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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends great gardeners thank you very much for all the reviews for that you are always together me well, straight thank you that you make me so ever support but Well that's just well done but I want to tell you I honestly very pleased with you Of course I talk I try to answer all questions crow's me I ask how and manages to do everything but you already know something so pretty still have to work
  • 00:30: stay up to three times until four o'clock in the morning and answer questions because well, not I want to my dear I support you and Of course everyone wants all of you to answer and if it can be anyone I did not answer and did not so I did not have time can be missed but not offended please but I but I I will try certainly try meet all that well let `s talk about peppers here's a look carefully here such Here is the pepper I first pepper planted in snail planted pretty
  • 01:01: the same for themselves such the early stages I never so peppers do not I plant I usually put somewhere in the middle February Even this can be and end of February who are not I planted it now you can plant plant the early varieties pepper that is, you have to to decide where you will grow shove if to move in the open ground well, nothing terrible plant Now even if and indoors and to ask me call and, in general, before the date and timing of when
  • 01:32: out video here Today we March 4 even that's okay you can, in principle, Now put someone I did not have time and your pepper in the greenhouse, and catch and even surpass those Peppers are not Plant February Now let's turn attention here on this pepper look than good snail's look you see which stem from the peppers you Look, he even Now this is quite the same dark blue color it a powerful and
  • 02:02: very good But in principle, Basically, I would like once this pepper to goal grow up I would not have become so dive many dive a little Do not crawled cotyledon leaves you will soon should be faster raspikirovat but it give wrong pepper boost good root the system then he ill is not well that Well as you me You ask questions like I did it I'll have to dive Now start dates it just dives
  • 02:32: but to show you I just can be 2 times peppercorn swooping to you I see how I do it I want to say about peppers you see here I say now that's how many times two the third leaf but that's only but we have shown as it is too early too early is necessary wait for me ask how you copy the cochlea but Please do not confuse we use snail in order to time to prepare those
  • 03:02: nickname later many picks say that's what he but asks Pepper still undesirable I want you to dive basically here to say from this it is the snail all transfers very pretty nice and easy transplant so I I think that all the same it is necessary to dive but dive diaper why I will now show and you'll see Well the long awaited time before shooting our gum and now we are with you, we bag
  • 03:33: see what we going to our peppers you see I it before I had to dive So I poured He deployed literally January 1st round our means snail Now let me give you Now gently gently poddenu pepper and show you look you can see
  • 04:03: as I direct literally just took it's roots here they are I did not hurt either one single Cover and Well Now I'll show you I like this pepper I will take here these peppers to postpone because I did still we need to consider grow up sure is rather conditions many say here I am I am suffering with this one earth she poured These diapers probably maybe you
  • 04:34: I want to name stupid nothing I want to get you to say you look closely you will see I have not really dry it is as if the earth lightly-lightly a little here vlazhnovatoy ie I see it here so gripped in his fist, you see see it not scattered here then we can contact you do well Pelen look I carefully do I take a tablespoon pour a spoonful of ground this way spread ground
  • 05:05: a wee bit Just as distributed then look I take a close our pepper I put it this way to believe and edge he would like that's so stuck on the edge I hope plyonochku you can see so now see what I do I take again one tablespoon land fall asleep like this gently march pepper see what I'm doing I continue this earth as I would be over here a little bit
  • 05:36: buckle like this I see the edge I am free of its wrap and here so here's a look turned our diaper look like this fingers we a little bit if trimming we must of necessity this way you can still enclose land I want to tell you who first dives this way you are in a diaper you can wear gum well that is I'll rezinochka showing how to
  • 06:06: mana snail and to all of them but I do not this is because well, Still I had I have long experience I do gum that do not wear I did not not narrow I am using pour the plant's say how not to Where are sealed watered by dhoni in pan we pour here here directly here And so here we lom water here look here it is not necessary when we it is not necessary to put
  • 06:36: I'll water it just showed see what's next We take with you any any container Container same again at the bottom, I spread ground sawdust because I in principle like it is very prompt and look carefully as the head it clear sawdust moisture and still it will be partly occur because we can not with you how to pack should our plants I want to tell you than successful this many diaper speak field fear if the ground is not enough
  • 07:06: earth will have then I miss you follow all I want to show you just You sometimes ask you know there is such a expression rush horses do not need I hurry show staged all you have to show something here while here such pepper if it is not will miss earth I'll show you how I carefully I turn around and already I wrap without hem a plus we'll pepper washed down with Oles padme elevation drops on them
  • 07:37: child take our pepper like this set carefully into the container Well, let's see more Next pepper's I just gently take a look at them It turns out not even interweave I see peppers gently his case like that leaving side is we do my mother is here we put this here rezinochku will not I'll show you how to dress I am wearing gum can dress
  • 08:08: and swaddling look more carefully I I take the package put both take land one tablespoon Land like this slide pour like this neatly contribution our bag then I take a sip of look carefully put here so that roots were in the land a sprout like this he and I was lying on the ground It edge package take a tablespoon earth yet I you
  • 08:38: I want to say it even a lot of land sometimes it is not necessary pour this land land enough here so we take this way We push the edge see when tight like that scrolls take the edge and bends That's how we see here I get nothing fine if pepper will not even Now the middle of this diaper nothing it is not terrible trouble and so he will grow
  • 09:09: I feel well take this pepper and so here put close near other pepper look you see two therefore here I fit two or three four, and so you're somewhere represent here at so Littel Container 12 pieces peppers, and also very, lot 12 pieces but and the cups themselves represent no matter how much you Court DSP is set like this I swaddled ie raspikirovat up
  • 09:41: back to promised to the elastic band that is, the one who first just in general that deals like this the shroud is not very hard they turn around cups if you do not firmly put one Alternatively you can here use here a gum that is, you take it like that dressed and do your glass is not going anywhere but I would like gum is not using only those with reside considerations that general I prefer so
  • 10:12: because I plant always a lot seedlings planted as it were faster at landing to avoid occupy your time so here you can see here so tight they have me are nowhere does not unfold we pour it here here plants watered directly under root they pallet that I'll I want to see their mom should they fall and when many of them are Carpenters each other and doing fine I feel that's what you I want to say to me
  • 10:43: ask what you fertilize I never seedlings I do not fertilize time of y because I I do not give such a rapid growth I do not need to the race He stretched raged general, all nothing everything in its time the plant receives all feeding and how states but of course fertilizing it at me organic I can not fertilizer I try to use all that's all chemistry
  • 11:13: get it then or in the open field or in the greenhouse, they I want to say so I told you about fertilizer try in general, that if you home indoor plants be very closer if you do not let on flowers God appeared to or some whitefly I want to tell you Pepper your will condemned to death But then very hard on her
  • 11:43: just get rid of it you will need it discard means I do not feed I fertilize pour my just so but glass top do not fill not flood fill It may appear black leg and would also like to Generally the seedlings falls and dies Here is such a I have information I wanted to give a picking peppers as I his dive in diaper I will say it again
  • 12:14: hurry to dive I asked the question and I can not I want you to dive say this sometimes that's the pit do these snails much you Well, well know for some reason even I have them, and not just dive but perfectly pepper transfers transplant because you've seen the root system is not sometimes broken pepper grows here I have such a large then show it and I directly from the cochlea immediately I plant in a greenhouse there is even such and
  • 12:44: he himself well wonderful feeling We dress like a girl send this our pepper alone he would wait until he grows because dive into it this condition and still early Well, perhaps All this is my Information about Peppers peppers in a swordplay diapers do not forget snail to sprout prepare in plant to swordplay Well well, it
  • 13:14: perhaps probably all I'm saying goodbye to you goodbye to new meeting with you was julia me and in the garden Whether in the garden till