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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends Ask and and that's gardeners we were with you hot days here today we are with you talk yet again and planting seeds in snails are not so many ask but well some seeds here It can be planted in Snails and he want simply say it simply versatile and plant it can be all that anything now I
  • 00:30: I want to show you here look carefully here I will plant leek I want to tell you the truth here first you I also put in Currently this while he sits this wet toilet paper and no nutritious soil No, we have this bow with you to give grow up it should be somewhere that's roughly the Only then we add food
  • 01:00: our block leek I want to say pair yu he never dive tsa ie isuzu notch with this one snails onions we have with you leave directly into flower bed no picks we will never bow we are doing just that you should do as the saying goes give him a barber shop him to build a haircut When we bow to you something like this
  • 01:31: otrastet we safely can with you to meetings somewhere to leave a comment well literally two centimeters make him a haircut and when he was with us rising again to you it will be ready for landing in soil that is here here he is on the line I He sits in a toilet while paper and waiting his time as they would give him a nutritious ground you ask me question how to water snails I want you
  • 02:01: said land or snails or toilet mages until we roots still quite still small in plant them very hard to get water because of the pallet so long as the weather is small plants we We are with you be sure to water here so take the top leechkoy or again nevertheless it can be pear and water top when the plant
  • 02:32: already decently and otrastet concerned and pepper and tomatoes any plant planted snails then we can have the watering tray eat plants roots will drink water from pallet it's about a leek we can still put you in cochlea Now I want to draw focus here on this snail look what it is straight from the well, really beautiful rough so it's all
  • 03:02: I planted here tagetes marigolds Basically it is possible to plant the beginning of the end of March APR is the same again I tell you why I I did this I show it just for you to you know how they can be plant again we do what we do snail put toilet paper and we expand our seeds on the principle peppers and tomatoes
  • 03:32: roll up the snail and We put on the germination in parnichok or cellophane package and then when our seeds hatch we seem loops it will deploy see she was covered with nutritious ground ground and that's what I I want to say here note here what's good about the snail seems to be it seems to thick pretty let him sit plants but you look
  • 04:02: carefully what kind of Here are thick legs Now they can see you a look that is this plant is quite still strong and at the time here the marigolds I too I will not dive is a plant in general rather yet it is not capricious Nothing, I just simply as otrastet I unwrap snail and I plant Send in the open ground I have on their beds straight from the snails will
  • 04:32: plant in the flowerbed I also exactly sow Asters can also be sow purpose Yes, in principle, any annuals any flowers just snail we have with you magic she versatile and plant It can be anything ask if you can to plant cabbage can be planted cabbage but I want you say goodbye and let Now pretty it is too early to plant
  • 05:03: cabbage and we will post a you put somewhere the beginning of April at the end of in March and I have many He answers the question that sometimes I just cabbage planted in open ground under plastic bottles I do it somewhere the end of April I will to plant cabbage open ground and plastic bottles or seedlings as I I have all the cell necessarily necessarily show well I want to tell you yet even if you
  • 05:33: you know you can do the following do small small small parnichok especially for cabbage sow cabbage during this parnichok will you beautiful seedlings Well that's probably I'm probably on it finished yes but I have forgotten We say one more Today we March 14 please go watch your roses
  • 06:03: perhaps they are asking help you need do we weather Well this is now such Warm stands for roses it is very very pheno- slightly open Rose let his house air access roses that they have not in April of this just you small-small My reminder and they fully open just a piece of completely not necessary fully open
  • 06:33: because there may be come back for more and freezing but just the bottom near the ground is We should open up shelters that was access to fresh I'll air it just here to remind Well on this I finish my reportage until we meet up bye for now