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Sergey DANILOV - PUTIN and ROTHSCHILD - Which of them just the MANAGER?  See details »

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  • 00:00: Putin does not want or want to It located within politicians defined london City specifically Rockefeller Nathan rather Rothschild therefore acts clear for the program which general, that is, if we Putin says not We understand who is behind him It is standing as it all business revolves means then you putin He says generally there Putin even he simply
  • 00:30: another manager a question that he did not always accurate executes commands Molotov brings I do not want some for amateur it is the Western world Putin does not like why not say Putin is that he should He bled all I grit I do understand note 2 last Olympiad that stock Eye staged at this time conflicts ie obtained positive information that I should go with media Information drowned in than in the first Georgian conflict
  • 01:00: let it not now most have done to Ukraine is in the during the Olympic Games is the Olympics as that's one thing when Putin wanted to raise to the spirit of the people's now from the cleavage of the part of us that Russia We made the greens here information like wherein Promise completely smashed all this design who was there if you built They included included Your Vehicle weight to our information TV all
  • 01:30: It began Maidan Here is the picture on the This patch is here negative that He pumped closed almost the entire positive information you They were to receive that is, we have both and Changeling They turned instead to rejoice but for our Olympians You do what you love It is a way of managing what I showed you it would seem like both this way there some unwritten laws during Olympiad you can not do it they listen to it pecked not start ax on the eye and, therefore,
  • 02:00: they would have the whole thing organized will be organized authority they have such a problem, they Our coach, they have will be here until we We wake up until we understand that our strength in the unity of this will be to infinity therefore, Ukraine now and then begin to cut before to limit to people living here in this territory finally realized that just alone destroy all the little to destroy our own hands here as Savage yes and away from the system stereotypes in
  • 02:31: people do not understanding are doing here is wrong it is in fact all very simple