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Como hacer un marco de carton. Reciclaje .How to make a cardboard frame. recycling  See details »

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  • 00:00: Welcome to your channel mirna and your hands today we will make a frame with cardboard and newspaper this frame will serve us for several jobs so take note we will cut three 38-centimeter squares one of the squares We are going to cut the measure into strips it would be 4 centimeters I'm based on my meter and there's with the cutter I'm going to cut in the corners we will cut a small
  • 00:49: triangle on both sides because then let's join -which does not already cut our strips we are going to
  • 01:28: start to paste everything with silicon news here we hit the four
  • 02:11: now we will paste the other four for give height to our frame we will apply glue and let's go sticking our newspaper we are going to completely cover our frame and this we will do it three times already when you applied the last layer of
  • 03:06: Newspaper we will apply throughout our framework glue agree between layer and layer there to wait for it to dry jacques echo the newspaper now yes
  • 03:38: we will apply four to five layers of text you also have to wait for dry the first to apply the next and so on until the five chapels and we will have ready our framework in the description of the video and here in
  • 04:12: the top part I leave the link so you see how prepared I testón for my crafts and here already we have our frame ready, not you forget to subscribe to the channel and you I invite you to visit my page Facebook Mirna and her hands and from Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico I send you a big hug and that this is very good