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  • 00:00: Hello In this video we We continue with you knit here is such a previous card video we already tied tape color in this video we them lace and knit yoke for example I show two flowers how to start undergirding our tape We make the first working loop on the hook Look at us two
  • 00:32: petal busy top free but the upper side and we will petal lace in the plant middle lobe hook and do 4 aerial loops recovery see here are two lateral lobe the upper side we we start our hook now we are making 2 sc
  • 01:02: and I will be on the hook Knit with two columns two sc together we start at the hook the place where we had Air in the loop petal remember at we have a column without sc air column loop with nakida here instead air loop, we Set up a hook and provyazyvaem 2 nakida over 2 sc the next tab to the you where the air loop strapped 2 sc on the hook 3 loops are doing
  • 01:32: one aerial loop 4 and connect the middle our petal that's what happens Here is such a corner so we should start undergirding our tape We continue to do 4 Air loop 1 2 3 4 again making 2 sc and knit 2 column with
  • 02:02: two sc together we find air loop provyazyvaem 2 nakida find air loop provyazyvaem 2 nakida 3 loops on the hook of They make one Aerial loop 4 1 2 3 4 and connect with the top of the petal a look that should
  • 02:34: Now get Next, I'll show you again how to knit so undergirding our flowers Here we have put together with middle lobe Makes 4 Air 2 sc under loop air loop provyazyvaem 2 nakida again I make two
  • 03:06: sc hook we start by air loop provyazyvaem these two sc and from three to five years do one Again we are doing 4 aerial loops We connect with the vertex our Petal well we continue to knit more also do 4 Air loops 2 sc on the hook provyazyvaem February 1 nakida
  • 03:37: 2 sc in the back We get hooked and the next petal provyazyvaem 2 nakida of three loops do one aerial loop 4 also connect a petal this is how it should be let's look dovyazhem tape to end of the tape to the end tied last
  • 04:08: I tied lepestochek column two sc look Now knit new row he will have consist of bars one sc We get hooked and translate a chain of the air loops ok polustolbikom do Perry aerial loops instead of lifting the first column and
  • 04:38: even on a chain knit 3 with a single column sc eventually under each chain we We must bind to 4 column one sc look sc skip coupling loop just knit a a chain of four column one sc So
  • 05:08: dovyazyvayu 4 sc again to do sc hook skip loop top and the same just under the chain knit with 4 column one nakida again skip coupling loop and knit only under chain of the air
  • 05:39: loops look again knit in the following chain of stitches 1 2 3 4 and so were binding under each Chains of air until the end of the loop
  • 06:09: our belt here we was tied our ribbon and now knit new series we and will put columns with one sc and 1 air loops between them We do 3 air lifting loop 1 air Collar description 122 column and skipping the third knit a column with one sc look again make one
  • 06:43: Air loop sc 12 missed and a third knit column with sc Overhead loop 1 2 2 loops missed third knit a column with sc Air loop 1 2 c a third loop knit the there we were binding to each a third loop for columns with one sc between
  • 07:13: columns with one nakida we It is one air loop so knit to end of row our here we are tied to a number of Now the end of the knit for each air Collar two column one sc Only under the Air Collar translate hook under the loop We do 3 air loops rise and more
  • 07:43: one bar with sc sc and followed by air loop two columns with one sc sc again and followed by elkay two columns with and so one sc knit under each aerial loops on two columns with one sc 12
  • 08:20: so were binding on all length of the tape on January 2 skip the bar and were binding only under air-five just give her that we get it in our mouth so we dovyazyvaem through and
  • 08:52: now we will undergirding our flowers Bottom Well look like it turned Golovin naturally we have conducted over the circle and Now we are bottom of the we fasten our flowers take first flower making first working loop on the hook and find
  • 09:22: side leaf look no bottom which seek a side Makes 4 Air lifting loop 1 2 3 4 and another 7 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and connect Here the top row we
  • 09:56: between compounds there were four air Loop thus we narrowed neck our Feed but here we will expansion and between connections we 7, air will 7 air loops here and loops as well as before knit 2 column two sc together too under air loop provyazyvaem 2 nakida
  • 10:26: Set up under the hook air loop provyazyvaem two sc and of 3 eyelets We do one on the hook Again knit 7 stitches 1 two three four five six and seven connects the midpoints petals 7 the loop aerial and knit 2 column with
  • 10:57: two sc together first column provyazyvaem second column in another petal do not forget also under the Air loop of three loops do one Again knit 7 stitches and connect the middle
  • 11:28: our petal column, without sc 7 aerial loops and knit 2 column with two sc together two on the hook sc factory under air loop provyazat hook 2 sc and dovyazyvaem here's a look again making 7
  • 12:00: Five stitches six and seven connect the middle, Petal is how we undergirding the other our side of the tape use of colors Our blouse and let us spare to see what as we get
  • 12:31: straighten the resulting tape contact and look after it is itself naturally bent and the bottom she begins let's expand continue on Now knit us We need to tie our business range 3 aerial loops lifting nakida and under chain of the air
  • 13:03: loops we knit with 8 columns one under the sc each chain knit 8 bars with one sc while if when we had undergirding our tape we missed out on top all connection bars now we knit 8 columns a chain of aerial loops I one bar we
  • 13:33: accounts connective our column Look, we did not So we miss knit it 1 column with further nakida we continue to knit again under the chain of stitches and knit with 8 columns one sc and one bar we falls on
  • 14:03: vershinku where we knit 2 column two sc together we dovyazyvaem 8 column and and we do sc vershinku knit as one column see what it turns out that a number of something as simple as knit let's tie on the entire length of our vento Well here we have a number of
  • 14:34: dovyazan and we We begin a new Werle 3 year air hinges rise another air loop and trace of line loop knit column one sc 1 Air loop again the following loop knit a column with one sc 1 Air and the following loop loop knit 1 more
  • 15:04: column one sc look at We connected one two three four column one sc continue doing one air loop and the next loop knit column with sc air loop column with sc right in the same loop knit even 1 column with sc ie we have we will add Further case 1
  • 15:34: air loop and the following loop just knit a column with sc Air the following loop loop pile with sc air loop column with the sc there we add in every fifth eyelet Four times we were binding column with sc air loop and in the fifth we loop knit already here look 4
  • 16:05: we loop tied in fifth loop we have knit a column with sc air column loop with sc ie we Antonov An-2 column with nakida here's a look yet We would like to remind was added to each fifth loops column with sc air loop column with a sc
  • 16:35: further continue knit in every stitch knit one columns with sc and between these we were binding columns 1 Air loops, and so knit the whole series of our Well that's all see you in new video in which we will continue to knit our bone
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