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How to knit poppy a hook. part 4\/4  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now we have done binding now we you need to edge this one pass rachim step I was here in the Territory This make a attack for this hook Here we introduce here between two column ie knit in the opposite direction knit columns without sc knit like this Now grab a thread
  • 00:31: and further provyazyvaem between two columns provyazyvaem the next two column grab thread and provyazyvayu grab the thread provyazyvayu between two columns knit a column 1
  • 01:02: So you see, without sc the same also seen so strapping edge to the end between two columns will grab hook thread and provyazyvayu here we have seen a little bit krator will be the same edge like this subscribe to my
  • 01:34: channel until all