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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners new and you meet in my winter garden We will be with you today talk about seedlings but a little a little distracted and because I'm asked question and a winter garden is that you have such a winter garden is my heated terrace very large windows when we it we have built with Miss specially hoped that It's so can grow seedlings and that will be in it grow flowers
  • 00:30: 15 is the temperature degrees all the time Keep that there comfortable Now that the temperature What is my winter garden and today we We will talk again of snail gel amoi snails, you know I did I call snail and son He said it rolls you probably you know you can and so was their call do something very similar to Japanese talk we with you today about the the way there you
  • 01:01: can say that plant's seeds toilet paper, too wrapped as it were snail and they themselves will feel in general well I responsible for these questions and I said I'm not with this I agree just now you know I want to general that I have the wish the Internet at us as they say so much can be doctors there all that I want all your heart anything and I just when we want here We write to here in
  • 01:31: schoolmates sometimes and you know that's how you eg giving advice there's to-do is something that's in the garden But to make this way and you know sometimes it so unreasonably and you do not We tried not just when you I read on the Internet and We decide how to well advise somebody but I know Generally it is probably not my dear very much it is beautiful so let's Yeah, we tried then I got
  • 02:01: I will advise so well as in my schoolmates said that such but the greenhouse floor polycarbonate is nonsense they so fly neighbors and gardens and all that jazz when I asked is this man that as you have that she flew greenhouse I said no, I just on the Internet Here's how removed Eltcova rather here this where photo greenhouse flew there or it is not broke for some it is not clear on
  • 02:32: why it is as if all the time just extended it It shows for this general that do not let will be here to do that it's ugly, let's Now we try It happened and here here I do this snail but but it turns out really we get a result Well here I am a little distracted Here we see that the Now I'm with you now again back to the cochlea I just go back I want to show you
  • 03:02: I tried to enter even the water drips well As the Council is to toilet paper and general planting seeds and everything It refers to all Kay It is growing and here see that we it turns you see Now I lie here seeds here they are in the toilet paper, we when you wrap snail we like them anyway Well presses in general and shear
  • 03:33: their movements here watch movement Growth here's a look you see some already long spine and the plants heavily get food there Yes moist environment in general well yes substrate provides heat or package cellophane but the plant can not grow because there is no no land and food still here this here it is an option to toilet paper I'm usually here experiments that they
  • 04:03: I want to say yes it is me like what's Now look let you see see that we have going on but really toilet paper she all wet like our seeds hatch but It passes in general pretty much days have passed seeds and hard break break as if the will of the light I think that's why she did them no enough power here toilet paper
  • 04:33: no power no It gives and that's all the same conducting experiments I came to this I found that just do snails here in this backing namely of the substrate I have written many I do not support that to do than replace offer and cloth and anything but of course it is possible replace the PE cellophane film but you can not know it hoopoe is not very good version because she is such a fine still quite fragile
  • 05:03: that's not me, it like all the same you can buy in all construction shops have for laminate substrate the thinnest 2 millimeter she stands somewhere around 104 Ruble or how but it cheap and you do it It seemed enough for a long time and now look back again to seeds you see here they have roots here seeds already like so they are good to them but there is no need to grow nutrition and here I am after all that I have done
  • 05:34: made such innovation to substrate toilet and wet paper good for seed germination but no more, and that I do hatch I have here so seeds Here I am then I will I showed the video covered with soil and seeds I These germinate seeds and I will then fill the earth and how I tell you
  • 06:04: I show what happened so long as I put them on place but now look for comparison here I two snails remember it are the same most first peppers first peppers are I planted in snail it is in the cochlea the ground or in the toilet paper and ground me ask you Soot and snail then immediately plant out or as I put in snail then I pepper
  • 06:35: Raspe you in Kirov diaper again the question arises ask the question but but still do not I recommend pepper dive to his better to plant immediately as they say there cup or somewhere and that without picks So, too, so I'm doing and I tried, in general, pepper know very grows strongly but it is in the cochlea painless transfers picks because we have it unfold when I it will dive I will show you how I
  • 07:05: do it all root system as a It is preserved here look at it You see already present leaves have got here look for comparisons and here note here this snail here I sort of passenger I especially tomatoes I put the video want to tell you that now they are planted early they should be planted 1 to 8 Martha I just for you I planted these tomatoes to show you I planted them
  • 07:35: I originally planted Here's how to tell I advise you to toilet wet paper and became wait I think so I will wait to victory when the My tomatoes and sprout here's a look that So you see happening see what they they stretched what they are thin and already fragile Now I'll see later they are in general not shouting help me people are missing out on
  • 08:06: food and I in them slipped's land and Now this Pepper look at it already some thick legs it can not be withdrawn, he it was planted immediately into the nutrient land and I again I say hatch Seeds fall asleep them land and plants It continues to grow and here's a look attentively and compare whether just in the toilet paper plant seeds They say that until then Now out of toilet
  • 08:37: they must be paper swoop down and talk all as would be normal but you do not look well, where did it to us touch you my dear Well look after what they are thin and fragile how do we have these such thin rostochku could you put there is no way it will not work let's still so We toilet paper Compatible with you the ground here and so so I have a short Information in general on my I want snails said timing
  • 09:07: pepper planting and more We can pinch with you all of February we plant tomatoes from 1 to March 8 do not rush to the landing because seedlings starts stretch and generally become it is not very fragile well ask me the issue is highlighted or seedlings, I do not have it, I it is not highlighted enough color on window sills that's because more lights gives rapid plant growth increases
  • 09:38: in general, it is very fast and sometimes we have to you Well you know I do not comment know what that ba-ba-ba-ba disposed of in giving all that we plant large and fragile this should not be seedlings should be stocky and strong Well on this I finish my report to the new meeting with you was Yulia change their package