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Reciclando tubos de papel higienico .Recycled toilet paper tubes  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello good morning today I will teach how to make this picture and The materials that we will occupy will be bath paper tubes cardboard scissors glue the silicone gun Acrylic paints I also used of a metallic brushes rule barneys spray
  • 00:31: you can use the one of your preference a mirror and text and a pencil and we're going to start good to me I mirror measures 7 points 6 centimeters but not to battle then the picture with the mirror and now I'm just adding one centimeter more to this that and then we will do the lined
  • 01:01: of those squares we will occupy between 3 and 4 you wonder why good what happens is that we're going to try to give it the same height to our cardboard and tubes Mom paper we will make our cut we will flatten and
  • 01:39: we measure an inch and a half and we mark and then cut now we will make our way from this one we go your part and it's only one complete and we will take a cut of our had and all we're going to do is with the pencil to give a hondita towards our side and from this we are going to occupy in this piece we will pay 4
  • 02:12: and now we take our tube and what only thing that we are going to do is to plan a part
  • 02:43: of our club and we will beat is more or less like about two centimeters or centimeter and a half and flattened and there is where we are going to stick our pieces that we just cut as we paste those two we're going to apply silicone and let's paste the full and only where is it at full
  • 03:15: we 'll get to the other two and that's it we have our form done now we will stick our cuts of jartúm to continue making our figure and now with a string we're not just going to paste in the center we doubled and hit 5 and that will be Another way
  • 03:46: You can also measure with the rule for that you are sure that you are well it is a magazine cut to the half and then I'm going to make my little stick magazine good and now we will stick our Journalism paddlers only cuts in the corners and tails
  • 04:18: it also continues and there we are going to paste two subjects to cover that centimeter we had marched good and now we will do our last
  • 05:00: way is also taking our the same we make an eel and from the other side same and this country stuck in the corners of those we're going to use 8 let's use eight were going to go together with the previous one that we had stuck good since we have joined
  • 06:01: the other forms then now only we apply silicone and paste the shape and this will be in your and now we will also apply silicone we will stick a complete piece that this will be in the four corners and now finally we will hit an audi
  • 06:36: it's like the ones we 've made here we're going to paste it also for the complete and we're going to join the other two that are or that are touched when putting them the Well, here we will do a little more liquid the text because now you stay as a son more to you then only
  • 07:06: Apply in a little water and glue You can also do it with 10 you go more or less measuring to that it has liquid and it would only be plaster glues and yet and I want to comment that the part where I'm applying the text and where I'm painting something happened and I was erased the saudites deform a little then we go back to carles font and now Well I tell you my was deleted more
  • 07:40: good now let's apply small machitos in our picture with the green is the metallic cash green here I apply the varnish and that's how our town was ready and I'm just going to paste or write with silicon and liszt and well if you like me work share and I invite you to subscribe to me
  • 08:10: channel on youtube and you visit my page on facebook Mirna and her hands and from Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico I send you a big hug and that this is very good Give me nougat and it's up if you taste