I then that even not a leaf very big and when these are already green forest you can not even all without any fear so here again and cut it and make leaves shorter here so later stage 1 when it will grow
  • 01:30: when they will connected plants the plant do not rely to tomatoes combined and leaves because if one gets sick leaf there late blight or brown spot all can all greenhouse week the village can plant this is just sick stepchildren and removing all and do not wait when stepchildren are such big and then just cut them Right here are clean
  • 02:00: such as from the sinus they are still here little there you are Now zemelku Now I throw this at here is a son parcels had already Removes the need here sinus foxes.