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  • 00:00: Welcome to the connection Tatyana Chernova and This video tutorial I I introduce you to excellent programm which It called benvista photozoom she is able to increase small pictures without loss of quality open the program from I interface simple enough function is not very a lot but it's great It helps me in my work push button open Opens photo or simply could drag it out daddy is now to look at us proportions
  • 00:30: preserved and increase picture 200 pixels 600 pixels width and wait until It processes the program picture on here is a function of the algorithm changes in the size here here are a few algorithms for the way that They represent a these algorithms you You can view parameters and can see what presets are included for each
  • 01:00: changes in the algorithm the first algorithm more than anything string, and then we can see each color volatility and they these settings are different it is like a pack which changes photos once we We entered in this section Let's see image formats these settings presented for each format first photos go you can change only the order of wi etc. is Shpak
  • 01:30: you can change the quality he is too most section part you change function the right job or and and and flies last section check availability Updates on the screen I returned back to the original algorithm, and here is my then we can choose suite and our friend universal Photo contrastly detailed exclusive detailed
  • 02:00: Settings are also graphics are not contrastly detailed exclusively detailed and we can reduce if artifacts the photo jpeg format strongly interfere artifact I advise you to start photo will blurry choose detailed and programm starts process photo pose checkbox contour sharpen photos the graphics circuit blur it
  • 02:31: It looks better can is set intensity to give them more intensity Unsharp Mask and You can increase or reduce the radius You sharpness and make detailed adjustment photos we deteriorated means decreasing radius We can work with sharpen lip darkest and sharpness it turns out they can be remove or increase together with
  • 03:02: let us film remove grit and there is a section decrease artifacts but as I already said that he does not I advise abuse that function on whose photos we STATES blurry you increased to 31 percent and photography became completely at least once. remove items etc. let us look to the you at a construction site the file can be opened how to open and keep throw image
  • 03:33: our last image too push them open and next impact is not Changes may reflect picture of horizontal reflect vertical turn right Here you can create setup packages it is necessary to press A package begin creating Package I personally believe that do not worth as each the photo
  • 04:03: individually if What then can be very greatly increase the volume with his hand, and it's not about Screw in the preview window we can increase or reduce the size and the beautiful photo this time will not look zoom 10 interest or no stability older you can go makushechkoy product information visit website
  • 04:33: get support and You can get this program by going to site so reserve created click on the image to save as we can save png format and jpeg and bmp and then let save Angie save here we offer heal without loss data is not here delivered better
  • 05:03: gang package programs from the Crimea and a picture is ready perehodik decline Daddy got three image here picture emitted 400 300 this is image only now I I increase program benvista photozoom pro and this is I have to increase later he made picture with a size of 800 600 Davao see how they look into the bloodstream first image to market The following 600 pixels
  • 05:34: on my looks gorgeous pictures in a result of photos and increases twice without loss of quality image and so in This video tutorial I I introduce you to program benvista photozoom pro which will help you from small photos do great practical without loss of quality if you like
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