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  • 00:00: Hello this video we will continue to you take our blouse we have to knit yoke of basic knit pattern our jackets and so let's start a new a number of which we are waiting for will be just and columns with one sc it is very easy therefore I have I start to advance Then you show the next row so I
  • 00:30: show how we just knit knit in every loop check where a column and where Air loop on one post with one sc this a number we do not do no additions just knit for one post with one sc previous row we tied in the second part, we tied to a column one sc air loop column one
  • 01:00: sc, and between these columns need miss one loop that is we have bars not knit into every and through one loop loop while I was knitting I Show all but correctly said in each loop that's Need to check just check knitted previous row between the posts with one sc should look be one air
  • 01:31: loop here that we obtained at the moment and look when we associate a number desirable here so Now our yoke spread on the table, check so as not to It was too large flounces that we added right and we did not our swirled yoke we can say Now I am looking at right now
  • 02:01: my yoke see still edge slightly there is a wave of what is He speaks then the next row I can safely I knit this series to associate without following additions and so knit new series We do 3 air lifting loop we develop our products in the following loop knit
  • 02:31: column with sc further makes one one aerial loop skip the loop and knit 2 column with sc one bar in each one air loop loop do skip bottom one loop and the second with a second start Knit with two columns sc one the pillar each loop
  • 03:02: loop airbag 2 column with sc loop airbag 2 column with a 2 sc air loop below we also skip and knit until the end of a number here We tied our more one row and take our card laid out coquette look package is already obtained straight without waves and that Now we see that you are our not enough to sweaters you're sure
  • 03:33: in their blouses possible reconciliation at you already sim to knit Helen Younger Me need more additionally link multiple series and so let We continue to knit this series will already have to additions and we add under one in five air loop 1 2 3 4 5 5 stitches ipad
  • 04:04: for we will be doing two column one sc and before that each loop of one post with one nakida again 5 reckon air loop and knit with two columns one nakida do 3 air hinges 1 2 3 Lift and now each loop we knit one columns with one we were binding sc or in the loop that we
  • 04:37: It consists of a column previous row or by air loop as it is now on one post with and so one sc 5 were binding to the air eyelets one column
  • 05:09: each loop we continue to knit see read 12345 this loop we air 5 and, therefore, we are in it provyazyvaem two columns with one sc We reckon on 5 eyelets and it is in this we also loops knit with two columns and so one sc
  • 05:39: dovyazyvaem number to end we can now offer our flirt blouse and have a look It's clear that our coquette enough Knitting while Please note that the following number when we knitting is no longer around and the perimeter of the yoke just down the number that this series as we
  • 06:10: add for armholes Sleeveless how do I show next video but we all still there is laid by a small for armhole consider us and so is the coquette enough but still a small margin for armhole we do when you get like this next row sleeves separately will knit and separately stick with the back we will further use beacons we note
  • 06:41: Look up our sleeve with one of the second side of the media can is simply colored the main threads of us from a month now loops if you to link more a number of you some do not large enough that please contact their number one additional and necessarily need when we note our sleeves beacons necessarily
  • 07:12: counted to eyelets in the sleeve was in the same order each shelf and back and coincided number eyelets that's necessarily need take into account and recalculate Beacons can be little move in one or the other side but now we we will knit shelf and back a place where we Sleeve we will miss and continue to knit look back and
  • 07:43: we were binding columns with one sc and is no longer just add the knit in every one loop columns with one 1 sc in the bar each loop and one bar under air loop and so knit to our first T-shirt just for all
  • 08:13: one by one bar in each loop to knit, let lady independently So we reached our we tied up in T-shirt each loop of one post with sc and now that together here yet air loop dovyazyvaem where we have to This loops beacon marked we do now two air loops and
  • 08:44: go to the following loop which marked beacon look You see that's what I I am saying that promo Sleeves have additionally increase due Now this series look we add 2 aerial loops and hand becomes us still a little bit wider Now knit in every
  • 09:14: loop continue knit one columns with one sc and as dovyazyvaem up next beacon again here at the bow 1 loop knit in it column with sc and in a second loop which marked beacon as column with sc between two columns aerial loops and dovyazyvaem until the end our range of number dovyazan Look at how he We look here
  • 09:45: so that's blouse We have now obtained we will continue knit as forward ago our blouse but now we use pattern and how to knit I'll show you We do 3 air loop 1 2 3 and turn our product missing one loop and
  • 10:16: next will Knit lush column that we will consist of 2 bar 1 sc do sc through one loop we start hook provyazyvaem sc again we do sc The factory in the same loop hook provyazyvaem 2 nakida 3 loops on the hook of the first two do one of two follow Now one of us magnificent column is now doing 3 air loop
  • 10:48: miss one loop and the second knit a column without nakida again knit 3 Air loop 123 and through one loop We are doing a magnificent column one sc provyazyvaem 1 sc again and make sc Hook plant in the the loop provyazyvaem sc of the first two do one out of two
  • 11:18: the remaining one our magnificent bar ready again to do Now I will add to you to be seen again We do 3 air 1 2 3 loop and hook we start in the second loop and connect column, without sc three air loops and during 2 tabs 12 knit
  • 11:48: a magnificent bar with one sc provyazyvaem nakida and and dovyazyvaem magnificent column 3 Air loop 12 and the second knit a column without here is a series of sc should turn look So we were binding it to the end of
  • 12:19: we have 2 air These loops are loops it is necessary to knitting to consider how independent There is also a loop in if they provyazyvat Well you need our series I I think you independently it can dovyazat Here's what our pattern if his tie we fully contact you only one of our number pattern is two rows 2 leader'll show We do 3 air
  • 12:49: loops rise another 2 aerial loops and connecting vertices our magnificent column column without sc are now making 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 and is also connected Hook the top of our lush column 5 stitches connect
  • 13:20: 5 stitches connect 5 stitches and Now combine that should have I look now I show you how completes our a second series of air 5
  • 13:50: loops and connect Now I'll take up Corner air 5 loops and connect and We stayed here Area we do 2 Air loop 1 2, and our corner knit one column one sc is so necessary end this row and then look
  • 14:22: can proceed next row here so here we have pattern remind us that comprises alternating two Rows 1 and 2 both knit and dash etc. I showed you Now knit back first row do one air loop and in this loop where it column one sc knit column sc without a look
  • 14:53: and now you can start knit 3 air loop, and so once again show 1 air Collar the following loop knit a column without sc and now Getting Started Knitting Our series of three Air sc loop and in the place where we It was no bar
  • 15:24: sc connecting to that bull knit gingerbread column 3 air loop and a chain of stitches and connect column, without sc 3 Air loop knit lush column 3 air hinges joined at
  • 15:54: chain of the air loops nothing complicated here no pattern fit simply just we alternate 2 a number of the next row in We will have 5 aircraft loops join column, without sc 5 stitches join column without sc continue Knit 3 Air hinges and our magnificent bar and so we
  • 16:27: knit until the required length our blouses next video I I show how to knit sleeve and also how beautiful make a rim our bones see you next Video bye bye often ahead of the